Monday, December 30, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday............

Well, I finally went out and did it .

I saw an ad at Best Buy for laptops and thought " Hot Damn". being me, after the paws and claws bit , off we went.

Of course the one that I wanted was " Out Of Stock".

Really ??????????????????????????????????????????????


The ad came out in yesterdays frakkin paper and you're out ?

Really ?

Sooooo...young sales dude steered me towards an HP with the same features but of course being the klutz that I am , I opted for the insurance and geek squad bit for a year because as I have amply demonstrated, your Aunty here can trip over air ( turbulence folks...nothing to see here , move on ). And thus the  cost was higher than the bundled price but well under what I had expected.

And I know someone out there is asking why...I can hear y'all.

I love the hubby, I really do but I am tired T I R E D y'all of sharing custody of the pc. I want to blog when I want to b log or play facebook games ( current obsession,,Criminal Case.) and just basically do mah thang.

Is it a learning curve ?

You bet!

Am I up for learning new shiny  toys ?

Please forgive the typos..I need a roller ball mouse , this one sucks .

Have you met me ?

Have a great week  !


Aunty Pol

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Baking And Biscoff

Recently, I introduced Southside to in grab a spoon out of the drawer and have at it.

We've noodled around using it in truffles and then I saw this post ( Mr. Linky above) written by Adrianna Adarme, author of " A Cozy Kitchen " and a food blogger on PBS.

Yes Virginia, PBS has food stuff.

Or are SU and I the only ones to remember and dearly miss the late , great Justin Wilson ?

Anyhoo,,,I read this recipe and I thought , what a great base recipe.

Of course, I shall have to partake of the a matter of culinary research.

Aunty Pol

Happy Boxing Day 2013

Happy Boxing Day or Good gravy m an I glad the holidays is OVAH !

Jeebus H.

Don't get me wrong, it was nice..quiet..nice...lah de dah at the Casa with Southside Johnny on Christmas Eve and all, but..exhausting all the same.

I had a revelation this season that amongst the things I have been able to realize this last year is the gift of the choice of time. Every year that we get a Christmas bonus, it is always on the night of the Christmas party, traditionally the first Thursday of the month.

Nuh Uh this year, it was the 18'th and the real burn was some asshat letting it slip that Atlanta had gotten theirs the week here I am , the Lone Ranger awash in a sea of OMG there is only one more Saturday before Christmas and I got to get mah shit n git.

I've seen it all over the years at the firm, the competitiveness of the singles in the who has the cutest outfit/hotest date/best gift from a partner hoping to get  some under the Mistletoe or not. I've seen attorneys treat their secdretaries to 3 hour section lunches and forget the rest of the staff like me whoo have to keep all their happy asses in line and happy happy joy joy'd up to the gills. I've seen amazing acts of kindness and things that make me weep for humanity.

But I've never seen such expressions of ho hum, bummed out no joy mind numbing don't give a rats ass as I am this year.

Alert the media !

Each and every one of us most likely has some drama going on in their lives , especially during the holidays...but that aside...we have jobs, roofs, food, clean water and all the stuff  that the vast majority in the world don't.

I'm not saying get your asses over served with the Nog...but come on ..snap out of it.

Most of you are lu ckier than you know.

Rant over, carry on.

Aunty Pol

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Had To Laugh, Then I though.." It Could Happen."
This really made me laugh.
I mean really..leftover fries ?

In my house ?

Have you met me ?

Anyhoo...check it out.

It looks yummy.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Click to biggify.

It's odd to have the tree in one piece. Up until last year, we hadn't put up a tree in 8 years because  I could not deal with any of it at all. My father passed away January 9'th , 2004 . Finally last year, I felt that it was time so the tree went up.

Mind you, an artificial tree is not meant to  stay in the attic . LOL. You guessed it . That's where we stored it so last year and the poor thing looked like it had mange, we threw it out and decided to get a new one. Now, as much as I like BIG trees, it just doesn't make sense for us to have the Jethro Beaudine size. The previous tree was a 4 1/2 foot tree that we got from Lowes . It fit on the end table and so we thought it was fine. It was actually too big so this year when Walgreens had one for $19.99 , off he went . this thing is maybe 3 feet tall and perfect. Of course it takes smaller ornaments so I will pick some up after the holidays. Other than that it meets all the's pre-lit/pre-wired. You don't want to be in the Casa when hisself has to string lights...I personally don't want to be on the planet.

Sadly tho, we have no kittens stirring to climb it or play with ornaments or sleep under it. I never realized how much I would miss fussing at them as they chose ornaments to fondle. Everyone was a decorator with an opinion. I used to get so irked. Of course now as I have demonstrated, the ornaments don't bounce off the wood floor like they did on carpet to again I have to remind myself..." Soft cloth foldy ones on the bottom.".

Every tradition has to start somewhere so we will adapt to an only child who can't quite figure out if she is supposed to be entertained by all of this or not.

Feliz Navidad Y'all.


Aunty Pol

Friday, December 13, 2013

For My Boshi Ya Ya

Dear Baby,

We miss you so much already my baby, we really do. Daddy and I are so very sorry that we couldn't make you all mo bedder, we tried honey , we really did . Dr. Tom said that it was all just too much for our wee girl and that it's all just part of the plan. I am taking as much comfort as I can knowing that the three of you are together again and that you have Andy and Munchie and all the others to play and wrestle and nap pile with.

