Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

It's been an odd little week, not bad, merely odd.
For the most part , it's probably me.

Usually at this p;point of the year, the tee slant vee is making me batshit crazy with all of the holiday commercials...I mean seriously batshit.
This year, not so much. It is true that I spend a lot more time on the deck with the kindle than I do in front of the tee slant vee than before, Gaia bless the Lords of the DVR..but even so..not so much..and that alone freaks me out.
I have the gift list made and more than half of the gifts are taken care of.
Christmas cards have been bought and I will work on them next week when it slows down because every mothers son wants to get the hell out of Dodge for the holiday and this includes the staff...yes..that really is my standard salute as you skate your ass out of here and I am here till 6 pm..thanks for the reminder..go play in traffic .
The turkey is in the freezer, only a few groceries need to be's only the usual three of, SU and Southside Johnny since the girls will be out of town with their families. There will be Pecan Pie !` Since Southside is looking at more oral surgery and it's not a pretty scenario, the food will be soft and easy..thankfully he and I are fluffy potato and gravy FREAKS !

I guess the reality is that when you are in renovation mode, any moments that you can get ahead of the game or at least manage to keep your head above water are to be savored, sanity is after all highly over rated.

I say this now, we shall see how it will be between now and the end of the year...and that phrase alone makes me go " ? ..really ?"

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Had to zip back here and tell you (because you and SU are fluffy mashed and gravy fans).

I stopped by my little neighborhood bodega for onions on the way home tonight and scored! They are now carrying my fav bistro's mashed 'taters to go! And meatloaf. And gravy. And marinara and meatballs. And mac'n'cheese.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... they're all easy and no self respecting German girl doesn't have the makings for mashed 'taters in the house, but when I saw them I sighed with relief.

I've been working a boat load lately and the idea that I can pick up enough to eat for two nights for under $10 and it's REAL and it's "Clementine good" just filled me with joy. I dare to say Clem makes 'taters and gravy as good as my own.

Can you say dinner was on the table in less than 10 min? It is a sweet, sweet sentence to the terminally tired!!! :-D

kleinwort said...

PS. Fun fact (maybe) to know and tell:

My BIL mentioned at Thanksgiving that milk and potatoes are enough to keep you alive for a long, long time. Something about enough protein, vitamin mix, etc. Don't know if it's true but he reads Prevention and a lot of health stuff...