Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

This is the look Bruce would be giving me as he listened to me vent about Martha ..
I wish .

Happy Friday y'all.
In the great " Zyrtec" or Kroger version thereof experiment, it seems that I do better taking it at night.I did that the first few days when I finally threw in the towel with the allergies and it seemed to go well, save the fact that by about 4 pm the following day, I needed a nap as it wore off.
SO I took one this morning and it is less effective..or it's just not getting it done after a few days of faking my ass out..that also has been known to happen...ahem...Mucinex.
Looking out the window, you can see the haze over the city.. bleech...and it's hotter than hell.
I doubt that there will be a lot of oven usage this weekend because of the heat and that is fine because I am totally okay with Churches chiggin.

And of course any plans ( hahahahahahahahhahahah..I crack myself up ) to work in the yard are tabled beyond the get up early ( again.....hahahahahahahah...I crack myself up ) to turn the water on will actually be a case of  the SU doing it because we ALL know he gets up earlier than I do....hint.

I have to confess that I do plan on watching SOME of the Olympics.
I love to watch the gymnastics and a there is a brother and sister by the name of Lopez from Houston  who are competing on the Martial arts team. They have gotten a lot of very positive press and seem to really appreciate the opportunity that they have . I will also be dvr'g " The Nerdist " on BBCA so please, rest assured that your Aunty hasn't gone all mainstream and safe..m'kay ? And Netflix should pop in the mail tomorrow. I can just hear SU now :

" You never order anything I want to watch " .

" Honey...for the LAST know the pw to the account. IF you are SO lazy that you can't que something up that you want to see.....ZIP IT !

Mwahahaha..yes.the Puss and Boots Pixar movie is in the mix.

Yes, I am that mean.

Have a great weekend .

Aunty Pol

Calling Bullshit On Martha Stewart ~ Finally ! ~

I will get to Bruce , I post....pinky swear.

I spend way the hell too much time on Pinterest leately. It is fun, and my girlfriends and I have a ball doing it  and reposting each others pins....
Anyhoo...I have a well documented jones for Nutella.
And I found a recipe for Nutella French Toast.
Now, bear in mind that at this point , my brain had in fact imploded in a Nutella driven fit of lust for all things chocolaty and hazlenutty  .
So I putter about and look at some recipes and realized  that I already know how to do this.
It's a friggan Nutella sammich that has the egg batter poured over it and it's slapped in the ol skillet.

In the midst of zipping around the interwebs, I saw the above picture and thought.." Mmmmm...looks familiar..har har har."
Sure looks like that old recipe we used to make in know the one....the Seven Layer Stoner Delight Bar Thingy with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and butterscotch bits, pecans or almonds ( what ever floats your boat) coconut and 1 entire can of sweetened condensed milk.
The one that was sweet enough to make your back teeth float that has been around for FORTY YEARS !

Yeah Martha, that one.

Dolly Madisons my ass !

Grrrr...that woman, I not get me started.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well....Once Again , We Did It !

Since everyone has heard me blather on about the IBKC fundraiser , aka " Shameless Shakedown" , I thought I'd put up a couple of links because " we " did it.

A combined total of over $87 , 000.00 USD.

And I can say we because I contributed  .(   Hee hee ,  not telling how many  times , the spouse reads this after all.)

Yes, they are in the northwest and I am in Texas, but I also contribute down here and we both contribute to Banfield every payday when we go to Petsmart to stock the babies pantry.

It doesn't take a lot, every dollar helps...hell..pennies help.

Since I have posted about this for a few years, it finally occurred to me to post the links about the results.

There are days that nothing goes right and everything I touch goes pear shaped to say the least  , so when that happens, I come back here and find an old post like this to restore my sense of sanity and balance . It helps more often than not and for that I am grateful beyond words.

Aunty Pol

Is It Only Tuesday ? Really ?

No reason for the photo except that I saw it on MSN's home page and thought it was really pretty.
I've deleted the Polyvore pictures/collections because that is just my grown up paper doll time waster and I'm still trying to navigate the ins and outs of Polyvore. Trust me , it's a big a time sucker as a PSP console and game..LOL.
Not that I need another time waster..nope, no sir , not me.

