Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Now For The Merely Obvious

I for one am amazed at the stupidity of some of the social network's...so sayeeth the woman who spends far too much time on Farmville, Frontierville, Mafia and Vampire Wars , not to mention Bejeweled Blitz.
Stop laughing , you're going to spew your beverage as you fall over.
Yes..I saw that spit take.
Let me start by saying that I know that privacy is an illusion.
I am careful or try to be about who I let know about this blog..my personal blog.
I try.
That being said, if the person that has ticked me off is actually reading this and they are for the record , neither current co-workers or friends..and they think it may apply to them, it most likely does.
Whether it is Myspace, Parkingspace, Google, Goggle, Facebook , Cookbook or Librarybook , looking up data or phising is WTF easy..it takes very little in the way of an actual skill set and it more often than not a case of sheer dumb ass luck .
Look up whomever you want..I don't give a rats ass.
More often than not there is some sort of linkage that ties a group of names together..hobbies, places of employment..you get the idea.
Search " I Lite My Farts " , I can almost guarendamntee you that they are there.
I shudder to envision their collective profile photo's by the way.
When you send me an e mail , giving and then assuming a pithy reply , to the status of someone I work with , regarding their personal life in any fashion, regardless of their relative status to me in the Firms Food Chain..to my work friggan PC
First of all, I don't give a FLYING FUCK.
I do not, and will not gossip about my personal friends that way..especially in this format...and for the rest of the people that I have to engage during the week..illness of self or child is one thing..Hot Dish is on the way honey...SU and I will do whatever is needed.
Marital status...legal proceedings...umm....no.
Not My Bidness.
If you need a shoulder to vent, lean on or cry too,,,yeah...I can do that.
I am self editing.
Out of self respect for us both , I delete the details once you are fine..it's not something I want to hang on to or carry home.
My mind , like my oven is self cleaning.
But don't think for a minute that I didn't grasp a phishing expedition.
Nuh Uh.
Don't go there again, even if you meant it in a " harmless , chummy " way , because I can promise you ..that if you are going to think that I am dumb enough to fall for that...I am going to certainly re-evaluate what your demonstrated opinion of me is...and ..
It is not promising for you .
Carry On .
Aunty Pol

Finally...I A Pair Of Teva's I WOULD Wear

Mwahahahaha !
My prayers to St. Manolo have been heard.
A pair of Teva's I would wear.
Don't ask about the price..SU reads this bloggy.
Wheee !
Aunty Pol

Retail Therapy For The Win !

It takes very little to cheer my own bad self up after a somewhat sleep deprived night or two ( no honey, it really isn't your fault...I know you feel like crap to the point you didn't fuss about going to the doc in the box..settle down ) .
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard fan girl of Miss Ree's so of course I got any number of e mails from fellow fan girls with the announcement of the release date of ner new book.
And of course, Moi being Moi, I pre-ordered three copies.
No Sistah...do not argue with me.
I ordered a copy for both of us and of course one for your mother since she is a bit of a city girl her own badself.
Now, if Miss Ree would just do up a new cook book.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Monday, November 29, 2010

Send Prayers To Lady Lisa Over At The 'Stute

It just broke my heart to read that Lady Lisa had to help Winnie to the Rainbow Bridge . It was too damn soon, it really was.
Winnie had some similar health issues as Xena and Lady Lisa and I helped each other as needed when it got to be a hassle and the poo/pee wa just another " Damn'd mess we had to deal with." Just this morning , I had to grab the paper towels because Xena had another accident on the plastic..but with SU home ill..it really was the last thing I was concerned with .
I would have posted a bit and Lady Lisa would have replied with a hug and a laugh and we'd get through it all over again....
Losing one of our babies is just one of those things that you think will just be the end of it all, and I dread it every time...we all do..I dread losing any of them.,yes even Gracie...I have become so close to the six of them as has SU ..
And I know that Lady Lisa will be there to let me know that as much as it hurts..it was time when we go through the hell of losing one of our babies,. I just wish I was actually there to give her a hug and a kleenix and a glass of wine .
It never gets easier, and maybe it's supposed to be that way..I'm not sure ..but we love them so much, we manage to struggle through one way or another .
I love you honey , and we are soo sorry about Winnie. She will be up there with Sarge, TJ, Casey, Bubba, Peaches, Keesha , Jake , Missy and Oogie...I have ordered Tuna steaks and Niptini's for them all.

Monday Monday

Happy Monday y'all !
I am a happy girl because I found the replacement piece for my Noritake China boat...the irony is not lost here by the way.
I inherited my mothers china when she passed away in 1981 and of course it is now a discontinued pattern..see honey...it's not just the Pfaltzgraff we originally picked out either ..( also discontinued..of course). Over the course of three children( my brothers and I , not SU's and mine BTW ) and many years, parts of the set were broken....set being the operative word because my mother Betty was apt to buy the whole damn set as she well could..whether Daddy could afford it or not...In all fairness , he was just as likely to say.."Oh hell Bess..go ahead and buy the complete set..". He was that kinda guy.
I use the china , not as often as I would like and I think that I will be breaking it out more because after all..what's the use of it sitting in the china keeper cover thingys anyway if not to be used .
Just sayin.
Anyhoo...SU determined a few years ago that I have inherited the " Must find the PROPER bowl/plate/ server " for the item to be served..ie " Now that's the right /correct bowl for the mint jelly..."
Not from my late mother bear in mind...from my father .
Do I need the gravy boat?
Is it outrageous in it's price ?
Will it make me feel better?
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still Alive At The Casa !

No darlins, Aunty didn't fall off the face of the planet..not yet anyway.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..SU and I stayed home this year which was nice for us since it gave us the opportunity to invite a guest and therefore do a small kindness...and then of course there was also the puppy/bird sitting..no not as a hybrid from the Island of Dr. Moreau...the girls are /were away and so theree ya go..like I was going to say No ?
Have we met ?
Not a lot is going on , I did have the chance to do some stuff around the joint that rarely gets done but did not go over the edge..no..not all of the silver got polished..only the bits I needed to use for the dinner..I'm the first one to admit to being a lazy shit so there ya go.
And of course it turned colder and SU has his semi annual head cold thingy going on...yeah team...I know...it's expected more often than not this time of year as we are both run pretty ragged by now.
Love and hugs to Sistah, Double Oh, Lady Lisa and her babies ( how is Winnie ?)...Miss Calamity Anne and the Boober...Miss Laurie, The Meezers and their Momma..and all of my gal pals and the furry folk.
Have a great week, be safe and warm .

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Serves 6
Prep Time:P 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 1 Hour 15 minutes
Bake @ 375 degrees
6 Sweet Potatoes, even in size and scrubbed
4 Tablespoons brown sugar
4 Tablespoons butter , room temperature
4 Ounces cream Cheese , room temperature
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Place sweet potatoes on a tray and bake for 1 hour until soft. Remove from the oven and let stand until cool enough to handle.
Split potatoes and remove the flesh to a medium size bowl, reserving the skins . In another bowl, add brown sugar, butter , cream cheese and all of the spices , mashing with a fork to mix.
Add butter and cream cheese mixture to the sweet potato flesh and fold to combine. Add the filling back into the reserved skins and place on a sheet tray.
Bake for 15 minutes or until golden.
I think I can cut this recipe in half and make it for Thanksgiving. SU loves sweet taters.
Aunty Pol

Monday, November 22, 2010

An Interesting Day

It's been an interesting day for the SU.

Yes, this is the graphic I have used before when I talked about the situation with his late Mother and don't panic..nothing bad to report here.

And I'm just kinda tapped out on the " Monday , John Barrowman " thingy right now, I need new stuff....anyhoo.

Today is Pop's 82 birthday so SU , being SU took the day off to spend with his Dad. The first thing you have to know is that they are the proverbial two peas in a pod..for all the good and bad that that can be. I do not know if I have ever met two more mule headed men...ever. Looks, attitudes , mannerisms..you get my drift.

SU has always rebelled against this idea. He is the wild child in the family..the hippy..tell him to go right, his usual response is a hearty " F You...I'm hookin a left. His younger sister was always the responsible one, the go to one...the good one..and the more this was shown or implied the more he rebelled. I have made known to my husband at various, vociferous times how much this pisses/pissed me off but him being him either shrugged it off or internalized it all. It seems men do that.,it was the role he was cast in.

For the greater part of our marriage, his mother had dealt with cancer, heart issues, brittle bones, a colostomy and a myriad of other lesser issues. It was what it was. For the last few years as we both watched the final act, I actively encouraged him to spend as much time on the weekends as I could with them .

Yesterday he went to his parents church and did the holiday ( Thanksgiving cafeteria food ) dinner bit.

Today he took the day off and spent the day, just him and his dad playing golf and hanging out.

And it was one of the best days of his life if you asked him.

The pressure and the guilt and the obligation of being a child watching a parent cope with the shit was gone.

It's been six months and they are both in their own way moving on and making a new path for themselves.

It was a good day.


Aunty Pol

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday y'all.
I'll write more when I get home...time to boogie !
Ok..home now, children are fed, SU is at the ICE HOUSE and I have had a chance to watch Smallville. Nothing..and I mean nothing gets between me and Smallville, I have suffered through all 9 seasons ( Zombies ? Really ? You are going with that ? GAH !) ..anyhoo..spoiler alert...Slade ain'd dead and it is either a complete cop out ( um..right now - my vote ) or a shout out to BSG with the eye patch that they have in the preview for Slade/Saul.
Just sayin is all.
I don't know about all y'all but for all intents and purposes the Holiday Season is well..upon us...and I am noticing mare than a tad o-ripple in the FORCE Padwans.
I knew that this year was going to be different. There is no escaping that since my mother in law passed. And both SU and I are in full agreement that it was as much of a blessing as these things can ever be. But more than that, have you noticed that people for the most part aren't just BAT SHIT CRAZY about the whole T day dinner bit ? Perhaps we are all weary of the never ending shows /tips/articles on how we mere mortals can achieve the Nirvana that is all Giada/Paula/Ina / Julia and finally realizing that the stores are going to be insane and that no one will die if the dinner isn't picture perfect. Perhaps peoples expectations are more realistic and that truffle oil isn't in the budget, that spending a small countries annual output isn't going to happen, that it's okay to serve less wine, ask for help/side dishes/desserts to be brought by guests or family. Perhaps I am overly optimistic about the whole thing but a certain reduction in the frenzy is a welcome change.
In all fairness , I have all of the food bought and or planned already. We are only having one guest at the house here . I have referred previously to our neighbor Kay..remember her.."Crazy Neighbor " ? Well, soon after Mother died, she lost her husband of 60 years. He had been ill for a very long time and it was not unexpected , but there is no way on God's Green Earth that I am going to let her sit alone on Thanksgiving....no matter how nuts she is....and she is ...trust me. I extended the invitation and it's always a matter of choice..but I know her and I know she would accept.
I am taking the day off before because I REALLY need to clean the Casa and I can do more alone...so of course I am here , writing this and not getting a head start....LMAO.
Have a great weekend...I am sure there will be more to post this weekend.
Gobble Freakin Gobble.
Aunty Pol

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salted Caramel Tarts

This looks interesting and it's hard enough to find a dessert recipe for 2. Gaia knows I love to bake and we LOVE to eat..but do 2 people really need a whole bundt cake....note that this point is moot if chocolate is involved...then OH HELL YES !
Aunty Pol

Way Beyond Friggan Cool

Paint Sculptures Built with Sound#more-14312

Is this sh*t cool or what ?


Aunty Pol

Um...Mr. Dyson Dude ...

Amen !
Aunty Pol

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern Trailer

What can I say...no he is NOT the " Sexiest Man Alive" IMHO..but I have ALWAYS loved the Green Lantern.
Off to look for more goodies ..LOL....what work ? Me ?
Aunty Pol


I have to lay my head on my desk now.....
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deep Chocolate Cheesecake

Yield : 12 Servings
24 Chocolatee wafer cookies ( 9 oz pkg.)
1 T . sugar
1/4 C ( 1/2 stick ) butter - melted.
1 9.7 oz. bitter sweet chocolate bar ( 70% cocoa) chopped - best quality you can buy !
4 (8 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese, room temperature
1 1/4 C. + 2 T. sugar
1/4 C. cocoa powder - best quality you can buy !
4 Large Eggs
3/4 C. whipping cream
6 oz. bittersweet chocolate , ( 70 % cocoa) chopped - best quality you can buy !
1 T. sugar
* Chocolate Curls - Optional ( LOL)
For Crust:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Butter a 9 inch springform pan with 3 inch high sides.Blend the cookies in a food processor until finely ground then blend in sugar and mix. Add the melted butter and mix until well blended . Press crumbs evenly onto the BOTTOM ONLY of the prepared pan. Bake until just set , aprox 5 minutes. Cool while preparing the filling maintaining the oven temperature.
For Filling:
Stir the chopped chocolate in a metal bowl over simmering water until melted and smooth. Remove bowl from over the water and cool the chocolate until lukewarm but STILL pourable. Blend cream cheese , sugar and cocoa powder in a food processor until smooth. Add eggs in 1 at a time , Mix in the lukewarm chocolate . Pour filling over the crust and smooth the top as needed. Bake until the center is just ser and just appears dry , about 1 hour. Cool for 5 minutes and run a knife along the sides to loosen. Chill overnight.
For Topping:
Stir the whipping cream , 6 oz. chocolate and sugar in a heavy pan over low heat un til smooth. Cool slightly . Pour over the center of the cheesecake spreading to within 1/2 inch of the edge, filling any cracks. Chill until the topping is set for 1 hour.
Can be made 3 days ahead...cover with foil and keep refridgerated.
To serve:
Release the pan sides and transfer to a platter . Garnish with chocolate curls. Let stand for 2 hours at room temperature before serving.
Both SU and I are challenged bu the cracks that always appear in cheesecakes, we have tried water bath and no water bath...the cheese cake will do as it wants. I like this recipe if for no other reason than that it knows there will be cracks and basically gives you a free " get over it " pass.
I want this !
I have to lay my head down on my desk now.
**** Don't forget Miss Ree is on " Throwdown With Bobby Flay " tonight....8 pm central ( Texas) time so check your listings and it is an hour long. ****
Dreaming of chocolate..
Aunty Pol

‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Has Arrived!

Ok ..ok..I get the timing.
The trailers have hit the innertubes so of course Ryan Reynolds has just been named " Sexiest Man Alive " by People magazine or some such.
I like the guy and being a total , complete science fiction/fantasy/animation ho , I am interested in the movie..
But " Sexiest Man Alive ?"
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Memo To The Mama

To: The Mama
From: Your Children
Andy: Why ? How Could you allow this to happen to us ?
Gracie : Yeah
Andy : Shut Up Gracie..I is meowing here.
Gracie : Pffft
Andy: Anyway...you let us run out of...
Andy: Ok Boshi, calm down. Mama..YOU let the treat locker runs out of treats ! We is starvin Marvin and are gonna die soon, like eleventy eight sleeps from now if you don't FIX IT .
Loki : Squirrel
Andy : Sigh....older brothers, sheesh.
Yes....We ran completely out of treats last night..they had the wet canned food and kibble but that wasn't good enough.
Mama and Daddy will schlep to Krogers for you babies....promise...I even remembered the Temptations Coupon.
Stuck In The Time Out Chair This Week
Aunty Pol

A PSA For Ollie

I know it's holidays and I know that money is tight for all of us right now but nevertheless, I just made a donation because Gaia knows I can forgo another pair of earrings from Etsy until after the holidays and someone needs help to get to the point of being adoptable. If you can't donate right now.....YES, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN....please, link or post a note on your blog or facebook or whatever about Ollie. Bast forbid it was one of mine.... Really..don't worry if you cannot donate...spread the word about Ollie, maybe someone you know has a dollar or 2 to spare..even just one dollar helps..it really does. I don't know Cynthia per se, but I know Lady Lisa ...and for me that's all it takes .

