Monday, November 05, 2012

Kitten with a Whisk: Florentine Crusted Pork Chops

Kitten with a Whisk: Florentine Crusted Pork Chops: It’s starting to get dark earlier now. This means taking pictures indoors because it is impossible for me to have dinner ready before 7pm....

Every once and a while, I will find a recipe that intrigues me..that does NOT involve chocolate, cake, cupcakes, frosting or candy corn.

Who knew ?

SU made the Tex Mex meatloaf from Homesick Texans cookbook last night, because we are in one of those " bored with the usual modes.." and the gals are busy with football yada yada yada fishcakes so more often than not for the near future or Superbowl, it will be just the  2 of us for Sunday dinner. this will work out well since I have moved my nail appt also to Sundays ( I know ..who gives a rodents real end ?) and so with everything else bordering on chaos of worse in renovation land..we are questing again .

I don't know how SU will take to this recipe, since neither one of us is really fond of cooked spinach..except for the Artichoke dip thingy from Knorrs ..lmao..but I know that he reads this


Spank Mr. Linky for the recipe .

And of course I am an uber happy happy girl because I finally broke down and got a new set of pots and pans.

Yes...........pots and pans.

About 20 years ago, we were able to buy a nice set of Circulon..woo hoo.!
Matching even !
But like most things , there was a drawback or 2.
One...not dishwasher safe.
That shite got old really fast but they were paid for. I don't know if they are still made like this but out non stick set had tiny, really tiny circular grooves on all of it , I assumed to enhance the non stickiness of it all......or some engineer in R/D thought that it looked cool.

Major, honking , friggan pain in the ass.

I never ever really felt like I was getting the pans clean enough ...scrub..scrub ...scrub.

Oh it all looked clean, I am OCD enough to let that shite bug me so finally I sand to the SU a whole back :

" I am OVER hand washing pans. I want stainless steel that I can throw in the dishwasher ! "

Voila !

Kohls has a set to triple ply stainless steel Food Network brand on sale  for $159.00.

Damn near the same set Cuisinart had and Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for nearly the same price but on sale no longer..and yes dear, Emerils set was nice with the copper sammiched in between the stainless but not for $300.00.

All of the old pans are still in good shape so they will be offered to the ladies at his job and the left over pieces will be donated to charity.

Mama's days of hand cleaning pots and pans are pans/new dishwasher.

Life is good.

Have a great week !

Aunty Pol

Have a graest week

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