It seems that Gordy and I aren't the only ones with massive sinus problems this week. The crazy cajun has it as does a number of people where I work. I guess that with all of the rain that we have had in the last 2 weeks and some form of mold, it's not hard to imagine. I refuse to complain because after the awful year that we had last year and were in fact dreading this year, I'll take the rain. Mind you, I still have to grab the watering can for most of the potted plants as they are under cover on the patio but I will take what I can get.

Speaking of undercover, I wonder how to cut back an Oleander? The Crazy neighbor  (  not to be confused with the crazy Cajun  ) , whom I have taken to calling Sophia ( from Golden Girls , because while she is at least 20 to 25 years older than the rest of us , she is an almighty pain in the ass about it...anything and everything is worse for her or harder or awful or just plain fucked up because she is older...SHUT IT Sophia !) has a huge oleander that is growing more towards our side of the property line, over our arbor and I am generally tired of getting whacked in the face by it. I'll play nice and ask her to cut it back and I will give it a couple of weeks will happen.

Thankfully , I might get away with only doing a small load of whites tonight, I am tired of being tired with all of this sinus crap and the DVR will catch stuff I have set up.

All I want is my jammies and a Unisom.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Monday, July 23, 2012

First American woman in space, Sally Ride, dies at 61

First American woman in space, Sally Ride, dies at 61

She was a hero to a lot of us.

Godspeed Ms. Ride.

More Creamsicle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo !!!!

I am not the only one it seems that is obsessed with Creamsicles..

Check out the recipe !

Ciao ,
Aunty Pol....Nom Nom Nom Nom

One Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words,

This says it all .

Aunty Pol

Paris In The Spring

Paris In The Spring

You have to check out:

It's like paper dolls for grownups.
You can pick things you like , add templates and so's pretty damn cool.
Turst me, if you know my real name or my avatar on Pinterest, you'll see what I mean .
I've been posting stuff like mad.
Double click on the picture to see the whole thing , the right side cut off  the earrings and the most amazing hairstyle.

Aunty Pol

Valentino wool coat
$3,070 -

Platform pumps
$100 -

Alkemie sage jewelry

Clear earrings

Tom ford sunglasses

Jigsaw bracelet
$61 -

Holy Crap ~ I Can Has Adulthood ? ~

Happy Monday Y'all.
Life sometimes takes funny turns...I know..." Duh just figure that out ?"
For example...when you are living payday to payday , like everyone else , you have  a list of wants a mile and a half long...
I want a new car.
I want new furniture.
I want those shoes I saw.
I want to really make a food run at Kroger that would include actual beef.
Everyone does that and it is normal to dream of those things that catch our eye.
The Shinies.
That is not the same as the needs.
We all need shelter, food , health and an emotional support system, whether it be a spouse, a friend or a pet.

One of the biggest things I have learned recently is that I am pretty clear on my wants versus my needs.

Because of an inheritance , I am about to be able to breath for quite possibly the first time in my adult life.
I am a fretter..a worrier...
I am my mothers daughter.

Now don't get me wrong...we own our own home  and car.
Our health for two over the hill hippies is fairly decent ...give or take.
Our babies,(  especially Xena Wooby Diddums whose eye is sooo much better )  are healthy and happy.
We pay our bills on time.
We count our blessings or at least I openly admit to it because I know that there are  a lot of folks out there worse off than we are.
We have been married long enough to know that we don't need to sweat the small stuff  other argument is not the end of the world and that we are in it for the long haul.

So to realize that for once we will have money in savings is downright freaking my ass out y'all .
I love my husband but I have had to fight him tooth and nail for every dollar in savings...just sayin openly admit this too.
He and I just have different viewpoints .

Him: " You might as well have that pizza and live like theres  no tomorrow because you could be hit by a bus."
Me: " But what if you don't get hit..what then ?"

See ?

It becomes reflexive or at least it did  to me once it sunk in that I have an option or two.

I NEED a new roof.
I WANT shoes.

I NEED a new dishwasher.
I WANT those earrings I saw on Etsy.

I NEED to pay off a couple of bills.
I WANT to run amok in Bed Bath And Beyond.

