Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Le Sigh..And So It Begins

This is the tale of two lovely pair of shoes .
The pair on the bottom, the super cute stylish shoe is the style and design that I have worn to work every day for 25 + years . I have also worn her closed toe sisters but have had to give closed toes up because of certain issues that were the aftermath of a pedicure aka assault resulting in ingrown large toe nail problems on both feet.....Bear with me here.

The top pair is what I have just ordered because I have to .

I live for cute shoes.
Just ask SU or Sistah or the neighbor gals.

When you are born with polio, you don't fall into one strata. There are differing levels in the condition and in my own case , amongst other things , I was born without a " Heel cord" , in other words with a club foot .  After many operations and years of physical therapy , I was told that I most likely would never wear high heels and would never dance. Sadly , I never have been able to dance...HUGE surprise , yeah I know not only embraced , I worshiped at the altar of platform, strappy, high heel in your face shoes with a vengeance. I also told the military therapists exactly what and where they could insert their opinions and was kind enough to offer directions and helpful hints.

It has become apparent to me that there are some issues with my left ankle and or knee. This morning I wore one of my favorite pair of pretty pretty princess shoes....a Giani Bini leopard print wedge with black leather trim....tres cute !

And my left ankle began to pronate . It was bad enough that I began to panic, wondering if I would be able to make it to my office where I keep a pair of back up shoes.

Heart pounding , hand shaking  panic.

Over the last few weeks , I have discussed with Miss Cindy and Miss Jere Lee my desire and or need to really clean out my closets so that I can donate to the local womens shelter through out constables office...the location of the shelter is a closely held secret as it should be. I had mentioned that I have some shoes and boots that along with some purses I was going to set aside.

I will keep some of the heels and occasionally wear them, some are seldom worn and almost new. I can wear them on the weekends and so on ..but for the most part...

Being a grown up sucks..but not trusting my own mobility is something that I would ever compromise...the cost is too high and I have worked too hard to defy the demons who have always told me ..You Can't."

I guess it's time to pimp out the nail polish !

Still Rocking a heel.


Aunty Pol

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bonus Bruce Of The Day

Bruce in High School.

You're welcome.

Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

TGIF Y'all.
I'm telling ya , this has just been one of those bohica ( bend over , here it comes for the assorted novice reader ) weeks. For the life of me , I simply cannot figure out why.

If you are tired of the inaugural coverage, turn off the tv/radio/pc source and walk away....grab a book and go read, take a walk, clean out your fridge, take a shower and shave your legs as needed ...but get the eff over it. Done deal Lucille. And I could give a rodents rear end ( see sistah, I am trying to clean up my act..if sweet pea is " talking " more, then it is implied that she is also listening....HINT ! ) .

A lot of things that go wrong or that we don't like are often a simple mistake. There is no such thing as making the same mistake twice, the first time is a mistake, the second time is a choice..period. The entire office has been fussy buckets all damn ( oops :)  ) week and I've sort of absorbed the bad mo jo. Reviews are over...if you are still here guess what still have a job at the firm ,....SHAZAAM !

Tonight I am going to sit on the deck with my crack ( KINDLE>>>KINDLE ! ) and ignore the bad karma. tomorrow , Southside Johnny and SU are going to the car show. Do I want to go ? Awwww , shucks fellas, that's awfully sweet of you to think of me wanting to join you yahoos drooling over the cars and the chicks on display basically dry humping a fender to get the crowds attention..sorry ..gonna take a pass on that one. I am sure that there is laundry etc that will need my attention and I most likely will have to move the sprinklers around because filling up the new water bed mattress wasn't enough to send the next months bill into o sh*tsville.

If nothing else, there are weeds to pull and the weather will be decent and the nails are redone on Sunday...I sense a plan in the making ....mwahahaha.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

OMG...I'm Just Gonna Plotz !

You have to slap the the link and read this article and drool over the photos , they are OMG amazing.

I can actually see Sistah doing stuff like this in her yard in the spring. My sweet pea would look wonderful....

Thank Gaia its Friday, drooling over these pictures alternating with sweet peas Christmas photos is the only and I do mean only thing that has gotten me through day 2 of fussy buckets. I'd tell more than half of these jokers to eff off around here but that would take far too much energy. Betty Crocker and I discussed it all a bit this am and took solace in the fact that if we weren't exactly feeling the love, we weren't alone in it either.
Effing full moon.

Have what ever kind of weekend you deem necessary.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prettys From Etsy.

I am waiting on this to arrive from Tel Aviv and I hope it gets here soon. I have always loved rose gold and things that are both hand made and different.  One of my projects for this spring is to go through my closets and donate gently worn things to the local women's shelter . Jere knows the location ( it's guarded for obvious reasons) so I know that  will help. I need to replace a couple of suits for work  but other than that ..Don't Faint Husband....I haven't found much in the way of new clothing that appeals to me at my age.

