Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vacay's Are Wonderful

Vacations are wonderful , even if they are not what you originally intended .

When you live in the Gulf Coast area , you pay attention to the weather God's.

Or you die.

Simple as that.

Hisself and I had planned our usual, which got cancelled for various reasons. No biggie , down here you take steps to compensate for that.

I , however stayed home .

And had the best time.

I have never been a " housewife " .

I didn't marry a house .

I do however, relish the time to have to be able to do things at the Casa .

On my own terms.

I did take the time to phone/e mail my best friends, get caught up , so all is good.

I also took the time to make some decisions with regards to others that will ultimately work out all the better for me .

Now....if we'd just won the lottery.................yeah...I know .

Blessed Be ,


Aunty Pol