Friday, October 29, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Happy Friday !
Since it's Pre Pre Halloween , known on this blog as Friday ..I of course had to go with the Army of Darkness jpeg..and of course it had to be the Japanese one...cause that's how I roll.
Caslm down, I am for the most part over my initial Hiroshima level reaction to SciFi's announcement re caprica..just barely mind you ...but hey..if it should also happen to show up on facebook...not the post..the Scifi link.....oops.
I do try to keep them seperate..I have my reasons.
Not a hell of a lot is going to be going on this weekend. I don't know if SU will have to work or not , it's doubtful since his boss , GHP has asked him to be at work an hour earlier , at 7 am.
Which means we need to leave the Casa at 6:15.
Onward..oh crapity crap crap crap crap...I just got Tres Leches on the keyboard...hang on..
In a perfect world since it is not going to be too hot , I can get some stuff done in the yead..yeah...we'll see .
I have no idea what if anything I am going to cook this weekend..I did a big meal last weekend when the brother came over and we are still eating off the
Have a great weekend, be safe if you celebrate Halloween or Samhain as I prefer.
Aunty Pol

Drum Roll Please ~!

Hi..Sgt. A.P. Pants here.
I have had to remove my mommy from the bloggy since she almost blew her cool over the last post .
I did this brave act on behalf of all of the kittehs at Casa De Swamp since we don't have thumb thingys and she does.
She is more generous with the treats and the nip ( no Munchie, it is not caturday yet..that's eleventy eight sleeps from now ) than Daddy is so we have to keep her around.
I am however , still hissed off at her for the rough cat handling I had to endure when she and the Daddy put that Krep ( Advantage ) on my furs last night.
I'd better get 2 pawsfull of treats tonight.
Check the above sight and remember we furr babies love have the thumb tbingys after all .
Meow for now.
Sgt. A. P. Pants
Patio Patrol HQ


Note :
This is not my usual Bruce of the day Friday post and it will be done today, the language I am about to use here is NOT SAFE FOR WORK....NSFW y'all so bear that in mind. This is my personal opinion .
I am pissed off at you Sci Fi Channel !
Listen up motherfuckers..It took quite a while for me to forgive you bailing on " Crusade." But never the less I did because I saw which way the wind was blowing. You also bailed on " Flash Gordon", " Poltergeist : The Legacy" , "Dresden Files" , "Firefly" and scores of other shows that had decent writing and a basic understanding and respect for science fiction and fantasy fans. You didn't even bother with " Legend Of The Seeker" , which was also sadly cancelled , but at least USA had the BALLS to actually listen to the author and Terry Goodkind was clear on how his creation was to be treated. Thank Gaia that Anne and Todd McCaffreys concept for Pern was never executed because your history as a channel has proven that you would have fucked that up to a fairtheewell in a nano second. And haha ..George R. R. Martin was smart enough to sell " Game of Thrones " to HBO....suck on that awhile.
Yes, our demographic has always been a niche one, that is common knowledge. Footprint space in a traditional bookstore or airtime on television has always been directed by the revenue that blockbusters such as " Star Wars" and " Harry Potter" have generated. As fans we know this to be a fact, hell , we are part of what drives this you dumb clueless bastards because we are the ones spending the goddamn money you cretins !
So you're bailing on " Caprica "?
Wow..surprise me not a bit.
This does not bode well for anyone with any interest in the proposed bridge movies between Caprica and BSG.
I have never ever understood what the fuck ECW has to do with your channels format except for the obvious demographic that you think solely comprises your viewership...18-24 year old males. I know people that watch that programing and that is fine..the more the merrier...on another channel...but SciFi ?
Really ?
I have news for you asshats.
Your in house movies SUCK so bad that Best Brains in Hopkins..remember them ?
They wouldn't review your in studio movies they are that bad !
Women make up a large part of the fan base of Science Fiction.
Intelligent people of both genders and a variety of ages are science fiction fans. Science Fiction and Fantasy fans are in all walks of life, all economic levels , all races and all countries....
A very disgusted and saddened,
Duchess Moritani

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quiz Pt 1

What do the following have in common ?

The movie adaptation of Douglass Adams " A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy ."

Sherlock Holmes .

Bilbo Baggins .

Answer to follow.


