Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well..I Wanted It SO I Bought It !


Yup..another score on Etsy.

I love jewelry.

I know.."DUH".

More than anything else I love handmade, unusual pieces that are one of a kind.

Not so much a statement piece in the " Hollyweird Bullshit Glamslamobam" where the label is not the artist, merely a vendor greasing palms to get their crap before a camera crew.

I am sure that they are all lovely pieces, but I doubt there is a Harry Winston sitting in a shop staring at a lapidary grinding wheel thinking about all the possibilities.

Yes..I had one of those wheels.

In another life I dabbled.

Now I collect unset gemstones and have thought about roughing out an idea....the hesitation comes from the act of committing the stone to the plan.

You must be sure.

I love rose gold which is coming back into fashion and therefore available...hell bells....I love gold as it is and except for a personal choice not to ever wear white gold again..." Ohhh , Shiney !"

I am also at the age where I don't want to look like every other middle aged woman..I know when I am meant to have a piece of artwork ..and that is what I consider the handmade jewelry I buy..artwork.

Price is really not an issue , within reason..I did after all just buy LOLA and SU and I and the kitteh's have gotten spoiled by the occasional regular meal...I can usually afford most things.

The above is made by palafoxstudio23 on Etsy.

If you want to search on Etsy, just use key words like I did...copper earrings lampwork glass.

It will bring up a lot of shops and you can browse to your retail shopping hearts content. It will also offer suggestions and after a while you will be able to tell what shops you want to buy from.

One thing I do use as a guide is oddly enough how the shops wares are presented. Are they photographed more than once ? Are the descriptions helpful and accurate ? When a shop is suggested, if the owner doesn't have a basic photo of their wares ..I will pass it by.

I have told everyone that I have purchased from that their product may very well end up here in a post with photos. I haven't been shopping very long on Etsy but I am 100% + pleased. The artists seem to genuinely appreciate feedback and if and when I am not pleased with a purchase, in all fairness..I won't post it here.

I will give the artist the appropriate chance to fix the situation.

I am saying this here and now because I realize that not every one is as stupid as Demontrond KIA ..DO NOT get me started on how rude their people are on the phone.

I am the phone Goddess for a not small law firm in Houston and have been here for 28 + years. I have also worked the switchboard for my alma mater WSU full time for a few years.

Demontronds lack of customer service only makes me value the good service I recieve and further reminds me of how I will to represent my workplace.

No..that is not ass is being a responsible adult and employee.

Just for shits and grins..go check out Etsy.

It's fun !

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol


palafoxstudio23 said...

thanks for showing off my bracelet, aunty pol!! hilarious blog!! <3 it!!

SSheilah said...

Great post, Aunty Pol, and a great bracelet! is lots of fun for buyers and sellers both - and having handmade, unique jewelry is even better.

Love, Luca said...

That is a truly gorgeous bracelet!! So unique!!

Starfirewire said...

Wow! What a great Etsy find :)

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Way cool!! Ok, what I really want to see is customer action shots (you know, like on Think Geek). YOU wearing said artwork. You don't have to show all, just be a hand/arm/ear model!

And speaking of customer actions shots.... LOLA?????

silentlotus creations said...

What an extraordinary bracelet! :) Palafoxstudio23 makes beautiful jewelry!