Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 15

Let's see.......Chant kids...chant.....The interview with the client who has an orthotics bidness went very well, SU said it lasted over an hr. I guess that's good. He really, really, really wants this one. He should hear today..the way this is going ...if they hire SU..he would work there for a few days , paid, to see how he would fit in. SU can fit in any chant....chant...chant some more. He has really been applying his tush off...anywhere that will take him.

GRRRR Dept: Evil former boss is claiming SU quit , thus denying unemployment..I expected as much. This is typical of EFB..because he is never wrong. Oddly enough, the day SU was fired he told both of the ladies he works with " G'nite...see you tomorrow "


Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 12

Uneventful weekend . Jerk Face , SU and the Moron went to the Big Golf Tourney . Jerk Face was in 7'th heaven ~ Free Beer. Yup....SU did later tell me Jerk Face totally embarrassed him and the Moron . To have the Moron taken aback is quite the feat . I doubt SU will go to that Tourney again with Jerk Face any time soon. Me....I can do without this paticular brother for another 3 to 4 years easy.

Got a lead on a job for SU. One of the attorneys called his client in orthotics ..blah blah blah..Client wasnt SU to give him a call

Chant Kids...Chant

Take Care...

Aunty Pol

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 10

SU is off at the big golf tourney with Jerk Face brother and the Moron. JF is in 7'th heaven as there is free beer at the venders sponsor tent....SU is happy there is also free food.

This whole experience has been a true learning curve.

One of the primary problems here at Casa de Swamp is that SU is afraid that I am going to compare him to the first husband.

Oh Hell No

The first had no drive, no gumption. The world owed his sorry ass . In honesty and hindsight...He was the first marriage and probably only offer I was gonna get. I had NO job skills, no family support , so I took the only exit ramp off the freeway. And Carl said he loved me. This may seem silly...but I believed all his bullshit. I was 19 . I wanted to be married and a mom. I wanted to be protected and cared for. My parents didn't believe that I needed an education or some form of job skill. Their money was tight and I had two brothers, younger than me who needed more because at some point , they would have wives to support and children and blah blah. This is called the Engwall work ethic. Do I resent this ? Do you know me ?

Me being me, I said F U . I married the wrong my education. Grew up. Buried children. Got Divorced . Got a life. Met a friend ....who I could be honest with. At 2 a.m.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 9

Well, lets see.....SU had an interview with Kroger , regarding working in their warehouse . He knows how to drive a fork lift or what ever thingy they use . That one would be nice, UNION ...mebbe more than $ 10.00 per hr. Shift work though, which he will take . And then another lead as a delivery driver for a plastics mfg here , their truck and I would think a gas stipend. The biggy here of the guys I work for has a client who has an orthotics/prosthetics bidness . Byron, aka Bubba is going to try to get SU an interview with this guy. Chanting...chanting. We ParrotHeads stick together. SU has really been working every angle he can. He's even said that he'd go back to being a line cook..( !?!) ..I know I know.

On a truely bizarre note......I called our youngest brother....Don't faint. Jerk Face has been with a company called Amazing Siding for a while...they seem to like hiim, and Jerk Face is one of the most talented Bullshit Artiste's I have ever seen. No openings there, but Jerk Face did have 2 tickets for the Big Golf Tourney since they are from a vender..prob. free beer/food. I told SU to go..he needs the break...and I will be civil to Jerk Face.

It appears that the B's aren't going to play in the Tourney this Sunday..rumor has it they " don't have the money"...HAH ...I think they are ashamed to face SU...but then that would imply that they have a sense of shame..which I doubt.

Silly things have made me smile today.....getting bangs trimmed...some guy in the courtyard between 1 and 2 Allen center playing an acoustic guitar..suprisingly well...rain.....which we needed....Fridays...

Keep Good Thoughts

Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 8

GAWD..If I wasn't depressed enuf, there is a depo prep going on adjacent to my desk here in reception...and I'm hearing the word casket...jeebus...close the bloody door.

Anyhoo....SU had another interview this a.m......and a lead on 2 for a plastics company as a delivery driver ( their vehicle , thank $3.00 per gallon.....shudder) and one as a limo driver. He is trying so hard....and when he is home, he cleaned the shower ( mildew...eech) , watered plants....he is helping out around the house on his own, and I'm not having to ask him to do more than usual. A chore list for him right now is demeaning, and he helps out around the house as it is.....he sees the value of busy work , and knows I appreciate the help.....and so it goes..

Think Good Thoughts and take care y'all

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Price Of Standing Up

Previously , I had used this blog as a rather humorous rant for the absurdities of life. Now I find it may have an even bigger value to me as the one place that I can vent about the current situation that SU and I find ourselves in . IF this is not your cup of tea, that's fine too...there are plenty of blogs out hard feelings...take care .

It has been a week now since SU has stood firm and up against his tyrant of a boss . SU always said that there was the proverbial line in the sand and when it was crossed....boom . I know a lot of people say things like that , they sound righteous and moral and blah blah. Putting it into practice is harder . Much , much harder. It's hard not to panic . It's hard to be the strong one here and panic on the sly. It's hard to be cheerful at the office, but that is exactly what I have to do right now. I owe my employer a certain amount of professionalism....they are not to blame here. betcha . But, I find if I think of it as helps me get through my day . Swallowing your pride is never easy . Neither is asking for help , even from casual acquaintances . Part of the overall problem is that SU is what they used to call " A jack of all trades, Master of None . " He's handy with tools, can figure out almost anything, knows this city as few others do...and he is 56. He will take anything that will give him a paycheck . Unemployment is aprox $ 252.00 per week, and you bet he signed up. Going on a job interview after 20 some odd years is rather like dating. If you have been off the market for a while, you are rusty . His spirit is somewhat crushed, but he is plugging away...finding a job is a full time job. He's even begun to second guess his actions, and I won 't have it . It takes courage to stick to your guns .

I am doing all I can to help....hell, I have asked for help from the office, and us veterans here know what this is like. They are kind enough to spare me the platitudes of doors opening and closing.....I don't have time for it .

Sigh...we plod along .

Take care...

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's A Great Life If You Don't Weaken

The title was one of my father's favorite sayings . I never, ever knew until now how true that was .

In a nutshell , SU was fired last week . We have known the job was going the way of the fan for quite some time now, but when it is this abrupt....well...all y'all can imagine . Thus far he's had three interviews , none of which have panned out . It happens . Personally, job interviews are to me like first if you have been " off the market " so to speak, it is harder than hell. You are rusty. But then it hopefully gets easier. I have called various people, called in favors and markers, just for information about potential openings.

Yes, he has signed up for unemployment....a whopping gross of $252.00 a week. Better than when he was an independent contractor and not entitled to it at all. One of the biggest problems is that SU does not have what one might consider " traditional " job skills . He is*t..he is one of the smartesst men I have ever known . Honest, self-affacing, loyal,,,in another life he'd be a Beagle . So we are going to plug away, cut back , be frugal...the whole deal . We are luckier than some in our boat, we have a smidge of there is that.

The sad part is that I am watching a 56 year old man who stood up to a tyrant...oh F that...his boss was a beligerent drunk...anyhoo.....SU stood up for a moral point and is paying the price. I will never, ever second guess him on this....we all have lines in the sand so to speak....and his was crossed..

Keep good thoughts for does help

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Okay.....Bear with me people . I am about to scream . All Y'all know when some one gives you a compliment , the proper thing to do is say thank you. Thats all ..just thank you. If the compliment giver should enquire as to what you did, bought, are is proper to give a bit of detail..." Why thank you, I bought the : _______ at _______. ( Note...Pol won't plug your store or whatevs unless you pay me. Or I get free stuff aka shoes. Noted exception: ) Moving on, anyone who knows Pol knows that she and Miss Clairol/Garnier etc have been friends for umpty up years, also known as the soon as I moved out of the 'rents domination. It's been red people, red. Anyhoo, last month I decided to get some high-lites put in the old hair. We were going to go see Bonnie Raitt and I felt bold. I also knew the gal that was going to do it..( Bless you Olivia , I am hooked..,,hee hee ) . I loved the result, SU loved the peace declared, dogs and cats....what ? Too far...? Okaaaay..... Now I have a problem...It's 5 1/2 weeks later....roots are an inch long. Okaaay...I realize that I can no longer do my own base color if I want to keep the high-lites. " Oh Olivia...Sweetie...we need to figure out a base color and have you do that and then re do the high-lites. " Problem solved. The base is not screaming red..but it is red and I love, love , love the high-lites . LMAO..the base color actually looks like it could be found in the human gene pool...hee hee.

I get hair done, take a weeks vacation, doing stuff at home,,,,happy , happy camper . Back to the sucks...but a paycheck is a paycheck. Peeps notice hair. Fine...On top of the usual....I get....: 1. Softens your face......nice one. Like I was the female version of the Thing in Fantastic Four. Like I said ...nice. 2. Makes you look younger..ummmm....folks...I have no problem looking my age...I friggan earned it. Lauren Becall is my hero. Joan Rivers is not. So forth and so on...

Ummm...jeebus....did I look that bad ? I never thought or will think so...I just looked like me...

Talk about left handed compliments...I know that there are times when we all blurt out something and have the " Oh shit " revelation moment. That I can forgive and even laugh over. But some of the givers of said compliments are the snide types as it it....and I know it.....

Moral: Don't try to out bitch, outfox or out snark Aunty Pol here...


All y'all have been warned.

Have what ever kinda day you wnat to .....really.