Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 8

GAWD..If I wasn't depressed enuf, there is a depo prep going on adjacent to my desk here in reception...and I'm hearing the word casket...jeebus...close the bloody door.

Anyhoo....SU had another interview this a.m......and a lead on 2 for a plastics company as a delivery driver ( their vehicle , thank $3.00 per gallon.....shudder) and one as a limo driver. He is trying so hard....and when he is home, he cleaned the shower ( mildew...eech) , watered plants....he is helping out around the house on his own, and I'm not having to ask him to do more than usual. A chore list for him right now is demeaning, and he helps out around the house as it is.....he sees the value of busy work , and knows I appreciate the help.....and so it goes..

Think Good Thoughts and take care y'all

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

still chahnting...