And for the record , I will be 58 on April 4'th.

Big Whoop.

I do however like hand made jewelry. Make no mistake , I have some real pieces that I've either inherited or purchased myself..but I like different things for different reasons. Etsy has some wonderful shops that you can sort through depending on how you structure  your search terms. I also loved crocheted metal jewelry and have stockpiled a bunch in my favorites lists.

Check them out.

The next post will be of two more pieces that I am considering.

Have a great day.

Aunty Pol

Combining Two Of My Favorite Things

Just when I thought that I had really hit the wall with a lack of anything to post , I popped over to tasty Kitchen and found this recipe.  I am such a huge fan of caramelized onions that I willingly pay the price for the lower GI track rebellion . I am at this point in my life convinced that every middle aged woman carries Imodium tablets or liquid as I do in her purse...just sayin. Now that SU has the realigning on his dentures , and they fit properly ( a long time coming ) , I can make this and he can if he chooses to partake of the crunchy toasty goodness.

And I have been browsing Etsy , more our of sheer boredom than anything else. Frankly , January sucks. Most of our favorite shows aren't back yet with new episodes and yes , I know how lame that sounds. It's dark still when we get home so more often than not ,I am on the deck after work reading and squiring Madame through the door into the house because she's just proud to make her parents bat shit crazy.  And it's been freaky warm here in Texas, so even if there was some daylight , it's way too early for the nursery's to get in any new stock....and there may be a problem with the Moron and our proposed projects. His wife is ill and we don't have any of the details but we do have a fall back guy, the lovely gentleman who did the driveway ...and I am frustrated because I want it all over and it's not and it took me 3 hours to fall asleep last night and I am hungry...

Just call me Fussy Buckets.

We all have those days .

Tap Mr. Linky for the recipe.

Aunty Pol

Friday, January 18, 2013


I can 't wait for this book...I just hope to hell they don 't cast Tom Hanks in it him but never thought he was Robert Langdon..

Hit the link for Amazon..


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

January is such an odd little month to full of not a hell of a lot except two birthdays, an odd mid month 3 day weekend and a bowl game that neither one of us cares about save getting together with friends to eat way the hell too much food yada yada yada .In previous yeaers we've had our annual dinner party in January , but with one thing and another ( Xena's Enteritus /Colitus and renovation hell ) not so much this year...which is fine too. The weather has been cold for us here in Tejas and having finally come out the other side of the flu, there hasn't been a lot going on other than sleep. We always get crappy weather this time of year , usually right before Mardi Gras and the Rodeo..some things you can count on

I have found a couple of new cooking websites that I am going to throw in and wheee.....

Dan Brown finally has a new Robert Langdon book coming out mid May . Also on the horizon is a new Spenser For Hire ( RIP Mr. Parker, it's been 3 years stoday ) and many other candidates for my ever increasing collection of Kindle crack as Scotty calls it.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Bloggy has decided to still be stupid , but I finally figured out that they want to use their supported Picassa web page whatsits for uploading pictures baby steps.

We are all pretty much on the mend , though the hacking wet cough is a pain in the ass and likely responsible for a lack of deep sleep ..le sigh. It's cold so there was gumbo and chili and all sorts of stuff requiring big pots in the sink this weekend...I still need to work on SU's comprehension that I spent the $$ on stainless that can in fact go in the dishwasher...

And we had some thing of a small adventure yesterday.

We have slept on a water bed for the entire duration of our marriage thus far. I have no idea how long the SU has owned the's no big deal. that being said, every few years or as the mattress starts to leak you need to buy a new one, a new liner and a pump and valve connector thingy. I remember the first time I was around when we changed it out. We were living next door to his folks and in the process of moving into an apt as we waited to move into the house we bought from his sister. For a period of time there, no one really bought  new  houses, we just all sorta swapped them around..I kid you not.

Anyhoo , there we were , thinking that this was the optimum time to redo the mattress since we had to drain the damn thing anyway for transit.

EASY PEASY..or not.

We get the hose thing going and after what took for friggan ever , the bladder was at the point that we could mistakenly try to get it off the frame.

MInd you this was 25 years and I ain't gonna say how many pounds ago..there was guess who literally going from trying to catch /hold / manage a semi empty CALIFORNIA KING SIZE water bed mattress to MOI being all but buried under the damn thing.


After SU and I think Fat Boy ( his ex roomate and co worker at the time of all of this..kinda) got me out from under the damn thing....and they wondered why when they got it out into the fromt yard that I was there...fuming ..with a very large kitchen knife hollering  " DIE YOU BITCH...DIE ! " as I go all Stabby McStabbersons on this beached whale of a mattress....I am sure the lil old folks in the neighborhood talked about Terral  and Mary's new daughter in law for quite some

So there we were yesterday, after I got the pawdicure done..driving towards the only water bed store in Houston that we know of. Long gone are the days when Superior water beds was in every mall if not across the street from them.

Imagine a guy, balding , sweater clad looking more like the actor that plays Mozzie on " White Collar"  greeting you in the store..his store and then it hits you .

Dude is channeling Tommy Chong.

I swear I am not making this up.

Even SU was rolling his eyes and he is usually the first one that will egg it on. God , I wish Sistah and double Oh were there, they would have died. ....just died. There they are just yappin and I am trying to just not blurt out WTF..and I do NOT mean Whiskey tango Foxtrot when I decide I need to escape because I'm becoming too entertained....

Me: " Honey,  I'm going outside to burn one.."
Dude :  " Oh that's can do that here in the store ."
Me :  ( Thinking that the world is now about to stop revolving around the sun ) ..." Oh thanks hon, but that's ok..I'm happy to go outside, it's not that bad after all.

Dude: " Ok..that's cool too."

WTF , did he think I was going to fire up a joint ?

Seriously one of the more surreal conversations I and SU have ever had.

I'm surprised the guy wasn't wearing a sweatshirt from Humbolt University.

It was unique to say the least.

Have  a great week.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I SO Need To Make This

Ok...before you read any further , slap Mr. Linky and go over to Bake at 350 to see the  pictures and the entire recipe.The blog is one that I read daily  . This is the part that will in fact piss me off about the whole uploading photos thingy so bear with me.

I'll just go and get a cup of coffee.

Everybody back ? Good.

I found this when I was thinking of the food baskets post and thought what a great idea . I found the cookies on Amazon ( of course ) and this could be a really cute Valentines Day gift or a treat for the office or for a holiday basket..

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

Rain, More Rain And Carrying Kleenix Like My Grandma.

Le sigh.
Blogspot still is wonky about inserting pictures which is fine, but when there are days that all I have is a funny from I Can Has and nothing prose worthy..this could be a problem. I'll make you a deal though...when you are out and about on the interwebs, if you see a picture that is adorables or an epic sarcasm bomb...just think.." Indeed, if Aunty could , she would have in fact posted that very picture." we can all pretend that this blog still has all the bright and shineys. Or you could go back and look at old pictures , I've been known to do that so feel free.

SU is home sick still with the flu virus from hell , and bless his heart he gave me the mini version aka head cold. Yee Gods above, it really is harder and harder to bounce back as we age...flu is every where right now and there is some other respiratory virus in action so be careful y'all. And good luck finding Theraflu, the makers pulled it off the market as rumor ( urban ) has it that this was a result of the pure and simple fact that it actually worked. Amazon has it by the way and is quite proud of their pricing structure. You can buy Theraflu or an Ipad for about the same, depending on your individual needs at the moment. And I am having Grandma Engwall moments as I pack fresh Kleenex in my sleeves every where I go..yeah me. We have Kleenex aka noseys all over hells half acre at home, Slammin Sammy's is great for purchasing the Jethro Beaudine size palate and doesn't every one back up the fork life to their vehicle trunk in the parking lot ? Or is it just us ? And of course , even though SU finally has his dentures relined ( EPIC MOMENT IN THE CASA Y'ALL)  , he laid in all sorts of lactose dairy products for hisself while he waited for the Return Of The Chompers ( In theaters everywhere summer 2013) ..and of course I can't have any. Actually I can , but the price is too high and my body is not reacting to Immodium as it once did...I wonder why ?

And then there is the rain.

Evidently , it was predicted as bad enough to hit national news ..slow news day I guess . We are still in a drought situation and  since the ground is both flat and hard packed, it does not take a lot to flood. They are predicting that this warmer weather and or drought is something that we will see for the next few years so we might as well all brace for higher costs for oh lets say...EVERY DAMN THING !
It is what it is .

And it's time for the annual cluster F known as annual reviews.


Take it from an expert, if your still wet behind the ears reviewer ask you pithy questions such as :

1. What achievement are you proudest of accomplishing this last year may use Aunty Pols answer ONLY in your head ( Answer: The exact body count has never been clearly established since no exact location was ever defined.)

This question is a 24K clue that the noob has come from a corporate backround and therefore is absolutely qualified for a long career in the legal field.

2. What are your  goals for the coming year ? Again feel free to use Aunty Pols answer silently in your head ( No new arrest warrants were issued in that year ) .

Real life app..walk  in , stay silent, nod and flee asap.

Aunty Pol

Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Well This stinks.
Blogspot won't let me upload todays Bruce . I guess I will try to do it form home this weekend since I snagged a bunch from Pinterest.

Sadly , an era is ending here in H town.
They are closing Macys downtown, or as we refer to it ....FOLEYS !
Yes, it's still Foleys to almost all of us.

Foleys was the classic department store. Occupying an entire city block, it had everything from a tea room on the top floor to a bargain basement. For many a young girl in town , Foleys was both a rite of passage and a personal experience to be shared with the females of her family. You " Got Dressed" when you came into town for a trip to Foleys , and whether the purpose was something for an upcoming dance or browsing at the huge selection of wedding invitations from Cranes, it was special . Many of the gals that I work with who grew up here have loving memories of shopping and luncheon at the tea room. For some, it was the first recognition from their mothers that they as  daughters were growing up . For others , it was a  special lesson in ladylike deportment . Some bonded as mothers of the bride and brides to be  looked at book upon book from Crane as generations had before them . Across the street from the store was the bakery and small restaurant where you could order your wedding and grooms cake while eating the best chopped beef brisket on a steamed bun known to mankind.

If you worked downtown as I do, you relied on Foleys to get you out of a jam or as a safety net when  a last minute date was accepted . You could run over and buy un run hose if your desk stash was empty or a whole new outfit if you really knew the store. Of course , if you really knew the store, you knew that the better shoes were on the second floor on the back side by the ladies lounge restrooms there ..a ladies lounge was the standard the Foley Brothers set. If you forgot a birthday, you could run over and trust me, many a husband was saved by the fine jewelry department on their almost overlooked wedding anniversary.

As the mid 1980's moved forward, you could literally chart the economic angst by watching the shoppers or lack there of at the store. As Palais Royal, Sakowitz and many other long time retailers , including Woolworths  ( I still miss their lunch counter on the basement/tunnel level ) closed or relocated to suburbia. Don't laugh, Woolworths was always fun to kill a lunch hour by browsing . Foleys was the last bastion left in the original downtown retail area. Some feared it's imminent death when the Park was constructed , but the Park was never really a still has more food venders and small niche shops than all around retail and the Park is showing signs of self awareness regarding  the challenges it sees in  competing  for a dollar.

Then Foleys was bought by Macys.
Macys promised a lot but to be blunt, the effort was half assed at best and the quality of the merchandise was bad enough that you realized that you had a for overpriced crap or go closer to home.
It's only been in the last 15 years or so that the concept of outlet malls like Tanger have taken root , and let me tell ya, buddy they have.

In all honesty , the final nail in the coffin was hammered by shoppers like me.
Instead of retail , etail took over as we all became more comfortable with shopping on line . For some it is a time management issue . I can't answer for others , but for me it was also not much of a choice .

I hate going to the mall because of the ignorant way many people act. Regardless of age or back round , they are so convinced of their divine entitlement that they have no concept at all if the idea of common manners or courtesy . Malls didn't kill stand alone retailers all by themselves. Bricks and Mortar retail is dying because to a great degree ,  younger and future generations  missed out on the lessons learned in a tea room on how one acts in public .

Like Foleys and or Macys, courtesy and good manners are closing shop as we speak.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

You Know You're An Adult When........

When you are a kid, the idea of a food basket as a gift is a real groaner. If it's not cash or chocolate , it's a real loser...oh come on..admit it .
Food for Christmas ?


And then we all grow up .

I was off from the 21'st of December until today and while it was all nice and so on, there was really very little cooking going on. Christmas day was spent with Southside and we three had a very nice meal considering that there is not a hell of a lot that he can eat right now, so I didn't do a lot of planning. Of course a massive sinus flare up ( vertigo, the whole combo platter as it were ) didn't help . Thankfully my SIL sent home a plate so I didn't stave to death..but still there wasn't a lot of cooking . SU had been working horrid hours through the end of the year so I couldn't really plan on anything and the idea  of going out to a meal was right up there with hitting the mall. Yes, the anniversary dinner was superb but my usual meals were..not so much.

And then.....

SU had gone over to the El Grande Liquor Emporium to get scooby snacks for the actual anniversary and some Champers...bless his heart , he knows I LOVE surprise said no one ever.

And as the vacay progressed, we discovered all of these lovely bits and bobs that we had been given, a lovely mini cheese board from the cajuns....yummy assorted cheese wedges....more caviar ( thanks again sweetie ) Carrs crackers, some sort of salami  and VOILA .

Yummy scooby snacks that were just enough to make a light meal out of without having to fire the oven up.


I fully plan in the future on having buts and bobs like that around..

How hard can it be ?

Aunty Pol