Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two Years Today .

Dear Pooky Bear Panda Pants ,

I can't believe it's been two years now that you've been gone. Sometimes when I am on the deck and I look over at the aunties gazebo, I really expect to see your happy butt flying over the corner of the fence hauling paws towards the door. Your Plumbago I am happy to say is doing very nicely and you would approve of the Jasmine growing on the other side of the arbor.

We are putting up a tree soon and I know that while we never had one while you were here , if you ask your bubbie and sissies they will tell you all about it. Your stocking will still be hung up with all of the others so never fear, you are always in our hearts.

Ii want you to take care of all of your sissies and brofur Loki for me . I know that you are but keep special attention on your older brofur . Remember , he is know the brightest of lads , but he is one of the most loving, and that counts more.

We all love you and miss you every day baby boy.

Mama, Daddy, Boschka and Gracie Marie .

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kleinwort said...

((((Aunty, Gordy, Boschka and Gracie Marie)))