Friday, April 21, 2006

Day 9

Well, lets see.....SU had an interview with Kroger , regarding working in their warehouse . He knows how to drive a fork lift or what ever thingy they use . That one would be nice, UNION ...mebbe more than $ 10.00 per hr. Shift work though, which he will take . And then another lead as a delivery driver for a plastics mfg here , their truck and I would think a gas stipend. The biggy here of the guys I work for has a client who has an orthotics/prosthetics bidness . Byron, aka Bubba is going to try to get SU an interview with this guy. Chanting...chanting. We ParrotHeads stick together. SU has really been working every angle he can. He's even said that he'd go back to being a line cook..( !?!) ..I know I know.

On a truely bizarre note......I called our youngest brother....Don't faint. Jerk Face has been with a company called Amazing Siding for a while...they seem to like hiim, and Jerk Face is one of the most talented Bullshit Artiste's I have ever seen. No openings there, but Jerk Face did have 2 tickets for the Big Golf Tourney since they are from a vender..prob. free beer/food. I told SU to go..he needs the break...and I will be civil to Jerk Face.

It appears that the B's aren't going to play in the Tourney this Sunday..rumor has it they " don't have the money"...HAH ...I think they are ashamed to face SU...but then that would imply that they have a sense of shame..which I doubt.

Silly things have made me smile today.....getting bangs trimmed...some guy in the courtyard between 1 and 2 Allen center playing an acoustic guitar..suprisingly well...rain.....which we needed....Fridays...

Keep Good Thoughts

Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

you talked to HIM???? o lawdie. That would freak out your udder brudder.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for which ever one is best for you guys!

Boschka said...

I will use whatever means necessary to get SU a job...even jerk face.

One of the attorneys has a Pointer Chum who is in the orthotics fiels...calls will be made. Also we are very hopeful that the lead from Bubba W. will pan out with the orthotics client...

Still chanting

Aunty Pol