Monday, March 23, 2009

AMF BSG , Pt. 2

Yeah, all y'all knew I'd be coming back to this topic again .
I have to tell ya, the final ep is a huge topic at the office...wheeeeeee.
One of the bits that I omitted from the first post was the fact that I thought the insertion of that brief bit of the original theme was a very nice touch .
Yeah, I was one of the many who thought that the casting of Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek was a huge ass stretch, but by the time that they filmed the execution , yeah...Apollo who ? It is widely known that Hatch had a huge ego problem with the re-make or anything else BSG for that matter that didn't have his paw prints all over it ..but it all worked in the end.
On the other hand...the massive ego of the " We can give them language " still bothers me. NO, I did not expect nor would I have accepted any sort of Prime Directive bullshit ..but to assume that the native culture had no language , and by this , I am assuming verbal is beyond stupid. The natives are seen in a representative hunting party scenario, which by itself establishes some format of communication.
Furthermore , these " teachers" are folks that just came off of ships with what appears to be little more than the clothes on their backs and they are going to improve the lives of the society ?
I am not saying that they should have packed all of their crap. The fuel issue after the jump to the Colony alone would have mandated conservation...but still...come on people...... These are people who lost everything...they made lives with what little they had on of the stronger underlying themes of the series was the building and preservation of relationships . But tools, no pot to boil water medicines. Yeah..Cottle...ya did well there....the comparison of small pox , blankets and Native American genocide comes to mind.
Yeah I loved it ...but......still.....
Carry on .
Aunty Pol

Random Acts of Cuteness - Pt . 2

Random Acts of Cuteness - Pt. 1


Adios , BSG !
To say that my feelings are a mixed bag here sounds trite , even to me.
Yes, I am one of those rabid fans who latched onto this show with a vengeance not seen since B5 . And yes, my cynical friends , there was writing on B5 that made me groan out frakkin loud..." Sinclair is Valen ? Well , no shit Sherlock..GAH !!!!!
I'd thought about listing two sections..the good and the bad about the final episode, and then realized that one would far out pace the other , and thus give a very lopsided picture...and that is not the truth of it at all.
More than anything else...the bad to me was the enough of the " Hera !!!!" I mean how far can this frakkin kid run.....on a ship. For the most part of my limited observations , if your kid takes off, you haul ass , grab the kid and hang on. Even the viewers know, by this stage that if you put Hera down , she's gonna haul ass. And excuse Moi...? These are trained soldiers that are chasing her and the woman dying of cancer is one of the ones who corners her ???? Yes , true to the opera house dream ...but puh - leeeseeee . We all know that Hera was a key..Moore just stopped short of tattooing it on the kids forehead to hammer that one home.
Furthermore, the opera house was CIC ? Well ...again shit....the first time they moved Anders vat o tasty aspic to the CIC to merge him with the other hybrid and the camera angle shoots an over head of the final 5....anyone that was paying attention realized that scene was the same one that got Deanna boxed.
And finally, Cavill eating the from the " We all know he's a whiney asshat who is not to be trusted and we are just gonna move past the incest theme between him and Ellen....really..." EWWWWW". But , that being said or not..there was no reason, plot or logic that called for his death..none, zip, nada. Chief killing Torrey ? OH HELL YEAH...Bitch got served. The look on the Chief's face when he shares the memory of that bit..oh you knew she was gonna die....OH HELL YEAH. That's for Calley and Dualla and Boomer and all of those who were victims more often than not.
On to the good bits.
Gaius finally growing a set....Caprica letting him.....finally. One of the funniest scenes was the one where Gaius and Cap 6 see their head chip ghosts....yes...Gaius was one too...and they look at each other , sputtering .." Do you see them ?"
Other funny scene ....Tigh trying to buy a lap dance for Adama......OMG...I wish MST3K was still around...Tom Servo would have had a friggan field day with that bit alone.
Sha Zaaaaammmmmm...LMAO...
I liked how Roslin's death was handled .....and yes...I cried when Bill slipped his wedding band on her hand...but it was restrained and dignified and thankfully if it was Ellen...we'd still be hearing Tigh was enough of that in the strip club .
And finally...I don't care what Kara Thrace was . That was not the point . She did her job and knew when it was time to go...nuff said.
Other than that, it was a good weekend . I helped the younger Brother write a resume..not hard , it's just when it's been a while...once I had the verbage needed , it took 20 minutes , tops.
The weather is nice now so it's pollen city...yep yep yep....
Still watching " Peacemakers" on Fancast......wooooo hooooo ....Tom Berenger and ponies....SCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good week .
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well, things are moving along....LMAO...yeah...I know .
SU's surgery hopefully is scheduled for the last week of March so I am hopeful it will all work out. I'd forgotten how many ingrained habits I have until the ride in this morning. As is my custom, I usually take the first week of April off for my birthday because :
1. I can - DAMMIT
2. The weather is wonderful here to work in the yard.
3. Occasionally, my birthday/vacation week includes Good Friday ( Bonus !!!!!!! No PTO Used) .
4. Beyond a certain point ( ie SU and Nee Nee) , I detest the bullshit falderall celebration birthday shite. I really do . When we do celebrate , it is usually with either the Crazy Cajuns or the NG's and it is very low key.
SU asked in his random , wheels in head turning fashion if I was going to take it off and I replied that I had not planned on it as yet. He'd obviously forgotten that we had decided that I wasn't going to take that week off since we had planned to meet Count Thalim and his lovely bride in Orlando for a week at the end of June. Since we had to cancel that , I had been waiting to see when the actual surgical dates were before scheduling the PTO . I am hoping now that the finances are in order ( yes, there's a comma in our after the insurance pays we owe bit...) that it will be sooner than later......
And of course the lovely VA has decided that he has no benefits at all ...FUCKYOUTHANKYOUVERYMUCH...
Again, just another bright and shining example of the way that our guv'mt treats the Military and our a voter, I am sooooooooo proud .
Hopefully it will all be over soon.
Ciao ,
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This made me laugh at work

