Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Self Explanitory

I should be in a better mood because by this time tomorrow , I will have the check in my hand to take to Demontrond. I even thought of calling the sales pimp ( a guy..female would have been called a sales ho..and I used to be in that racket so I can call it what I want to .)
Oh and before I carry on...I just nailed a certain country bumpkin acting co-workers feet to the floor when she called another co-worker " retarded". I said " Nice Language" , then I said that it was offensive and I told her why . She tried to back pedal and say that she only calls so n so that and I told her that I didn't was uncalled for, inappropriate and flat out rude. For my co workers who read this...she has the same initials as another coworker on my floor...okay Sherlocks....there ya go.
Anyhoo...Hisself tells me last night that his boss has called a 7:30 am mtg forthis morning so we have to leave the house at 6:30.

Mutter Mutter Mutter..okay.
Then when we get home and I do my usual..feed the cats,....clean kitchen,.....clean up after cats.... fold laundry...45 minutes after I get home...I get to sit down and then realize I need to ask SU something. Walking back to the den , I find that he is going batshit looking for the title to Pearl. I checked the safety deposit box at the Bank and it wasn't there so I knew that it was in the top drawer if the file cabinet in the den.
Did he find it ?
Did He go and panic ?
Did he begin to tear in to places and things that he had no reason to ( an old tote bag of mine that has been between the night stand and the end of the bookcase against a wall for so long that the dust bunny's have gone condo on it.) or places that make no sense at all.
All of the files are pretty much in order and attended to . They are not however alpha in the top drawer. The other 3 yes..this one no...the top drawer is for important stuff that we really do need access to on a regular basis. They are all clearly marked with a sharpie.
Did I find the title bet.
Did it have to be done last night in a panic since the co-worker at his job who said he'd like to buy Pearl but backed out ( Thank you Bast ) ?
So...I found it..all is well....there is no rush told him I had a headache at the base of my skull radiating down my neck...maybe next time he won't act like a 3 year old who can't find his favorite toy.
Yes dear...I said that ...and I know you will read it here .
We must have had more storms overnight because this morning he told me that the glass ash tray on the patio was shatterd.
Yes..I idea. was a heavy one...more for pipes.
One of them must have been on the small table and gotten scared. Jumping off would have thrown the table over ..
Ash trays, especially non glass are hard to find , but I have an idea.
I'm going to buy some of the small throw downloaf size baking know the aluminum kind and the cheapest cat litter I can. I have some small garden rocks that I can put in the bottom for stability...fill with sand.....voila !
Heh..damn, I'm good !
Ask Dr. Baltar will return when I can think of something clever/snarky to write for him.
Have a grat week.
Aunty Pol

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