Hugs and headbutts to Miss Winnie too..honey....your Aunty Pol understands..she really does..your " cousin " Xena has a ticky tummy too....so be a good girl..m'kay ?


Blessed Be

Aunty Pol

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hmmmm For The Holidays !

A gal pal posted something the other day that has set the ol wheels ( yes dear, the Hamster is in the cage ) turning and made me think.
The holidays will soon be here...especially Thanksgiving, I know .." Well Duh " .
My gal pal and I commiserated on the prospect of the annual white meat throw down and the stress that the whole production can induce .
The first thing that struck me is the irony of a meal featuring a dish that is guaranteed ..yes siree Bob ...proven to induce a coma like state....and yet....I've seen calmer prospects of taking an SAT.
Why ?
We all drank the Koolaide as far as I am concerned.
We all have this fantasy that the whole process will be pain free and organized.
The victim ( Turkey) will be a beautiful , moist , plump golden brown. The stuffing , whether in or outside of the said victim will be flavorful with fresh herbs , fluffy and perfectly done. The sides will be veggies of course , but selections will be those that every one loves , and your perfect children will eagerly eat their portion thus denying your poor canine the bounty that might just be passed under the table, out of anyones line of view. The gravy in it's glossy radiance will put the finest silk to shame, with no hint whatsoever of a lump to be had. The rolls ( yeast of course ) will rise like the good little soldiers that they know they are and the perfume of them baking will waft into every corner of your blessed domain with the sweet flaky promise you know and love. Your awestruck guests will gasp in delight at the dessert selection you have so effortlessly provided , pies , cakes and possibly a torte temp their senses as their eyes drink in the inspired decorations that you have created or piped by hand . The wines that you have selected will be of course the perfect selection to compliment both the various courses and every ones discerning palate.
Let us not overlook the tableau that you have created for every ones dining . Your dinnerware , china or not gleams on the table, surrounded by sparkling crystal and utensils. Centerpiecesbright and elegant, just the right color and size to enhance the dining experience. Your table linens, charger plates and place cards create the picture perfect moment to gather all around your bounty to give thanks for this simple holiday repast that will create memories that will go down in your family history as the happiest of times when kith and kin come together to enjoy the day and the fellowship of your meager yet heartfelt offering.
Right .
It all sounds wonderful doesn't it ?
But we have forgotten a few things.
Yes, we all have fond memories of family holiday dinners, either in our own homes or in the homes of the family that we travel once or twice a year to see.
We didn't do the work, did we ?
My baby boomer generation rarely had mothers that worked outside of the home. Thus, our mothers had the time to prep and cook all of that . They had the time to keep up with the house so that the cleaning before a holiday did not include an extra 3 tons of work. They didn't have t/v or the net showing them pictures of chefs and their recommended recipes for dining Nirvana. Thanksgiving was simply a variation on any given Sundays roast chicken dinner, the desserts were fancier and really the only difference was the victim and the fact that the china was used....by the kids. If you liked to cook as my mother did , you might when able ( sober) try a new recipe, but not for a traditional holiday dinner.
I do not know of a single woman who is having a holiday meal at home that is not stressed to infinity right now.
Why do we do this to ourselves ?
Where is it written that it is all going to look JUST LIKE INA OR GIADA OR JULIA cooked it ? The simple fact is that for a magazine, they may go through a dozen or more birds in order to get that perfect photo....same for a t.v. show.
In my house, we are more of the " If the damn bird is done...plate up you heathens."
Just kidding.....sorta.
You know what I mean.
Yes....I have been known to go BAT SHIT CRAZY over a dinner party...the annual one that we throw comes to mind. And I did stress a bit when I was unsure of dah brudder would be joining us as promised.." Does he like this..hate that ...will I get Brusselsprout face if I serve that ?"
I have learned.
I will take the day before off..and clean the house like I do..only a bit better. The floor will be swept but not mopped..why do it twice ? Carpets will be cleaned ....as needed and when I have time. Everything will be done..in a reasonable space of time..if not...not.
I doubt it will be more than SU and I at this point which is a nice change....
We get so little time off from our jobs.....enjoy the holiday. It's your holiday too....ease up on yourselves...we are all talented, kind, generous women and isn't it time we remember that ? Treat yourself like a guest too....have that glass of wine..you earned it darlin !
Besides..there is always turkey sammiches afterwards....
Gobble Freakin Gobble
Aunty Pol

Friday, November 12, 2010

" Won't You Take Me To Funkytown ? "

I wonder how many Snuggies had to be shredded feathered to make this ?
I know one co-worker that would actually try to pull this off for the office halloween contest and I plan on encouraging him all I can because Dammit..Mikey was robbed...!
Aunty Pol

Job Security

Admit it..it's funny enough to make milk shoot out your nose..
Enjoy !
Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday Dearhearts !
No, I didn't make the above picture...but bless your hearts for think that Aunty has that kind of talent...hee hee hee.
It's been a rather odd day here..nothing drastic or that sort of thing ...just the kind of thing that makes you go "Hmmmmm."
For whatever reason there are approximately 16 people out of the office today..more than 90 % of them taking just today. No one ran around yapping abut some last minute staycation ( aka mental health day because you know that you are about to just flip out and rearrange someones DNA ) and no one is getting married other than one gal at Thanksgiving, having a child graduate anything, no extended gonna take the day off after Veteran's Day...they just went poof.
The oddest part is that most of these gals aren't the poof-er type...the names just made me go "Whut "?
I guess I missed that memo dammittohell.
It's been raining for the better part of the week and while we need it , it's been dreary and icky so the mood here at the office has not been "cheery"....oh well.
Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us again and I wish my brother would let me know for use if he is committed to having Turkey Fest 2010 with us because it will directly affect my Kroger run and frankly, I see no need to buy much less brine a bird for the two of us..either ways fine and I thankfully can take the day off before because I just today realized that TDay is on a Thursday and not Friday ( DERP ) so I'd like to have at least some of the laundry done ...no I AM NOT OVERTHINKING IT AGAIN -THANK YOU VERY MUCH....j/k.
I have no idea what SU has planned for the weekend if anything but I did tell him that even if it is raining, Lola can still get the interior bath done .
I have been keeping good thoughts for my neighbor in her job quest and lady Lisa's Winnie. Winnie has some issues like Xena's so Lady Lisa and I prop each other up when the cleaning up after the "children" is just too much to handle. I am such a fan of Lady Lisa's anyway and the good deeds that she and her co-horts do at Space Paws that I feel so lucky that she is a friend..cause she is pawsome.
Things are good at the Casa, knock on wood and Sistah and Double Oh are good so I am hoping to get some stuff done at the Casa and have a pain free weekend..so sayeth the KLUTZ.
A friend loaned me a book that I have previously avoided and having polished it off am starting the sequel..the books are post worth so bear with me. I plan on leaving them here though because if I take book # 2 home..all I will do is read and that don't get the skivvies done...lol.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

I'm On The Mama's SIde !

There are no words that can describe this man's stupidity.
I'm om Mama's side.
Sheesh !
Aunty Pol

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone that knows me knows that I am a DIE HARD REE " PIONEER WOMAN~TASTY KITCHEN " fan...and those who really , truly know me ( Sistah and quite possibly Lady L at this point ) know that it is in fact an acceptable moment of irony that..MOI...a city gal who loves dah city and is not at all high maintenance ( STOP laughing Sistah ..I CAN hear you, even down here ) ..adores, worships and flat out venerates our Miss P-Dub.
Her voice doesn't even bother me and frankly since there ain't a snowballs chance in hell that she or anyone that she in fact knows would or will actually read this ..it is safe to say that she is the exception to my rule.
Women with that thin, nasally speaking or singing voice ( yes..this is you Olivia Newton John) drive me BAT SHIT CRAZY.
Miss Ree ( see I respect her , in the South it is expected of one who has been raised right to remember the proper forms of address )...Miss Ree...I love you but you have a thin voice.
How in the name of Bast do you pull off an Ethel Merman impression ?
Damn , she must be good.
I digress.
Miss Ree will be on " Throw Down " with Bobby Flay next Wednesday, November 17'th, 2010.
Check your local listings.
I will be taping the show and it will be changed from the auto erase to the manual erase..hint hint Hubby.
Now, if Miss Ree would just finish the next cookbook...
Any wonder I am hungry now ?
Aunty Pol

TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer # 3

OH Mah Gawd.....I need to go see this....shit..I may have to take the day off and cab it to the theater.




Your Completely Hyer Active Fan Girl

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gonna be one of those weeks......
At least my NG ..Lordy bless her , saw the other urpage..the one not of the carpet variety on the blanket that covers my chair for jst that reason..anyhoo, ( run on sentence much ?) and washed it with some of her stuff while she used our computer....I LUBS her.
I have some recipes to throw in a post..don't shoot me Miss Lisa.
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Memo To My Children

To : My Adorable Children
From: Your Momma.
I have to tell you all ..I am sorry but this house is in fact run life the military as your father explains it...guilt for one means guilt for all.
Momma spent all day Sunday cleaning the Casa.
I did stop long enough to give you treats and lunchies by the way.
Regardless..to the furson who decided to " Poop the Rug" in their bathroom..
I will concede that I neglected to clean the boxes that afternoon..but really ?
This was your answer ?
I appreciate the fact that it doesn't happen as often as it did and I do understand that it might have been something of an emergency but dammit..the boxes ( two of them) were less than 2 paws away...and the ruggy was clean !
Go back to sleep, Daddy and I will be home in a few hours.
We still love you all.
Your Momma.
P.S . The bankie on my chair is okay..I understand that ya gotta urp when ya gotta urp.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Fear Not Sweeties !
No...Aunty Pol did not fall of the face of the Earth, nor have I been abducted by white slavers ( oh do not get all offended by that phrase..it's an old term and not meant to be offensive in any way..LMAO...if that offends any reader here..STFU..all y'all are reading the WRONG BLOG as it is...carry on )...won the lottery or anything else even remotely interesting.
That's just the problem.
Ever have one of those weeks that make gray look positively freaky and exciting ...where blah would be an improvement and so on?
I've had a whole heaping week of NADA.
SU is fine, they passed the audit/inventory and all is as well as it can be at his work...my job is the same..nothing new...not even any good gossip.....Sistah and Double Oh Mullet are fine...both Godsons and their families are fine...Dah Kitteh's are fine..the puppy cousins are fine..The NG's are fine...Lola is fine....
I know.
I know how I sound..and I am grateful that all is well...but Jeebus H...I am mentally watching paint dry..or golf..( Sorry sweetie..it is what it is) ...and it took me a while to realize that this sea of calm is so not our usual life that it kinds freaked me out. It's like watching a horror film and telling the blonde bimbo with the rack " Don't open that door you halfwit..", you know the old red shirt syndrome where you think that your comment is going to change the outcome....
And I'm gonna lose 20 lbs sooner than later..
Heh...yeah....what evs.
These periods of grace are a rarity so I will for once allow myself to actually enjoy them, because we all know damn good and well, some how , some where the scatology will hit the oscillating rotor.
Have a great weekend...raise some hell for your old Aunty Pol..
Aunty Pol