Friday, January 08, 2016

Further Thoughts On This New Adventure

You guys will have to bear with me while I take baby steps here with the spell check and punctations so bear with me....for those whom I  have been around for a while, simply consider this Boshi speak 2016.

Pictures from the I Pas will take a while so be patient.

Carry On.

Aunty Pol

Well, This Should Be Interesting To Say The Least.

Recently, I decided dto buy myself an I Pad.

Yeah. my usual crazy way.

For the longest time , hisslf and I shared custody of the home big deal until  got tired of that so last year about this time I bought the pc.

Hisself has borrowed it and been using it for golf which is fine . I still have my kindle and now so does he courtesy of my office Christmas party.

Still, I have been thinking of an I pad. I found a great deal on one with value pays ( if you know what that meabs you know where I got it I got the Ipad Mini with a keyboard. I see what people mean when they say it throws them to go bck and forth between toucch screen and mice /pcs.

This is my first apple product and I gotta tell you it's a real learning experience.

Syncing the keyboard and getting all of th shit fired up..lets just say that I am grateful for the help I have gotten from Nee Nee and th Dark Lord of The Underworld ......aka my IT dudes.


Have a Great Weekend.


Aunty Pol