Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As is the norm in Casa de Swamp things the more things change, the more they stay the same. SU 's weekly card game has moved from Thursday night to Monday .

What evs.

Personally , I could give a rip , but after a lack of this social outlet due to holidays, rodeo and Mardi Gras ( hey..we take our social gigs serious down here) , him being underfoot at home was pushing ol Pol here to just about the friggan limit .


As always I ask how the Crazy Cajun, spouse and tax deduction are. These folks are SU's best cohorts, chums and pals, and I care very much about them . Reply..the usual . Mama CC is going to have a friend staying with them......again....... for a while as her job at a school in the Valley has ended....trust me...do not ask the CC about it. Both Crazy Cajun and his ever lovin come from a large family so this is sorta normal . As in SU's family , when ever there is a hootenanny ( whole lotta hoot and a lil bit nanny) I swear these guys need name tags. When ever they see us the Crazy Cajun's family will ALWAYS ask if SU and I are still married.

They know him.

Then SU happens to mention that today is Crazy and Mama CC's wedding anniversary.

Me: " Kewl".

Him : " Yep" .

Me : " How long ?"

Him " Ummm..verbal scratching of the noggin here ....ummmm 23 or 25 years."

Me : " Hon...how old is tax deduction ?"

Him : " Umm...errr...ummmmm."

Me : " Isn't he about 22 0r 23 now ? "

Him : " Yup."

Me : " Then , I guess they have been married 25 years."

Him : " Sounds about right ."

Ah yes, the scintillating commuter conversations we engage in.

Then later on the oddest thought occurred to me....oh shut it.....it does happen. But this is the funny part. SU and I have both been married before so when we were first married, it seemed all of our cohorts, chums and pals had been married much longer. Bearing in mind that thus was not SU's and my first time at the rodeo, they refrained from that idiotic yet well meant phase of " Giving Advice."

But now, I realized that most of our friends and dear ones have been married at least 25 years or better. SU and I have been together 20 and married as of December 2007 for 19 years. This rather belies the statistic that most marriages krep out after 7 to 10 years.


Most of what used to bug us old married farts is no longer the drama we once thought. After a while , you tend to dismiss stuff with the idea that if it ain't dead or at least bleeding...move the F on. I refuse to give advice to the young ones that I know. They will find their own way as we all do . They are entitled to make as many errors and F ups as the rest of us....they will work it out. I have found that as a general rule, when some one asks for advice, what they are really doing is asking you to take their side, or back their point of view....and that is always a 5'th point of contact....trust Pol here.

Have a GREAT week..........we all deserve it .


Aunty Pol.

Friday, March 09, 2007

RIP Wilberforce Clayton Humphries

Sadly, today one of the most overlooked and underrated of British actors died at the age of 71. Best known as Wilberforce Clayton Humphries, John Inman in many ways was the heart and soul of " Are You Being Served." His portrayal often acted as the perfect counterpoint to such characters as Captain Peacock and Molly Suggins classic Mrs. Slocombe . Those of us who are lucky enough to see this show on PBS were often entranced by the sheer joy that these characters gave us. In the purest sense , the comedy was both slapstick and a very pointed view of the classic British class system and economy. Each character had a sense of their own backstory and yet they clearly conveyed the sense that they honestly cared for each other, in character or in real life.

You are finally free Mr . Humphries...FREE.........

Have a splendid weekend, we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol