Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday y'all.
I am just about cross eyed from this week, but on the good side I did get the first dozen of the Christmas cards done..before the first of December even..I must be coming down with something .
The end of the year craziness has begun to rear it's ugly head at the office, same shit, different year. I suspect it is much the same  for most businesses at the end of the year . I am consoling myself with the prospect of taking a bit of time off in December ...............and floor tickets to Eric Clapton and the Wallflowers at the Toyota Center in's all about perspective.

I'm gonna keep this short as the sinuses are kicking in so...

Have a great weekend,


Aunty Pol

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Candied Lemon Peel

In the previous post , I mentioned Tori Avey and her PBS food blog " The History Kitchen."
I neglected to mention her other blog " The Shiksa In the Kitchen "

Both are wonderful and she has the easiest recipe to follow for candying citrus rind that I have ever seen...and I love candied orange peel.

Check it out know the drill.

Aunty Pol

Who Knew PBS Had Food Blogs ??

I am a self confessed food freak ( call me a foodie and I might take issue ) and a proud member of the Nation of Geek...big surprise .
Anyhoo..I was noodling around on FaceBook and saw a post about Cary Grant's BBQ chicken recipe and I have to admit , I was curious about the recipe so I hit Mr. Linky .

The History Kitchen has all sorts of really cool parts to it.

I never imagined that Benjamin Franklin was a food freak.

Slap Mr. Linky and check out Tori Avey's blogs :

The History Kitchen
A Shiksa In The Kitchen.

Yes..another food blog for me to follow...lalalalalala.

Aunty Pol

It's Always About The Shoes !

Since I am sending my GodGrandbaby her first Christmas card, I asked Sistah about clothing sizes etc because all y'all KNOW I am going to send her outfits from her fairy GodGrandmother . then I thought about shoes...of course.

I can't stand it ....BABY UGGS Y'ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as Sweetpea can keep shoes on her ootties ( my word for baby with it )....BAM !

A girl is NEVER too young to appreciate fine footwear !

Back to shopping.......mwahahaha .

Aunty Pol

Did Someone Say Bacon ?

Originally found on the Land O'Lakes wesite:

I found this recipe for carmelized bacon and thought.." Oh Hell yeah..with SU's home made buttermilk pancakes...!

Yatzee !

Carmelized Bacon:

1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 lb. ( 8 slices) bacon

Heat oven to 450 degrees.
Line a broiler pan with aluminum foil and spray lightly with cooking spray ( Pam)
Mix brown sugan and cinnamon in a bowl and coat the bacon.
Place coated bacon on prepared pan and bake 12 to 15 minutes until well browned .

First..8 slices..mwahahaha.
Cook the whole pound, just double up on the sugar and cinnamon , you know you're gonna want more.
Secondly: Well browned ?
Really ?

What is it with people and bacon ?
You don't cook a ham until it's a charcoal briquette , do you ?
You don't fry a ham steak until it resembles shoe leather, do you ?

What is it with people who have to cook bacon until it's damn near burned ?

Cook the bacon till it's where you usually go " It's done, hands off , that piece is mine ! "

Rant over.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am Iron Cat !

Yep..still obsessing over the box set.

Aunty Pol

Grilled Nutella Goodness In A Sammich !

As threatened..mwahahahahahahahah !

I saw this and went WHOA..then WTF ?
Then I read the post and looked at all of Miss Joan's photos and realized that there were bazillions of options for a grilled cheese sammich.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some days that there is nothing I want more than a grilled cheese sammich..made with Velveeta.

I will wait until you recover from your case of the vapors.

Now lets be honest , if you like me are over the age of 50, you had plenty of iffy food as a kid. Swanson TV dinners in front of the TV on Sundays when you were really little and Disney was on. Pop Tarts , Blue box Mac and get the idea. In all fairness to our moms especially if there was more than 1 rug rat...this was pre nuker, pre Food Network , pre concept of foodies, sustainable or what ever .

Yes, as we get older our tastes change..evolution being what it is .

There is a bazillion things that you can do to make a grilled cheese sammich, you don't even really have to have the cheese...

But dayum..this version sounds good to my inner 3 year old.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So What Are Your Plans For The Weekend ?

Yes..and so it begins.

Aunty Pol

And So It Begins....

Well SU called a few hours ago.
It will begin on in the day after tomorrow.

One part of me has been challenged ( aka "Bat Shit Crazy ") because I feel that no progress is being made other than the financial aspect's been slow going and I am partly at fault, I mean really....6 weeks to pick out a paint color for the guest bath ?

To be honest, I want to wake up and have it ALL done. I also want to have the house cleaned to my standards and all of the interiors painted and decorated /fluffed up.

I also want  world peace, a pony and cupcakes with sprinkles.

I know better.

I just know that on top of everything else, Gracie Marie will be pissed off at being restricted.

What a world, what a world.

Aunty Pol...who will console her self with food recipes for the next month or so, you have been warned..LOL.

I'm Feeling The Urge ~ Mwahaha !

Okay, first off , Lady Lisa will be conducting the graveside service after she kills me...I'm sure she knows a good bail bondsman and or attorney......LMAO !

I found this recipe on Miss Joan's blog the other day and it caught my eye since SU had just made two pecan pies . the pecan pir process reminds me of the annual stops at Stuckeys that my family made during vacations..back in the Jurassic era much like the Griswolds when folks traveled by car/station wagon. SU's pies were great by the way , but to be honest , I prefer the tartlettes that Mom used to make. Do not ask me how many I could stuff in my face at one time as  a kid..( hint...more than 1 ) .

I've even seen " Pecan Pie In A Jar " which can't be too bad since King Arthur carries it on line and in the catalog..but still...the concept is iffy to me. What's the fun in that if you can't slop Karo syrup all over hells half acre in the kitchen.

And then I saw Miss Joan's post.

Now, she had me at the Eagle Brand milk.

Much like the old 7 layer bars ( oh come on..we all made those in college) , this recipe is simple to make, especially this time of year when more often than not , you need to make a goodie or three to take to the office or party of have ready when you are watching the holiday movie of your choice.

I haven't done any holiday baking in a number of years because my heart was not in it. The first few years after my fathers death in early January were pure anguish , and while it has gotten better, it has taken a very long time. I am not saying that I am going to go into full Betty Crocker mode....I have done that .

What the hell was I thinking ?

" Oh surely it will be less expensive to make homemade gifts. "

Oh lets see..home made Biscotti and Beef Jerky for the manly types..of course this was way the hell back when the price of beef was less than the cost of a car or hospital delivery of a child.The lessons learned there were as follows :

1. You need to double up on all of your baking ingredients because if you hit the " Oh let's do another double batch " zone and your spouse has the car..let's just say I was fortunate at the time that he had the ability to break away for a Kroger run.

2. Flour and dry ingredients = a very messy kitchen....mop the floor later.....if you can still move.

3. IT'S NEVER, EVER CHEAPER !  Have you priced decent , empty to be filled gift baskets ? I'm not talking Peterboro here, just your average Garden Ridge variety....

There are cute ways to do it, tins and such that can be filled. You just have to be realistic about it all or failing all of that , do as I am...remember the well intended disasters of previous years and figure out how to " NOT DO THAT STUFF AGAIN ! "

Now, I need to find that grilled cream cheese, Nutella and strawberry recipe sandwich ....

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Monday, November 26, 2012

Over The River And Through The Woods...

I'm ready to go to Grandma's for Chrissymouse..

This made me smile all day.

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

I Knew I Wasn't The Only One....

I just saw the commercial this weekend for the new product from Jiff.
I had a real " WTF " moment.
Talk about reinventing the's called " Nutella."

LMAO ~ Morons !

Aunty Pol

Happy Cyber Monday !

Happy Cyber Monday..whatever the hell that is supposed to mean .
We managed to avoid the malls at all costs , I for one cannot begin to fathom the concept of the crush and the crowds for what little it seems one would save. Sadly , after the horrible accident on Thanksgiving morning on I - 10 headed east just oitside Beaumont, I was in no mood to get in a car at all. Thankfully, no one that we know was involved but some reports listed at least 140 vehicles ( both big rigs and passenger cars ) were involved, I cannot imagine the scope of it all.

We had a lovely , quiet Thanksgiving  which is more than I can say for some of the SIL broke her arm in an odd, bizarre home accident so after surgery including a couple of screws and a plate, she is on the mend . Her son and daughter in law went over to put up the tree because it was a case of " Get over here and put it up if you want the tree up " and the nephew is one of those curmudgeons in training who has a hissy of things are not as they have always been...I ignore it as he is a grown man and while I do not like change personally, the older I get the more I am able to not completely freak over change ..or at least I am actually trying which is more than I can say for a lot of people co-workers know who you are so nuff said on that bit.Of course that last bit is delusional at best for me since we are in the renovation mode. Seems to be a lot of that going steps steps.

I think that I am finally really going to put up the tree again this year...I need a bit of shiney in my life right now and I am trying to be a bit more organized this year. I have the Christmas cards here at the office with me today and so that is on the list of things that I have to get done here if I am going to take the last half of the month off...things to create for binders and logs for 2013.

Gawd that sounds weird..2013.

I am saddened by the death of Larry Hagman because among other things I do remember the 2 years that he was on " The Edge Of Night ", late mother was expect in the art of daytime soap operas..I kid you not..

And I am really pissed off that the Beeb cancelled season 5 of " Merlin." Good job there gentlemen, first " Robin Hood", and now " Merlin."

Am I pissed off ?

Did you read the "Caprica " rant ?

Le Sigh.

Have  a great week.....I'm off to get a bit of cyber shopping done before the day jumps into high gear.

Aunty Pol

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

It's been an odd little week, not bad, merely odd.
For the most part , it's probably me.

Usually at this p;point of the year, the tee slant vee is making me batshit crazy with all of the holiday commercials...I mean seriously batshit.
This year, not so much. It is true that I spend a lot more time on the deck with the kindle than I do in front of the tee slant vee than before, Gaia bless the Lords of the DVR..but even so..not so much..and that alone freaks me out.
I have the gift list made and more than half of the gifts are taken care of.
Christmas cards have been bought and I will work on them next week when it slows down because every mothers son wants to get the hell out of Dodge for the holiday and this includes the staff...yes..that really is my standard salute as you skate your ass out of here and I am here till 6 pm..thanks for the reminder..go play in traffic .
The turkey is in the freezer, only a few groceries need to be's only the usual three of, SU and Southside Johnny since the girls will be out of town with their families. There will be Pecan Pie !` Since Southside is looking at more oral surgery and it's not a pretty scenario, the food will be soft and easy..thankfully he and I are fluffy potato and gravy FREAKS !

I guess the reality is that when you are in renovation mode, any moments that you can get ahead of the game or at least manage to keep your head above water are to be savored, sanity is after all highly over rated.

I say this now, we shall see how it will be between now and the end of the year...and that phrase alone makes me go " ? ..really ?"

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Wonder..Hmmmmm..

I can never for the life of me figure out what to bring for the firms coma fest known as the Thanksgiving pot luck..and I do mean coma fest. The firm supplies the turkey , ham, stuffing and gravy and then the staff brings in a bunch of sides. This is great but not without problems.
One..we only have 3 oven.
Two..we only have one fridge in the main kitchen .
Therefore, space is at a premium.

Now, I am sorry here gang, but I am not going to schlep our big slow cooker up here for the hootenanny, it's too heavy for me to

I bet if I asked nicely, the SU would zip over to Kroger to get all of the ingredients to make this and the Kings Hawaiian bread ( bowl style ) to serve it in, especially if I BUY ENOUGH TO MAKE A BATCH FOR US...

Please honey ?

I have all the ingredients listed and I will take care of feeding of the chillins.

Finally...I know that we have a recipe like this for the stuffed chicken thingy that you do with the spinach , but I wonder..

Would this work in a split chicken breast like that thingy you've made before ?

Yep...I'm starvin Marvin..when the hell is lunch ?

Oh and woo hoo..the new chair will be delivered tomorrow !
I guess I have to be home too sign for it.

Aunty Pol

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day !

Happy Veterans Day Sweetie !

The Wife Unit .

Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday !
The weather here is so pretty right now....weird but pretty. It's in the mid 80's and sunny until this coming Sunday , then it is supposed to drop down and be rainy...yeah ! It is so nice to be able to sit on the deck under the new cover and just watch the rain and the storm and keep fry..IT ROCKS ! I want to get out into the yard tomorrow so I am going to be a good girl and leave the kindle inside or nothing will get The hardest part of this time of year is the fact with the time change that when we get home it is dark, and since the planters are all still in the yard and will remain so until the deck is stained, I will water tomorrow. I draw the damn line at trying to water via flashlight in the dark..nope..not happening. I am that much a klutz.

It seems odd though that the offices annual Thanksgiving hootenany is next Thursday..already ? Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away ? 


When the hell did this happen ?

This year has truly gone by in a blur.

I have made great headway in the Christmas shopping, some of which was started on the Oregon Coast, and I have the rest of the list in order. Remember the green tub I bought last year at target to put all of the Christmas stuff in ..well , it's still on the side of the hearth in the living room which is okay at this point since I think that I am finally going to put the tree up this year. I haven't had the tree up since my father passed away in early January 2004, I was too heartbroken for a very long time to even consider it. It just feels right now to do so.....yeah honey..I can see your face as you are reading this..just get the boxes down from the attic and I will give you beer

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Monday, November 05, 2012

Giggle for The Day !


Aunty Pol

Is It Over ?

I don't care how anyone votes .
I just care that they do.
In 48 hours it will be over.
I can ignore the talking heads feeling the need to splain it all to me because evidently, I am only smart enough to commit the actual physical action of voting...and not much else as far as they re concerned.
I have not asked friends, much less my husband who he voted for.
I have not posted anything on facebook for any party or candidate.
I have tried to keep this blog free of political rhetoric.

Just vote people.

Wednesday TV goes all back to normal and Bravo will debut the LOL program at 10 pm central US time.

Let's all just try to be nice to each other..we after all are in this together .

Aunty Pol

Kitten with a Whisk: Florentine Crusted Pork Chops

Kitten with a Whisk: Florentine Crusted Pork Chops: It’s starting to get dark earlier now. This means taking pictures indoors because it is impossible for me to have dinner ready before 7pm....

Every once and a while, I will find a recipe that intrigues me..that does NOT involve chocolate, cake, cupcakes, frosting or candy corn.

Who knew ?

SU made the Tex Mex meatloaf from Homesick Texans cookbook last night, because we are in one of those " bored with the usual modes.." and the gals are busy with football yada yada yada fishcakes so more often than not for the near future or Superbowl, it will be just the  2 of us for Sunday dinner. this will work out well since I have moved my nail appt also to Sundays ( I know ..who gives a rodents real end ?) and so with everything else bordering on chaos of worse in renovation land..we are questing again .

I don't know how SU will take to this recipe, since neither one of us is really fond of cooked spinach..except for the Artichoke dip thingy from Knorrs ..lmao..but I know that he reads this


Spank Mr. Linky for the recipe .

And of course I am an uber happy happy girl because I finally broke down and got a new set of pots and pans.

Yes...........pots and pans.

About 20 years ago, we were able to buy a nice set of Circulon..woo hoo.!
Matching even !
But like most things , there was a drawback or 2.
One...not dishwasher safe.
That shite got old really fast but they were paid for. I don't know if they are still made like this but out non stick set had tiny, really tiny circular grooves on all of it , I assumed to enhance the non stickiness of it all......or some engineer in R/D thought that it looked cool.

Major, honking , friggan pain in the ass.

I never ever really felt like I was getting the pans clean enough ...scrub..scrub ...scrub.

Oh it all looked clean, I am OCD enough to let that shite bug me so finally I sand to the SU a whole back :

" I am OVER hand washing pans. I want stainless steel that I can throw in the dishwasher ! "

Voila !

Kohls has a set to triple ply stainless steel Food Network brand on sale  for $159.00.

Damn near the same set Cuisinart had and Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for nearly the same price but on sale no longer..and yes dear, Emerils set was nice with the copper sammiched in between the stainless but not for $300.00.

All of the old pans are still in good shape so they will be offered to the ladies at his job and the left over pieces will be donated to charity.

Mama's days of hand cleaning pots and pans are pans/new dishwasher.

Life is good.

Have a great week !

Aunty Pol

Have a graest week