We are going to take care of Gracie Marie with your aunties help so she won't be lonely as an only child.

Kissy face, love the pooh.

We love out baby girl.

Mama and Daddy.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Thus Far Or " Look Honey, We Haven't Seen That $80.00 Bottle Of Orbox In Two Months ! "

Lately we had noticed that Gracie Marie had been sneezing more than the occasional " Damn Mama , could you dust the wood floors ?" I made a call to Dr. Tom.last Tuesday and scheduled for 9:30 am on Saturday..I know..I know..anyhoo Thursday night we noticed that Boschka was looking like she felt puny and she had also been sneezing so I called and arranged to bring both the girls in .One of my personal pet peeves is appointments that show up with more than the scheduled number of people/clients/victims.  I see it all the time at the firm and it just pisses me off. There was no problem so of we went.

Gracie Marie is just fine, peachy keen in full health.

Boschka.............................not so much.

My baby's sick y'all.

She has a stuffy nose so she hadn't been eating. If cats and I assume dogs for that matter can't smell their food they won't eat. This led to dehydration. Her tonsils are enlarged and inflamed with what sounds for all the world like Feline tonsillitis.

Four hours of tests/ waiting time later....

She has an upper respiratory infection , a UTI and then it  got better.


Tom did a pretty extensive blood panel when he came back in to tell us that her blood sugar was through the roof. They took another urine sample and at that point this heathen was praying for all it was worth....



Tom is not sure if it presented because :

1. The stress of being sick.
2. The stress of being sick and having to go to the vet. ( that would be considered being outside for my baby, she's an indoor girl.)
3. There the whole time and flaring up now.

So..she has 3 meds to take, one a liquid Valium to stimulate her appetite ( brat won't share either ) . We have to give her baby food mixed with pedialite orally and she goes back Saturday at 9 am.

I am just beside myself.

Her Mama.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday and ............HUZZAH  !

Close the damn door Canada, we are freezing to death down here !


It's 37 effing degrees down here for crippessake.

In other stories....

Guess what we get to do tomorrow ?

Hint :

PTU's are involved.

Two of them..

Gracis is still sneezing a bit more than I like considering what we went through with Munchie so I made her an appt.....Then Boshi starts sneezing.


The one who is the most skittish cat that I have ever had , and really only relates to me, Nee Nee or Space Ghost. The slender, petite Twiggy of the feline world who triples her tensile strength when she is in greased pig escape mode.

That one.

So the plans like this :

She usually is out front when we get home so..................................................

1. Once it is confirmed that she is out front, one or both of us , but I think it should be the Daddy since she will stay with me will go down the hall and close all of the bedroom doors, thus cutting off escape routes leading to the Cat Cave Fortress of Catnipitude aka the small open hole under the water bed head board and inner crawl space area that is Madames fav hidey hole.

2. Those doors will remain closed and all accessable food and water , treats included will be pulled at bedtime or 11 pm which ever comes first.

3. Hisself will sleep on the sofa and I on the waterbed as usual but the door ro the master is to remain closed.


I only can hope that the meds that they have to get are not as Loki's and Xena's were..2 or 3 x daily for at least 2 weeks. Dosing a cat is just about the worst thing ever....

And here I had simple hopes of getting the tree up.

Le Sigh.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two Years Today .

Dear Pooky Bear Panda Pants ,

I can't believe it's been two years now that you've been gone. Sometimes when I am on the deck and I look over at the aunties gazebo, I really expect to see your happy butt flying over the corner of the fence hauling paws towards the door. Your Plumbago I am happy to say is doing very nicely and you would approve of the Jasmine growing on the other side of the arbor.

We are putting up a tree soon and I know that while we never had one while you were here , if you ask your bubbie and sissies they will tell you all about it. Your stocking will still be hung up with all of the others so never fear, you are always in our hearts.

Ii want you to take care of all of your sissies and brofur Loki for me . I know that you are but keep special attention on your older brofur . Remember , he is know the brightest of lads , but he is one of the most loving, and that counts more.

We all love you and miss you every day baby boy.

Mama, Daddy, Boschka and Gracie Marie .

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

This And That For Your Tuesday Reading Pleasure..

Now y'all can throw crap at your screen if you want, though if that is your goal, use spit balls for heaven's sake, these flat screens ain't that cheap yet..
I have officially not only begun Christmas shopping in earnest, I am almost done.


Yeah, yeah , slap my silly ass later.

Sistah, the Hickory Farms is headed to your office like we did last year and should be there next week.

For Dakota ( who never fear, isn't going to read this crap ever ! ) , I found in the Met Museum catalog/website a small artists kit that has all sorts of bits and bobs plus a huge packet of paper.  Yes, I paid extra to have them gift wrap it and ship it to Colorado..makes no damn sense at all to have it sent here then just have to ship it out.
Amazon had the best price on the Tortuga rum cakes so a dozen of the small variety are on their way to the office...

Since everything on the tee slant vee is a rerun tonight , I figure I may as well stop and Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some small bits..bonus....20 % off coupon is in my purse and wonder of wonders ..still valid...SCORE !

I am sure that there will be more than a few things that I forget or go completely batshit over when all is said and done, but I have a head start on the stress and feel a lot better.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol