Sunday, January 20, 2008

LOL....Yeah..It's like that ..

I am always suprised that unlike most people that we know, SU and I are always busier in January than the traditional Holiday Insanity .



We have pretty much moved the annual holiday dinner party permanently to January . It's just too hard to plan it for December for all of us. Work, familiy obligations,'s just too hard. Besides, January pretty much always strikes us as blah. The party itself was a smashing success, ten for dinner this year. I clean and do that crap...he works. We had to borrow a card table for this year which is still sitting in the dining room with a borrowed table cloth...( UM...SU ..what did I ask you do also do this weekend ??????????) . SU invited a co-worker and her beau..a lovely couple . The beau is from NOLA so he , the NG and the Cajun had a lot to talk about. She was raised right, and sent a lovely card and thank you gift, they will be invited again.

Then it's Mardi Gras, hisself and the Cajuns will go again of course. The Cajun has family who are in a krewe and a place to crash so they will go off. I am donating some throw down bra's for Mrs Cajun to throw...goofy girl threw a newish Vickies a few years ago..I am not letting her live that one down anytime soon. The same weekend , I have a wedding reception/party to go to for a co-worker so the other NG and I will go....Then the yakers are having their stoupid bowl party ...then who knows...? See January is packed.

On the homefront, it's been colder than a well diggers who hah here and we haven't replaced the Central Heat/Air yet, that will have to wait until Unca Sammy is paid. We did get Miss Gracie Marie ( yes dear, she HAS a middle name ) to the vet finally for her checkup/out and shots. They think ( remember Annie/Andy...yup.....same Vet) she is 2, and in fine health . She has made a habit of sleeping at the NG's in their garage and a bed of sorts was fashioned. The puppies think of her as their pet and were upset when we had her in the night before the vet trip . Soooooo, basically I paid $131.00 to share custody with the NG's which is fine...I still have to get her fixed...I might as well just poo money it seems. But, she is happy and warm and everyone is happy .

Work goes well....all in all..good at the Casa.

And, I scored John Fogarty tickets for the mid March rodeo concert.

" Put Me In Coach"...............WOO HOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good week....


Aunty Pol

Saturday, January 05, 2008

And So Forth

Bless his heart, Hisself knows that when I am upset , I just need to vent , hence the last posting . If you push me, poke at me or prod me when I am truely upset, I Will Rip Off Your Head And Spit down Your Neck...WERD !

We talked about all of this b.s. and revamped the master plan , and while I am not the happiest of campers, I see the logic of it all.

This is not to say that I am happy about all of this...but..yeah...I get it . I just wish these issues didn't involve a comma.

Have a great deserve know you do .


Aunty Pol

Friday, January 04, 2008

When dies this shit stop ?


I think I have to throw in the towel .


We got the estimate from the dude.

Last year our heat part of the central air /heat thingy went kaput. Living in zone 9 ( tropical) this was not large.

Fast forward.

Hiself took it upon hisself to get it checked into.

Well had the day off.......whatevs.

It seems that the heat part is kaput and according to the A/C wonk....the air part will soon follow.

Like twins separated at birth.

Question One : Why does a new friggan system not last more than 14 years ?

Question Two : Why ?

I am beyond ...whatever...

The estimate has a comma in the figure .

F savings.

And I have no idea about income tax for 07.

For those who read this and tisk tisk.." Prior Prudent Planning "

F off n die.

The taxes I can do..

I paid the prop/homeowners a week ago,,,,,,,,,,,and there was a comma.

I would cry if I had the stamina right now


Aunty Pol