Bad day ....
This made me laugh.
Tomorrow will be better.
Aunty Pol

Monday, March 09, 2009

Cautiously Hopeful

Allrighty then people..The above just made me laugh ..I know I know.
I take what I can get .
It was an interesting weekend .
First , let it be said that I am very proud of SU doing what needed to be done even tho it was one of those things ..well....he'd prefer to deal with the IRS or have a prostrate exam.
Yeah..I kid you not.
I will spare you the details , since they are his and not mine...he owns them, I do not. That being said, the answer he got was not as hoped for but it was still an answer.
I have to be honest, I've lost a bit of sleep is my nature to simply is . I try to keep perspective, and weigh our options and yet the cold sweat panic is never far away.
We did however get some news of a potential life line. I have recently paid off yet another bill and if things work out...I don't want to fuck the Karma so I won't say more about that for now.
On the lighter side........
Did you ever notice that something that you used to watch or read and enjoy , now just makes you want to scream ??
I love old movies, especially the older black and white ones with the clever writing and brisk pace. I watched the original version of " The Women " yesterday. I love Roz Russell. I really do. I really do...but..after watching her character " Sylvia Fowler " for more than ten minutes, I wanted to go find a garden stake in the yard to puncture my eardrums.
When did Witty become a Screech ?
If this is what being middle aged's fucked up .
Keep a good thought for us ..I won't ask for prayers as that is a bit much IMHO...
Have a great week
Aunty Pol

Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Musings

Over the last few days , I have come to examine some things.

* Warning - Random Mind Drift May Occur *

I started this verbal diarrhea ( SU term) a few years ago for a variety of reasons. Reactions to various moments of bullshit that seem to feel a requirement to appear in my IRL....Whatevs.

Sometimes it was to convey to the SU a point or a problemo that I wasn't quite up to addressing .

Sometimes it was shit the Katz did that amused me.

I am very careful to the point of paranoia of respecting other peoples names ( * Names have been changed to blah blah blah ) because I realize that I do not have the right or entitlement to out them for being the total hatted ones they are and just fail to fucking get it.

I read a variety of blogs that interest me. I have almost a Tourettes variety of " Gotta Read That "

One blog lately has interested me to the point that I have read the whole thing over the last three days - at work - shhhhh.

I can relate in a lot of scary ways whether I want to own that or not.

And again , it is the train wreck ( no offense intended) that we all see and can't tear away from.

For that I am grateful, because it made me examine yet again what I would feel is permitted for me to put out there, what I am comfortable with.

For that boot to the head, thank you Sous Gal.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, March 01, 2009


It's been a nice weekend, note .... I did not say great.

Great means we win the lottery.

Nice means I got done a lot of little crap that I've needed to and hate to overall.

Cleaning out the purse, organizing coupons, creating files, filing know. The usual crap that can pile up.

I attribute this to an unusual situation....I got enough sleep yesterday..I got a nap. Not a great or restful one overall as the kids decided to play Speed Racer/ Thundering Herd of Elephants over the Momma....but still the time to get to try to get nappage.


I am feeling like I am on thin ice tonight.

There is a movie on HBO staring Kevin Bacon called " Taking Chance."

I became aware of this movie while it was in production and I have read all of the reviews, all thumbs up, positive and yet not over the top.

And yet I hesitated to bring this up to the SU.

The movie deals with bringing home the body of a soldier killed down range.

A 20 year old man /child.

I say this not out of disrespect , I saw the film in the other room and I can see the promise of youth in Chances face.

I had to go back to our room at one point and saw SU's face and his tears. His comment was telling.

" I didn't want to watch it but I had to ."

I try not to belabor the point but SU did a tour in Viet Nam.

Just one.

I get this confused , because he was in twice, but having been corrected ...( thanks dear) ..still


He served.

We have followed this war in some ways more than most , and in others not as closely. It is what it is for the individual , and I do not say this to sound flip, or disrespectful in any way. I have seen at times what these experiences have done to my husband, he does not talk about it a lot exxcept around other vet's in that jovial " Let me tell what we did here....pass the beer over" kind of thing.

I do not and cannot compare myself to the spouses of those in sevice who also serve today...right now as we speak. I was not married to SU when he served. I just deal with the aftermath.

But the issues are still in some ways there. We are dealing with the V.A . over medical issues and so that adventure had begun.

But my husband had it right.

The movie should be viewed and discussed by every person in this country, regardless of political viewpoint.

I grew up in the military and my pride in that has no bounds.

My husband knows that I am proud of him, today was just another example of why.


Aunty Pol

P.S. ( I corrected the post dear..thanks....see ..if I got a better nap and you kept the herd from thundering on the bed...LMAO...!!)