I NEED and WANT to see Sistah and Double Oh this year.

THAT will happen.

It's really no debate, the needs trump the wants.
It's not even a close contest.
Sadly, it is something I doubt Southside Johnny will ever learn.

But..he is a grown man and it's his life.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

My heart stopped this morning when I heard the news about Aurora this morning on the news.
My nephew and his wife used to live in Aurora and are now close by in the Denver area. He is the kind of guy that would have been at the first screening for Batman and I cannot describe the actual feeling that it could have easily been him in the count.

I cannot fathom why this had to happen. It never makes any sort of sense to me and my heart goes out to all of the victims.

Be safe , whether or not you ever leave a comment here or not, I care about each and every person  who reads this dreck I crank out..I really do care about us all.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Even Broneys Are Well Dressed !

Karl Laugerfeld as My Little Brony !
Can you stand it ?
I almost....almost SU ..want one.
But then again , I can see the future of it...the children would consider it just another toy to fight over..dragging it around the living roo and dining room, stashing it in their super secret ( not ) hiding place under the china hutch . on it .

Well, I'm a bad wife.
The bronchial crap that I had last week, that rendered my completely useless for 3 days ?
Yep...caring is sharing so SU is home today.
I could tell yesterday that he wasn't 100% when we were on the way to work and I could really tell on the way home. The only time that he wants soup is when he is sick, weird I know.
Anyhoo, we both thought that we had some Progresso in the some had to be fetched from Kroger...
He has a routine..Progresso chicken soup with a couple hits of Tabasco and club crackers . Tabasco is a regular condiment on our table so its not that unheard of here in Texas.
Soup - check.
Juice - check .
Antihistamines - check.

I just talked to him a little while ago and he still sounds like crap , I think he should stay home tomorrow but hey....not my call.

And Southside Johnny is still driving me bat shit about the house , especially since the realtor ( why she did this I have no idea save to shut him up , Gawd knows how many times he's called her ) let it out that the expected closing date is July 31.


At least tomorrow is Friday !
And we've had a bit more rain in the afternoons, compared to this time last year, I am a happy , happy , joy , joy  Pol.

Next Up..Stay tuned for ....

Well tomorrow is Friday , isn't it ?

BRUCE !!!!!!!!!!!

Aunty Pol

I Guess It's Not Just At Out House !

This has made me laugh all day.
Yes Gracie Marie, I am talking about you dear.
Pick one side or the other dear, you're annoying the hell out of your parents.

The Management aka Your Mama .

Oh My Word !

Oh my gawd !
I saw this over at Shugary Sweets and just about died.
As in Dead.
As in DOA .
As in kill me NOW.
As in I HAVE to make THIS !

Normally chocolate is not something you associate with bread, unless you are like me and can expand the question to include crescent rolls , a tub of Nutella and a butter knife .
We use butter knives in my house you see.
My jaw dropped  when I read her post, and realized all the possibilities for this bread.
If bread can be in a pudding, why not chocolate in bread ?
Makes you wonder, doesn't it ?
Or is it just me?'s me.
Starvin Marvin.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sniff ~ Goodbye Fargo, Jack, Henry, Jo, Zack, Allison, Grace, Andy , Zoe and All The Others That SyFy Let Slip Away ~ !

Once again, SyFy Channel has put their collective heads up their arses. "Eureka " is no more .

 Rather than keep " Eureka" , " Caprica" , " Sanctuary" and far to many others to name , the programing idiots and corporate asshats have again dumped shows that had depth and a loyal fan base in favor of wrestling , haunted highways and ectoplasm encounters.

I nursed some small hope when earlier this summer the channel finally admitted that there was a group of basically " B Movies" that they had created and planned to air this summer. That is fine, that is what summer is for, the silly " WTF , my brain is on vacation anyway " mode that I suspect more than one person my age viewed the three months out of school as.

I also can appreciate that above all else, this channel like all the others is a business, responsible for generating revenue for their shareholders and board members in a responsible fiduciary manner ..but that being said, you cannot only pander to the male 12 to 17 demographic that will watch wrestling on the channel..and I still don't get that fit....Science Fiction and whose reality ?

Oh..yours, it seems .

I am the first person to openly admit a love for the more than occasional bad entertainment along with PBS, History and Discovery Channel . I watch BBCA. I also watch stuff that is so bad , it's hilarious . I strive to find the choice and option that fits my mood at the given moment.

It's's called a choice.

The SyFy channel used to be my first channel of choice at any given time..holidays, weekends, vacation days at home...FIRST CHOICE.

Other than a few ,  and I do mean few notable shows...." Warehouse 13 " , " Alphas" ,  Merlin  " Lost Girl " which I need to check out...there is nothing to invite me in as a viewer anymore and I find that rather than avidly waiting for the few shows anticipated return , I have to remind myself...actually remind myself that they are there at all on your channel.

I suspect that I am not the only one , and I wonder how that is working out for your revenue stream.

Badly, I can only hope.

An Eternally Disappointed Aunty Pol

Friday, July 13, 2012

Have To Admit, Fair Is Fair !

Sounds about right.
Aunty Pol

Happy Bastille Day ~ Yes , I know I Am A Day Early ! ~

Since I can never tell what is going on during any given weekend save the nail and oh please dear lord Kim can you cut my hair....I realized that tomorrow is one of my families favorite holidays and that I had better post this now !

So...slap Mr. Linky above  decant the wine of choice, grab some snacks and let the celebrations begin.

Au Revoir ,
La Tante Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

I have no idea what he is holding up in the photo .
Happy Friday y'all.
Thankfully , it's been raining all week, we really needed the rain .
Not all at once..but yeah its been raining all week and a lot of the streets are flooded. I've heard that some of the tunnels downtown are getting some water in but not to the point that we had with Tropical Storm Allison..thank Gaia. One woman died in an underground parking facility due to the high water. At least it's  not as bad as last year, we all recall the unbearable heat..and trust me, in a month, we'll be begging for more rain.

Other than that and the end of the head cold from hell, not a lot is going on . Xena 's eye is improving and she has gotten to the point of putting up less of a fight.

Viewer alert..Leverage starts again this Sunday.....wheeeeeeee !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

7-Up Bundt Cake ~ Sort Of

My gal pal Lydia introduced me to the best Orange Soda on the planet, knowing that I do still love Orange Crush . It's carried in one eatery downtown and is made by a company called Jackson Hole Soda. I assume that it is in Wyoming and have tried all day in vain, vain I tell you to find out where else it is carried. I suspect that Specs down the street may be the place to try because as far as I can tell, Specs is still the largest retail liquor store in the country....all hail the wall o beer ! Some one has to carry it to supply the eatery..called Cowboy Soup by the way.

Anyhoo, as luck would have it, I had gotten the daily e mail from my baking addiction and read about this 7 up recipe. Now this is a staple at many a southern gathering but I had never made one ...and when I read about the possibility of using orange soda in place of the 7 Up and then Lydia brought me back a bottle...

It was meant to be.

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats a good pound cake.

Next up..Bruce of the day.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's National Pecan Pie Day !

The above picture came from imstuffed along with the recipe aat

One of the attorneys and I were just talking about various beverages we consumed as chuckleheaded youths as my father would have  termed it. Actually, the conversation began as he strolled up and asked me if I could break a fiver. Silly man, I never carry cash....but I told him that I would be happy to float him some change as I knew where he worked. That lead to a conversation on the variety of drinks in various regions. I explained to him that it was Jolt cola when I was in college, RC cola in Virginia and of course Dr. Pepper down here. The attorneys eyes lit up at the mention of RC cola as he went to Georgetown and then that led to what we did or did not miss about the Tidewater area.....and soft shell crab, crab cakes and Stuckeys.

I had to laugh when I got an e mail about the above recipe after this walk down memory lane because I am certain beyond any doubt that my late mother knew the exact location of every single Stuckeys along the entire east coast.

Stuckeys is where after all she would get the bags and bags and bags of pecans every fall for pies and tarts and stuffing in your mouth. It's a shame she never discovered the good recipe for pralines from Brennans..she would have been a happy gal.

I haven't made a pecan pie in years, since there is no Stuckeys in the general Houston area, but I am tempted to see how proud Kroger is of theirs....if they have any decent ones that is.

Aunty Pol

Monday, July 09, 2012

Boy, Can I Relate !

This is an all to close approximation of Xena and her reaction to the eye drops. She now has figured out that if she hears the hallway/bathroom doors close that we are closing off her getaways and she needs to hide. It is getting easier as we ease into tag team mode and while she still hisses, it's more of the " Well expect me to say something , don't you ?"
It would be all to easy to wrassle her lil but when she is perched over her dinner bowl , but we don't want her to associate food and the medicine torture. She can and has gotten very odd at times about the whole " Don't want to eat , gonna urp it right back up " and during the IBS situation 2 years ago , it was all we could do to get her to eat and stabilize as it was it's gonna be a LONG process.
But it is getting better and we ( I ) am watching for any sneezes etc..yeah..

Oh and double click to biggify.

Aunty Pol

Happy 30'th Anniversary ~ TRON

I'm just gonna have to sit here and " Squeeeee" as best I can ....

HAPPY THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY TRON     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot !

Your Fan Girl , Aunty Pol .

The Closer ~ The Final Six ~

Well, as luck would have it, I do believe that I am coming down/ got blind sided by a freakin summer kill mah ass dead now head cold.
Crapity Crapity Crap Crap Crap Crap.
Tonight begins the first of the last 6 Closer episodes ..wah.
There are a lot of " spoilers " out there like this link :
and :

One of the big issues is who is the department mole/spy and from what I have seen the role of the snitch is " Someone no one will ever suspect."
At first , I thought , " Duh" because that is such a cliche statement and then I thought about it...

What if it's Fritzi ?


I doubt I will be awake for it, I suspect I will be sleeping all the way home so it is set to tape.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, July 06, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Ah Friday.
It's been a weird one, same for yesterday.
The office is DOA .
Half of the staff are out ( I am looking at you sflower ! Bwahahaha ! ) and the remaining are so disinterested its hilarious.
The lemmings are heading towards the garage, the lobby is a ghost town.

I got the Jethro Beaudine size canister of Lysine in so I am pretty happy, it will last ages. We are putting it in all of the wet food and mixing it in the kibble so I think it's helping. Xena has gotten so used the drill that she really doesn't run at this point, she just fusses a bit and then runs off..." Catch and release kitten time"....but the eye is looking better so I am very hopeful.
And as usual , we are hoping for rain and the house needs attention..the glam life for me !

Have a great weekend,
Stay safe and I hope everyone without power gets it soon..this means you Lady Lisa !

Aunty Pol

It's National Fried Chicken Day....Eat More Chikin !

When I was a kid, we visited the Lidels in Norfolk between Dad's duty stations and with 6 rambunctious kids flying about, Mom and Elaine decided KFC was just the thing.
That was the last time I had KFC.
Sick as the proverbial dog.
I could work at the KFC in Pullman ( shite..was there a bar/pub/fast food I didn't work in ? Um..possibly the Ming room but that is the only one that comes to mind. When you are young you can work more than 1 job if you need..and I did .)
I didn't know till college that each region had their own recipe and that it varied widely.
For the longest time, also known as until I moved down here, if I wanted fried chicken I had to make it myself..and lets face it ..making it for 1 or 2 people at the most seemed silly.

And then the clouds lifted, the Angels sang and all was good.
Voila !
Churches Fried Chicken.
Hot damn.
Then they came out with the extra spicy...double hot damn.
Now some folks like Popeyes and there is nothing wrong with that.
< Insert 2 year old voice here > .."But Churches biscuits are mo bedder that Popeyes...thzzzzzpppppppppp !
Now, I prefer honey on my fried chicken....don't judge....and I am so tempted to get a waffle maker...I know...I more thing to find a place for in the kitchen..

But dammit..I want some wings and waffles !
Oh Hell Yeah !
It's a southern thing.

