Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Alert From Sgt. Andy Panda Pants !

From: PPHQ ( Patio Patrol HeadQuarters)
Status : Defcon 4
Item In Question: Female Black Croc Garden Shoe Thingy
My Mommy is losing her mind, what little there is of it .
We had a squillion drops of wet things the other night and lots of Boom Booms .
My HQ flooded but not so had that it got in the barracks.
Part of mommy's uniform is missing so if any one sees a black croc shoe thingy, there is a substantial reward offered....( careful you really want to share your treats ?)
Mommy has further demonstrated that she is losing it because she moved my stuff and put new stuffs out there too.
I only have so much furr to rubs on all of it and I am only one kitteh.
Mancats gotta do what a Mancats gotta do !

Sheesh..all I did was buy one more chair and pillow for the IceHouse !! have another option to perch on while on patrol !
Get Over It.
Have a great day and if you see a black croc..childrens size...I have small feet...let me know.
Aunty Pol

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday Everyone.

Spoiler Alert:

If you DVR'd last nights Burn and haven't watched it yet...skip this bit.

I guess that they have decided that the character of Madeline needed a break so Sharon G was no where to be found.

In itself that is fine but I do miss the moments where she lets one and all know that she is more or less on to her son's shenanigans and not as dim as they all thought .

You Go Girl .

Over all not a bad ep, and I loved the end because I still mourn the loss of " Numbers " on Friday night.

Not having my Fedcakes and "Can Haz Grandbabies Pls " has screwed up my whole weekend happy place.



Shout out to " The Original Spy" !

Girl...They cast our lil Amita ( Mrs. Charlie Epps ) as the baddie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The IBKC is now up to about 5 squillion ( 5K) for the dog-a-thon so I am a very happy camper.

Hisself's new glasses are in and they are fine save his grousing about needing to get them adjusted...

He has to work most of the day tomorrow and then has a party at a co-workers house to go to so I will have lots of me time.

Now, I bet some of you are wondering ..." Pol, why aren't you going to the party ?"

Good Question.

The answers are as follows:

1. Most , if not all of his co-workers are for the most part little better than drooling idiots...nice enough ...but if you get past the usual work talk, sports , beer, or houses of creative dancing , there is little to say. I guarantee that before the evening is over, one of them would say something so stupid that I would be forced to eviscerate them in a fashion that would be both fun for me and leaving them to grasp the event 3 days later. Part of their confusion is that when I play with my prey, I don't yell or curse...I am the one you have to really listen to before you get what I am saying.

2. I have nothing in common with his co-workers and detest small talk.

3. He needs and deserves his own me time.

4. DR . WHO on BBC.

I have enough to do as it is ..the house needs a LOT of attention with the Dyson and I have to do a bunch of crap.

Will I get a lot of it done ?

Mostly..but I also have a basic character ( Shaman ) to work on and if you are reading this Roger..I am gonna need help....Love to Rae too !

Then there is the time wastage with Farmville et. al.

Yes....don't ask.

We finally got some rain so I am a happy happy woman....Andy is another story.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well..I Wanted It SO I Bought It !


Yup..another score on Etsy.

I love jewelry.

I know.."DUH".

More than anything else I love handmade, unusual pieces that are one of a kind.

Not so much a statement piece in the " Hollyweird Bullshit Glamslamobam" where the label is not the artist, merely a vendor greasing palms to get their crap before a camera crew.

I am sure that they are all lovely pieces, but I doubt there is a Harry Winston sitting in a shop staring at a lapidary grinding wheel thinking about all the possibilities.

Yes..I had one of those wheels.

In another life I dabbled.

Now I collect unset gemstones and have thought about roughing out an idea....the hesitation comes from the act of committing the stone to the plan.

You must be sure.

I love rose gold which is coming back into fashion and therefore available...hell bells....I love gold as it is and except for a personal choice not to ever wear white gold again..." Ohhh , Shiney !"

I am also at the age where I don't want to look like every other middle aged woman..I know when I am meant to have a piece of artwork ..and that is what I consider the handmade jewelry I buy..artwork.

Price is really not an issue , within reason..I did after all just buy LOLA and SU and I and the kitteh's have gotten spoiled by the occasional regular meal...I can usually afford most things.

The above is made by palafoxstudio23 on Etsy.

If you want to search on Etsy, just use key words like I did...copper earrings lampwork glass.

It will bring up a lot of shops and you can browse to your retail shopping hearts content. It will also offer suggestions and after a while you will be able to tell what shops you want to buy from.

One thing I do use as a guide is oddly enough how the shops wares are presented. Are they photographed more than once ? Are the descriptions helpful and accurate ? When a shop is suggested, if the owner doesn't have a basic photo of their wares ..I will pass it by.

I have told everyone that I have purchased from that their product may very well end up here in a post with photos. I haven't been shopping very long on Etsy but I am 100% + pleased. The artists seem to genuinely appreciate feedback and if and when I am not pleased with a purchase, in all fairness..I won't post it here.

I will give the artist the appropriate chance to fix the situation.

I am saying this here and now because I realize that not every one is as stupid as Demontrond KIA ..DO NOT get me started on how rude their people are on the phone.

I am the phone Goddess for a not small law firm in Houston and have been here for 28 + years. I have also worked the switchboard for my alma mater WSU full time for a few years.

Demontronds lack of customer service only makes me value the good service I recieve and further reminds me of how I will to represent my workplace.

No..that is not ass is being a responsible adult and employee.

Just for shits and grins..go check out Etsy.

It's fun !

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shake Your Money Maker !

Now that I hopefully have your attention....
As I have said before..if I put a shakedown post here...I will be open about it.
Guess what ?
Oh you are the clever ones , aren't you ?
Yes...this is a shakedown.
Hit Mr. Linky below to see the cause.
Yes, I donated.
Donate if you want to and are able to.
Or Not.
Up to you of course , no hard feelings.
But it is a good cause.
I also actively support local fund raisers of this type for all of the Texas Furr Babies, Banfield charities via Petsmart , Purrfect Pals and others.
For me it's simple.
I love my babies ...hells bells...I love almost any baby animal except snakes...I have to draw the line somewhere.
What makes me feel better....a pizza or donating ?
I love me some pizza but other than the mandatory strategic placement upon my won't last.
This will.
We will now resume our regularly scheduled programing.
Carry On.
Thanks for reading this.
Aunty Pol

Monday, June 21, 2010

This Is A PSA From Xena To All The Kitteh And Puppeh Parents !

Hi, my Mommy said that I could do this because I am her MaYaoYao and this is important.
All of you kittehs and even you puppehs pay attention.
It is very hot this time of year, especially down here in Texas and along the Gulf Coasts .
Tell your parents that you need to be sure that you have lots of extra sparkly clean ( water) and it may help if your Mommy or Daddy or both even do what ours does.
This time of year the water in the pipes may be warmer than we like so be sure to tell your parents that you LIKE ice cubes in your sparkly clean.
We LIKE little kitten cocktails or puppy cocktails stay safe and hydrated.
Remember...what they spend at the icky Vets means less toys and treats for us.
Personally , I like it when Mommy has a big glass of ice water and rubs it along my sides ( with the fur Mommy ....not against....M'kay ?)....I sit there and make biscuits and I purr and I like it.
Just a thought.
Night Night,
Xenie Gabbini....Queen of the Universe.

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Happy Monday People .
I hope that every one had a nice weekend and a happy Fathers Day where appropriate.
It is officially the first day of summer and hotter than Satan's Underoos again. It's been in the upper 90's for a week or more and about 45% humidity...kill me naow.
Even the SU who is basically a lizard says that it is too damn hot, and that says a lot. We are keeping Gracie Marie and Andy in as much as we can except to piddle and everyone is now having little kitten coctails..yes....Mommy puts ice chubes in their water.
I got up and watered early on Saturday..well , early for me....7:30 am and by the time that I had done what I could it was 11: 30. By 1 pm I was so beat that I actually took a nap...almost unheard of for me to actually do more than doze ...I crashed for 3 hours.
Yesterday we went to Church with Pop , and the NG Cindy joined us . She did pretty well considering that this is the first FD since she has lost her own father this January, over all we did fairly well except for the power point thingy on Fathers...I was proud of her.
SU went back to Pop's for a while and since I had promised to take Cindy to lunch we came home to get the hell out of the Church Clothes and find shorts. After checking on the brisket...low and slow in the oven is great but still heats the joint up too we went for Mexican. Not being the designated driver, I could of course have a "rita or 2 ..LOL....then off to Super Target so I can spend money like a heathen .
Sheets- Check
New Cushions for the Patio Chairs- Check
New Chair for Patio - Check
New Pillow for New Chair - Check
Batteries for Flameless Candles - Check
New Color Coordinated Towels for LOLA - Check
New Microfiber Clothes to wash LOLA with - Check
New Purses for the Mommy Check - Bonus Points for them being on Clearance - SCORE !
New Small Covered Trash Bin for Patio - Check
Assorted Groceries - Check
I told Cindy that I had X-dollars in the buggy...I was under by less than 4 dollars.
I now scare her...!
Naturally the girls came over for was Sunday and all .
It works out nicely..we love to cook...they love to eat.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sqeeeeee For The Win !

Mah head just 'sploded !
Hee Hee
Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Happy Friday everyone.
It's been a rather odd one at the Casa.
Yes, we got LOLA home.
We love the car.
We don't love , or I should say that I do not love ( does not want !) having to turn the situation over to SU for resolution.
That shit just pisses me off all the more.
When we opted to put leather seats/interior in , we were told by our Sales ho that it would be the end of the day Monday....Tuesday at the latest.
So , of course we were like two little kids on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa...yep...really mature at our ages ...LOL.
So of course I got a call at the office on Monday that it would be Tuesday.
Fine is by the way one of my all time favorite four letter's all about the inflection ya know.
I call about 2 pm on Tuesday and get the same heming and hawing avoidance of a straight answer from the Sales ho about a pick up time.
Sensing this I am by now ROYALLY PISSED !
I tell Sales ho that I will be picking up the car at 7 pm.
I am livid.
The dealership told us that they could do the leather cheaper than the factory...cheaper yes...faster ?
Not so much.
We had opted to get the stitching done in the color of the car...they ended up only doing the steering wheel and the inside door handle dealy bits...if there is a proper name for that bit , I don't know it.
I don't sew.
Never have.
Yes I can replace a button or do up a hem...but that's it.
My late mother and mother in law both sewed.
I had a sewing machine and I know what little brain power and dexterity it takes to change a friggan thread bobbin.
It was such complete and utter bullshit that I had to call SU because LOLA had now become my version of his saga last year with the dentures.
I was that pissed.
If I ask you a question, by Bast , you had better give me a straight answer...especially when I have just handed you a cashiers check the previous week for $20,059.49...the full price of the car.
And as these things go , SU gets the answer and we pick up the car.
Happy Happy Joy Joy.
This offsets the massive sinus issue that I have been having all week, but not enough to prevent me missing 2 days work and thus blowing my standard 5 hours of OT I work a week .
Someone at work said that they thought that I was just running the streets in the new car.
Oh yeah...dats me....use 2 days worth of PTO and lose 5 Hrs OT in a car I just bought ...I guess they thought I didn't need the OT ever again..
And then this am , Hisself gets his way the hell overdue eye exam and has to come next door to my office to tell me that it is $560.00 drive out....$160.00 more than we'd planned on and way more than my bit in January.
So I am just poo'ing money this week.
But then I RX had not changed..I just needed new glasses because I had fubared mine so badly.
His RX had really changed for the worse.
If I can figure out the logic...then I am fine.
So I get to trot to Chase at lunch which I planned already since I need to transfer funds to pay off my sister in law...see...more pooing of the $$$$.
As a bonus , of course I fell an elevator, but the only witness was a gal pal who is as much of a klutz as I am...and I don't think I broke any toes since I can put weight on the foot and can walk....sigh..of course it was the left leg...
On the upside, we are going to join Pop for Fathers Day church service ( second service...I am not nuts ) and NG Cindy is joining us. She lost her father in January and since her roomie NG Jeri will be out and about...presto. SU thought I was kidding about going until I said : " Dude, I called NeeNee to see when the second service is ". His plan was to go to the service then spend the rest of the day with his father and I said fine....I will split with Cindy after church and we will go out to lunch....easy peasy.
So..the pluses out weigh the minus's this week....thank Bast.
Have a great weekend .
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Retail Therapy For The Win !

Okay...I know that the post before this was of the " Why yes, I will have cheese with that whine" had just been one of those days.
When in doubt ...retail therapy for the win.
I love jewelry...I know "DOH" !
But...I love different...chunky stones.....copper..brass...vintage...( not " Mid-Century" aka 1950's per se)...Bell Epoch....Edwardian...different.
Etsy is a great place to search out this stuff...especially for copper. The prices are great and it is stuff that you won't see coming or going .
There is one more pair of earrings that I am considering...I let you know how that goes.
By the way..both of the above pair are made of glass, not plastic and are a total of $35.00 including S/H !
Have a great week....I'll keep all y'all posted on LOLA too.
Aunty Pol

Monday, June 14, 2010

If Its Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time~

Edit: As he is......Drool Switch activated and set to " Yum".

Oye, what a day.

I don't know what the man has done with my photo's at home so I will edit this from the office for the proper John Barrowman photo....promise....LOL.

No , LOLA was not ready today.

To say that we are disappointed puts it mildly, but you don't want them to fubar leather for the interior and it is what it is.

I knew from the git go that this week was going to be a bad one. I have the honor of babysitting a mediation at the office for the balance of the week and it appears that Beavis and Butthead are still running the gig.

As my late father used to say ..." When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout ".

His favorite phrase by the way.

It's not that we don't know what we are doing, we do and we are rather good at it.

It's the rest of them...those who have the misfortune to be thrown in the deep end of the pool for the first time that I find somewhat taxing.

I would have given my right tit ( the prettier one by the way ) for extra Valium to pass out.

Thus the phone call from the dealer today was not really an " WTF " moment.

SU's job is fine but insane right now and this on top of recent events wants to make me bang my head against a wall with an .." Enough " moment.

His employer has sold the company to a much larger one with a national profile. SU is a part of the group that actually makes the product so he is safe but the hand wringing in a very stupid and short sighted way is getting on my last nerve.

You see, we discuss...ok...I have to take that last bit back.,...I get in the car and SU yaps on about his whole day.

White noise.

I stopped listening a long time ago.

Now with the sale/closing I am hearing even more of the same crap ...over and over and over and over again.

I go to my happy place..."OK need to do a load of laundry when you get home....the kids need to be fed....their plates and place mats washed up /put away...I wonder what Sistah of My Heart is doing....are the girls the hydrangeas need to be watered....the herbs..the potted plants..what's on I need a face mask tonight...facial we have lunch made for the coffee done....anything so that I don't have to actually hear the same shit over and over again in the car on the way home.

We have a rule that we vent in the car in the way home so that once we hit the driveway ,,,the bad Karma is out.....

But I have been stressed where like he has and I get his bit...I know that he is going through some stuff and I am trying to be nice and fair and all that ....

At least Mr. Trejo mulched all of the flower beds and they look great...maybe this week he can mow..either that or I swear I am buying a goat.

Lets all have a better week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday everyone .
It's been a busy week at Casa de Swamp.
We paid for LOLA last night and our girl is going to get the leather upholstery done Monday so hopefully she will be ready when we get off of work. SU is absolutely twitching to drive her and I know that he will be showing her off at the weekly card game at the Crazy Cajuns this coming Monday . And of course I told SU that the lovely Mrs. Crazy Cajun is allowed to drive LOLA so I can bet she will take her for a spin.
Other than that , hopefully the flower beds will be all mulched either tomorrow or Monday...and please Bast...the lawn attended to. With all if the rain, either Mr. Trejo cuts it or I buy a goat.
And then the usual paws and claws for me...laundry...yada yada ho hum.
It's nice to get some sort of routine going after all.
I hope everyone has a good weekend..
And Yes..actual photo's of LOLA will appear soon.
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Self Explanitory

I should be in a better mood because by this time tomorrow , I will have the check in my hand to take to Demontrond. I even thought of calling the sales pimp ( a guy..female would have been called a sales ho..and I used to be in that racket so I can call it what I want to .)
Oh and before I carry on...I just nailed a certain country bumpkin acting co-workers feet to the floor when she called another co-worker " retarded". I said " Nice Language" , then I said that it was offensive and I told her why . She tried to back pedal and say that she only calls so n so that and I told her that I didn't was uncalled for, inappropriate and flat out rude. For my co workers who read this...she has the same initials as another coworker on my floor...okay Sherlocks....there ya go.
Anyhoo...Hisself tells me last night that his boss has called a 7:30 am mtg forthis morning so we have to leave the house at 6:30.

Mutter Mutter Mutter..okay.
Then when we get home and I do my usual..feed the cats,....clean kitchen,.....clean up after cats.... fold laundry...45 minutes after I get home...I get to sit down and then realize I need to ask SU something. Walking back to the den , I find that he is going batshit looking for the title to Pearl. I checked the safety deposit box at the Bank and it wasn't there so I knew that it was in the top drawer if the file cabinet in the den.
Did he find it ?
Did He go and panic ?
Did he begin to tear in to places and things that he had no reason to ( an old tote bag of mine that has been between the night stand and the end of the bookcase against a wall for so long that the dust bunny's have gone condo on it.) or places that make no sense at all.
All of the files are pretty much in order and attended to . They are not however alpha in the top drawer. The other 3 yes..this one no...the top drawer is for important stuff that we really do need access to on a regular basis. They are all clearly marked with a sharpie.
Did I find the title bet.
Did it have to be done last night in a panic since the co-worker at his job who said he'd like to buy Pearl but backed out ( Thank you Bast ) ?
So...I found it..all is well....there is no rush told him I had a headache at the base of my skull radiating down my neck...maybe next time he won't act like a 3 year old who can't find his favorite toy.
Yes dear...I said that ...and I know you will read it here .
We must have had more storms overnight because this morning he told me that the glass ash tray on the patio was shatterd.
Yes..I idea. was a heavy one...more for pipes.
One of them must have been on the small table and gotten scared. Jumping off would have thrown the table over ..
Ash trays, especially non glass are hard to find , but I have an idea.
I'm going to buy some of the small throw downloaf size baking know the aluminum kind and the cheapest cat litter I can. I have some small garden rocks that I can put in the bottom for stability...fill with sand.....voila !
Heh..damn, I'm good !
Ask Dr. Baltar will return when I can think of something clever/snarky to write for him.
Have a grat week.
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

~ Whatever LOLA Wants....LOLA Gets ~!

The check is in the bank.
The funds will be available after midnight tomorrow night..standard banking crap.
Thursday , I will hustle my lil ass across to One Allen and get the cashiers check for the full price.
Thursday night, LOLA will be paid for....get that leather in there NOW guys.
A very , very happy..
Aunty Pol
p.s...( no , this is not the actual car, but it is the make ( 2010 SX) and the right color ( Copperhead)

Monday, June 07, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

All things considered , it was a nice weekend..peaceful and non stressful which we both sorely needed.
Saturday we did some chores and then went to pick out and put a deposit down on LOLA . As soon as the check arrives , I can take it to the bank and after it clears ( a day or 2 at the most according to Chase )...for a mere $8.00 , I will have a cashiers check to pay for the lovely lady IN FULL and then...........BAM...put the leather seats in mah new ride.
Clutter was met full on in a couple of areas that were OMG.." It Lives!" which I am pretty happy about...lovely dinner and the new season of " Next Food Network Star".
Yes , children...this is your life when you get to our age, our parents had " Lawrence Welk"...we have the Food Network...also known as there ain't Jack Shit on the t slant v right now..sigh.
Of course it's muggier than hell down here ( is Hell actually muggy ? I think not )....we call it the air you can wear.
Oh , and I have decided that at our age...if it cost us $100.00 for 2 cubic yards of mulch to be delivered..then we lay it all out.....and Mr . Trejo gave me a quote to do all 8 beds for $120.00...OH HELL YEAH !
Have a great week.
Lola's New Momma...Aunty Pol

Finally ~ Thank You ROGER ~ ~ !

Anyone who knows me , knows that when it comes right down to it , I am just another Over The Hill Hippie ( Hill ? What Hill ? Dude...where did that come from ? and...yes ...FRODO LIVES !)
who loves RPG's ( Role Playing Games...NO , not that kind !) . I was a DND player when it started and eventually worked my way up to Game run the game..which is a lot of work...
Stop laughing Roger, just because I HATE MATH >>>>>!
I've played for the last 10 years on line with the same group globally . We've played one variation or another based on Frank Herbert's " Dune " for the greater part of this duration.
While never as big as WOW for example , we've pretty much hung together and been through an awful lot. Death, divorce, SPACE COW (!) ...we've become that rather unusual group who knows each others real names, addresses, spouse and pet names....even hosting visits when one of us is in the same country/city/time zone.
All of my friends are used to this and some day I will get past the point of anyone remembering when the Duchess Polgara Moritani e mailed her resource /turn sheet to both her GM ( game master) and the accounting department at the office.
Yeah....I did that.
Lesson learned.
Thankfully my boss at the time was also a Dune Fan.
Dearest Roger , aka " Count Thalim" or just CT is finally writing a new non Dune game which will start soon.
I've already registered, logged in ,bookmarked and copied the posting thus far on feats, attributes, skills and character development.
I think the lapse in the game is why I actually fell into Facebooks Farmville, Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars...sheer boredom.
As a former teacher and degree 'd English Lit floozie, I long ago discovered how much I miss writing.
In the rpg's the way that we do them, Roger as GM will encourage you to develop your character and their history and back story as fully as you'd like.
Trust me...I am the full biographer type who will rough out 5 or 6 pages for each character without even realizing it.
It's much like this blog.
It's my sanity and my voice .
I can be totally focused to the game and the character and killing those who just needed to be killed ..on the game site.
Here I can be who I need to be , the Goddess of Snark , who is completely devoted to her gal pals , guy pals, and of course all things pertaining to dah kittehs.
In gaming there are clear rules.
You must define anything you write within the game as IC ( in character) or OOC ( out of character ). You may not be a bully out of character or a pissant ( Rael and Liam come to mind and I can say that here because ..1. It's my blog and 2. I said it to them directly).
You are responsible for what you do and the way you treat others.
A few years ago, Roger poisoned my character with an toxin that I had to work toward neutralizing...because I killed his high ranking Mentat.
Did we take it personally ?
Still dearest friends...of course.
I am very careful in this blog to maintain respect for my employer since I know that a few close co-workers read this. that Blogger has decided that we can post ...John Barrowman will be is Monday after all....and all of the both regular and irregular stuff will resume save that I promised Miss Lisa a week free from recipe torture since I was so happy that Peggy Sue came back to her and has her " Forever Home " with Miss Lisa over at " The Adventures of Space Paws".
Thank you Roger for starting the know I am still your cheerleader. Thank you to his lovely wife who awaits the birth of their first child for her added input to the game.
Farmville may suffer a bit as will all other things on Facebook ..but..
Never Fear...
As long as I have a smart mouth and something either pisses me off or makes me laugh my ass off....
Let the posting begin.
Oh and Roger.....resource sheet template/guideline please !?!?!......with Sprinkles ?????
Have a great all deserve it .
Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Feel A Case Of The Vapor's Setting In !

Hey Lisa.....
Aunty Pol

Retail Therapy For The Win !

I've had my eye on these for quite a while.
I have a collection of vintage free clip art that I use here and one of the sites also has an Etsy shop.
Eatsy is wonderful if you collect unusual , one of a kind hand made or vintage stuff...check out Etsy.
Fair warning tho......if you have a paypal account..they make it toooo damn easy.
The earrings were only $10.00 ( 13.95 w/shipping) so don't freak out honey.
We won't go into the need for a new top of some sort to wear with jeans , heels and these new babies.
Aunty Pol

Gotta Call BULLSHIT On This One !

Over the last 28 years , I have had an interesting variety of job related responsibilities.
So sayeth your Aunty with a straight face .
Bear in mind that it's been a challenging 2 weeks at the Casa.....
I order flowers for employees who are in the hospital , welcoming a new tax deduction , or on the sad occasion of a death...yeah..irony much ?
I get copied in an e mail from the managing partner about a death needing the above mentioned floral arrangement...yada yada yada.
The wording made it sound as if possibly the decedent was the father of an attorney at the firm. I checked the name off against the alpha list.
We have three large and Philadelphia and then a sole practice in Denver.
We have over 100 + attorneys between the three and while this makes us mid size more or makes it rather impossible to know every bloody name in Atlanta and Philadelphia.
Not an attorney or a staff member.
Moving along....
I see one of the partners whose name is supposed to go on the order and the card and enquire as to the identity. It turns out that the late gentleman is the father of a client/close friend of a few of the partners..four of them to be exact.
Solve Identity: Check.
I get all of the data , finally..(!) but not a ballpark on the amount to spend. I can tell you from both years and more recent experience that you won't even get CRAP for under $100.00 .
I end up calling the originator of the e mail's secretary to explain that I need information...a dollar know...the really DIFFICULT stuff.
Her " Did you get so n so's e- mail ? "
Me: " I'm opening it now since I got it THREE seconds ago."
He gives me a really inappropriate amount and says " Use my credit card ."
Imagine if you will tires screeching as you hit the brakes doing about ..oh ...say 80 mph.
I then explain that I do not, and will not EVER FOR ANY REASON use another persons credit card number.
The secretary got twitterpated..I mean Bambi in the headlights.
" Buh,,buh....wha???"
Nope..sorry precious.
If your boss wants to send a personal funeral arrangement using his PERSONAL credit card ...I will be happy to provide you the number of the florist we regularly use.
To cap it off...I went back to look at the last e mail....
Smooth move there forgot to give me the credit card number in the first place.
Is it Friday yet ?
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oh No You DIdn't !?!

I will never for the life of me understand why some people need to flame a blogger.

If you don't like the post...don't comment.

It's a free world.

We all have our likes and dislikes.

We are human.

This was NOT a differing viewpoint..this was just not necessary.

Move on.

No..this is not about me.

If some one flamed me without merit,,,I would frag their ass right here.

I just read a post on one of my favorite blogs that was as they used to say " Beyond The Pale ".

I am sure you made your Mother a very proud woman .

Sorry,,,,got to go there..

Not PG..warning !


You sorry POS.


Aunty Pol

Lordy ~ They Grow Up So Fast !

The top photo is from Dakota's first day of school ever. She looks a little unsure...somewhat..." Are you sure about leaving me here ?"
The bottom is of her recent graduation from Pre School.
Look at that confident smile !
Being older than dirt , my only real recollection of kindergarten at Louisa May Alcott Elementary School in Claremont , California consists of naps..graham crackers and milk and the Santa Ana winds that would be so hot the crayola's would melt in your desk and you'd get sent home of it melted the tar'd blacktop play area....which it usually did.
I am the first to admit that since SU and I aren't parents...or at our age grandparents...I am at somewhat of a loss as to the phenomena of graduating for every little bump in the road. Personally I think that for some , it can be taken too far the point of WTF ? absurdity.
Yet..and yes...I freely admit I am a tad biased....if it helps a child's social skills, especially if the child in question is an only child...( ahem...nephew Len ~ former Demon Child From Hell comes to mind )..then maybe it's not a bad thing if kept within reason.
There are ads down here for some sort of soccer league for kids where they guarantee the parental units that their spawn will get the chance to play and will more than likely get some sort of accolade...ALL OF THEM !

Great !
Part of growing up is learning the following:
1. You don't always win.
2. You don't always get your way.
3. Being gracious in the above situations will serve you all through out your life.
While I am very proud of Dakota and both of her parents, I hope that they keep a clear perspective and avoid raising the dreaded " Child Of Entitlement ."
If not...the poor COE will be aghast to meet me...the Granty ( Great Aunt) who is not afraid to BE THE BAD GUY WHO SAYS NO AND MEANS IT !
Aunty Pol

Lookey Lookey Lookey Lookey !'s not really Monday , but it sure as hell feels like one...and it's only 9:15 .
I have been a fan of " Meezer Tales " for a very long time. Sammy and Miles never fail to make me the addition of the ginger boy Billy and now's funny, insightful and me here.
Anyhoo....Meezer Mom has re-launched her personal blog...
ANYONE who knows me , knows that being the delicate flower that I am...being modest and all...will appreciate the fact that I suspect I may have found a soul mate.....go go go read her bloggy.
Your Sister In Snarkiness
Aunty Pol