Have a great weekend.
Next up..Bruce..of course !
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

OH Noes..Not Sheriff Andy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the last remnants of my childhood has passed away.
RIP Mr. Griffith.
I don't want to sound sappy because if you have never seen " A Face In The Crowd ( 1957 ) " it or que it on Netflix. It will blow you away with the power and scope of his performance . You can't appreciate the deep down genuine goodness of Sheriff Andy if you haven't seen the depth of anger, greed and ego that Andy Griffith showed  as Larry " Lonesome " Rhodes.

Just read the wikipedia synopsis and you will see the difference in the two characters.

Yes , Mayberry was idealized and a wonderful place to live as seen through todays eyes. No one can deny that, but to me, more than anything..more than Barney's ineptitude or Aunt Bee's toxic pickles , it was the writers and Mr. Griffith's capacity to show human decency and kindness that still mean so much to me. 
As I've gotten older, I've begun to appreciate that more and more. Make no mistake, I still adore scores of different formats..everything from Masterpiece Mystery to Southpark..everything has its place.

But..admit it...didn't we all occasionally wish our dads were as understanding as Andy was when Opie made a mistake ?

I know I'm not the only one that cried when Andy had to explain about the baby bird that Opie tried to rescue...I know  I wasn't.

RIP Mr. Griffith.

The fishin hole's waitin on ya.

Your Fan,
Aunty Pol

Monday, July 02, 2012

I'm Staying In My Happy Place

Since it's Monday, and I justg finished reading all about Xena....As one gal pal put it...
" Reading the phrase " Regarding Xena, it's Herpes may be the most disturbing sentence I read  today."..well I just had to laugh. She and I are " Xena, Warrior Princess " fans...and I didn't think about how the post on my facebook page would scan . I can see her point....2 points to the biggest A-Ha fan in the known universe.

Anyhoo...aren't they pretty ?
I bought them from Dillards to wear with jeans because they are soo cute and I need them and they were on sale and all of the usual reasons

Yup..since it's Monday and his card game is tonight and I have to do a load of whites and tend to the dishwasher and do eggs and Gaia knows what else...I'm gonna stay/ play in the shoe dept for a while .

Aunty Pol

It was a surprising weekend , mostly in good ways I should one panic okay ? I did enough of that for all of us .
Saturday morning  SU went and got the PTU in preparations for the jaunt to Banfield. Now, she has gotten better some days with the drops, others not  so much so we never, ever know how this will play play out. That little minx....SU opened the door and she saunters right it's a private bedroom ( honey lamb , if that is the case , Mama is going to fire the decorator because your crib is fugly girl ! ) .
So off we go to Banfield, taking the Townsend backroads so we can avoid all the mid morning crap around the mall...wheee.
Now , I do have to say that I was genuinely and pleasently surprised at how well the visit went...this time.
Remember , these are the same folks who had some confusion when we took Annie/Andy up there to be fixed....that Doctor is gone as far as I know...we were on time and had called to let them know that we were  on the way, check in was prompt...she's gained 2 ounces y'all....woooooooo hoooooooo....for a cat with IBS issues, this is HUGE . Anyhoo, I like Dr. Keisha. She was warm and sweet to my girl and the fact that she spelled her name the same way I spelled my Keisha's ( Mama misses you Stinkerbell) was a plus.

Bottom's Herpes.
Now, it is at the same point as Billy Sweetfeet Nortons...Xena still has her sight ...and we are hoping that the meds ( eye drops ) will do the trick, but I suspect that it will be one of those deals where it will clear up then flare up .
This is another situation where spaying and neutering is so damn critical. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY TRIPS...ALL 3 OF THEM..SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE MAMA TO GET TO THEM....but...ferals that are abandoned by their mother have a greater chance of being exposed dto Herpes and FIV and god knows that else than most cats...and those of us who choose them have to deal with the consequences of non fixation.

It's a catch 22.

The link under the photo is one of the best explanations of our situation. The kitty on the bottom is much the same as Xena is/was..As  you can see ,  the pink tissue in the eye is inflammed and Xena's was much worse. The tissue is still swollen but not as red and as the article says, once it's under some form of control , we will watch for " flareups." There is no cure so to speak.

I love my girl and the struggle twice daily is not fun.

Be good to your furr babies out there gang.

Have a great week and a safe holiday.