Aunty Pol

Quiz Answer

Martin Freeman of course !
I sincerely recommend the new Masterpiece Mystery currently running on Sunday evening on PBS , its a new version of Sherlock Holmes.
Close your mouths.
I went through High School with the nickname of Watson, which I will still answer to it.
I can recite all the dialog from any Roy William Neil movie staring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Green ever made.
Watch PBS on Sundays for the series.
Just do it.
BBC America has the set of 2 dvd's on sale, with 4 1/2 hrs on it so I assume the first series is in fact 3 ninety minute episodes.
The games afoot.
He also played Arthur Dent in " A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy," and is set to play Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's forthcoming movie " The Hobbit."
Aunty Pol

Self Explanitory

I haven't had to do it in 29 years.
Thinking about it makes me cringe .
Since SU's work has changed ownership, there have been some changes, this is par for the course and no cause for alarm , trust me, he and I can find panic mode easily enough by ourselves thankyouverymuch.
Yes, CE , damn near as bad as the twits at the GAP.
You see, the Grand High Poobah ( SU's boss and he's a nice guy - really !) is something of a pack rat.
I'm writing this with a straight face yah know.
GHP had a habit of over-ordering items more often than not. His theory was " Why order a mere 5 of something , when I can order 500 of them and thus ensure that I never, ever run out.. ?"
The fact that they never used more than 1 or 2 of the item didn't matter.
By Gawd , they were set !
La De Dah De Dah......
There was never a systematic way of getting a widgit that you needed to complete a simply went to the appropriate widgit locker and grabbed one.
Take the last one ? worries .
The widgit fairy would wave his magic wand over the Granger Parts book and SHAZAAAM !
Your wish is have said may now finish your job at hand and ride your trusty unicorn down the HOV lane towards your castle where the beer is both plentiful and cold ...and where your lovely bride is pleasant and cheerful all the time , you lucky bastard.
Need to keep track of anything ?
Oh dear have magic...keeping track is for the mundane .
You have been blessed by the Gods themselves and to show have a magical phrase that is written upon your brow in secret Elven Ink.
Want to know the secret ?
Really ?
But don't tell anyone else...the translation reads ..wait for it....wait....wait...
"Not My Job".
Yes indeed.
Here at local 39 of the NMJ ( Not My Job - Patent Pending)..we don't have to do jack shit.
New owner says there will be a mandatory inventory/audit and your company must comply.
All together now :
Some poor hapless bastard who actually cares about the quality of his work and his job will do it.
He always does his bit.
Helpful to others, he is more often than not trying to assist or teach the easier or proper way to finish a task.
He is competent, resourceful, dependable and for the most past slow to anger.
He is SU.
I know who is the more active member of NMJ and the grief that SU has to bear this week as he does his part of the inventory while assisting in his other duties....and while he cannot control the more dedicated of the NMJ ( Smitty, Rat and a few others)...hopefully the PTB's will finally see that there are those who come into SU ..and the others that stand around all day playing with themselves or what ever the hell it is they do between clocking in, lunch and clocking out.
As for me...I doubt they will notice, and if they do, I further doubt that the PTB's will do anything about it.
Gonna be a long week.
Aunty Pol

Almost There Gang ...Amost There !

Yes , if Sgt . Panda Pants had the moxie, this is what I imagine he'd be doing.

Assuming he stayed awake long enough to open Facebook.

I am almost all caught up on some stuff , the operative word being almost.

Funny thing tho , I was boppin around the innertubes when I came across a new bloggy. As is my custom, if I like the blog enough to read more than one post , I add it to favorites which is as of today , the only thing in my life that is larger than the number of shoes that I own,,,,LMAO...sad but true .

If I really like a blog , I peruse their links because more often than not there are things in common that I will find in other blogs...the occasional male idiocy ( no dear..not you , not today at least ) ...cats, food, cooking, science fiction , shopping, gardening, my love for "colorful language" and why on an almost daily basis the idiot meat bags that I have to endure/work with piss my ass know..all the dainty and demure things that make Aunty Pol Aunty Pol.

So there I was reading another authors take on a particular epp of "Bones" , which I found myself agreeing with I popped over to her links area...blah de blah,,scrolling...scrolling...this seems familiar...blah de blah..scrolling.....

Egad !

C'est Moi !

Um..AP honey..when did you change the layout for I'm Fat..Oh really ?..

YOU FAKED MY ASS OUT And that is not easily done Missy !

Good Job Girl !

Still surfing the innertubes.....lah de dah de dah


Aunty Pol

Monday, October 25, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

I know, I know , the most idiotic photo of Mr. Barrowman of all time...and never fails to make me laugh..out loud even.
I hope everyone had a good weekend..our was a bit ho hum but at this point I am liking ho hum. I had no really big plans except for the usual nail appt and a much needed facial so that my skin would re-learn how to acgt and stop all the bat shit crazy peeling that has been going on..cold weather does that to me..
Anyhoo, we has some massive wind down here so all of the yard is covered in opine needles..Sistah I feel your least your grand pups and kitteh..( belly rubs) don't eat and then puke up the damn things..yeah that happened more than once.
And I did my good deed and puppy sat more or less as Cindy went to Austin and Miss Jeri Lee was in Lousiana...hee hee " Aunty Pol's Pet Service...". They would have done it for us and we let each other know when we are out and about.
Now...if the other box would get here...I bought a decorative metal planter for the Ice House that I need to get hisself to clear coat and some small metal bird cages for votive was done on vacay....
Have a great week ...I'm trying to get back into mah groove.
Aunty Pol

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Greetings Dearhearts......I'm BACK !
Yes..flee the village, your Aunty Pol is back from her all too brief sojourn in the the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.
I have made a commitment to myself that I will once a year descend upon the Sistah and Double Oh Mullet for some sanity. I am lucky enough to have friends of ..oh shit....damn near 30 years that don't care for anything more than the simple fact that we are together and that we will always have each others backs. That sort of honesty is rare and something I guard with a vengeance.We've seen ourselves at our best and worst and love each other because of it all, not in spite of it all. I cannot ever, ever recall a moment where there has been a cross word much less an angry one between us...ever. I've never been mad in the least at either one of them and doubt that I would know how to hand to God.
Before you all pass out from the sweetness and light here..don't get me wrong..double oh and I are famous if not infamous for the way we go after each other...usually beginning with a very animated " F*ck You Inset actual name here" we all fall over laughing. If Double Oh and I ever stop picking on each other , the victim would be running to Sistah in a panic.."Is so and so MAD at Me ? What's he/she okay ? "...We've always been that way..I treat him like the idiot younger brother that always just breaks me up...
Example....From that animated movie with the talking dog..well...." Squirrel..glancing away" has gotten to be out new thing to the point that I used it as the code text to let them know that I was safely home..
Yes..we are all over 50..and still thinking we are all 20 ..and as we said more than once..with an inordinate amount of pride , I might add..." And...we never landed in jail.....". My Godson is old enough now that he just rolls his eyes when he is not having apoplexy over the slings and arrows that his father and I launch at each other. Godson's wife I am sure just thinks we are nuts and lets it all go....secretly grateful I suspect that I live in Texas and thus she will not have this on a daily basis.
The weather was amazing and it is a gift that we are all happy to veg, having not fallen prey to the bane of all vacations...over scheduling. Double Oh poor baby had to work most of the weekend because Moi had to pick one of the busiest at WSU..Dad's weekend, Orange County Choppers, Tim Allen in concert , opening of deer season and pheasant season....can I pick 'em or what. I really want to pick a better time so that he can take some time to goof off too....yep..I had a bit of the guilts about it all..sorry dude. Your lovely bride and I had lunchies with dah chillins , saw Sadie's soccer game..had girl time...I will try to get a time when we can all fart around.
Sistah..I got the box with the clay pot..worked perfect for what I wanted by the way and oddly enough none of my tribe freaked out at all about the smell of Shania, Buster or Molly.
The Momma was not punished,...who knew ?
Work and life here is the same...and I miss you all so much.
Squirrel !
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloggus Interruptus

I am on vacay for a week so play nicely Bitches...I'm watching !
Aunty Pol

Crying Wolf Is Still A Bullshit Manuever

I am really getting tired of people thinking that because I don't necessarily say no , or actually react to their bullshit that I am okay with it .
No matter how often a person says that their behavior will change, the fact that they are making that particular statement at all is a clear indicator that the behavior in question has not only remained constant , but more to the point is not capeable of any change.
Read that is long but it will make sense.
If you need to keep saying it won't happen again and it are a liar and the fact that you keep apologizing means that you have no concept of consequences or responsibility or decent behavior towards another human being at all.
It is also a real form of emotional abuse.
Aunty Pol who finds it easier to care less each and every day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is why I watch Caprica.

Go to :

I am a complete fan girl of TWOP, and while often their reviews are better than the actual shows...( Smallville !) have to read their stuff.

And then watch Caprica.

I swear to BAST , I was sorta iffy about the whole prequel bit and then I got an all day marathon...and BONUS..James Marsters as Barnabas.....GO SPIKEY GO SPIKEY GO SPIKEY.

Trust me, your Pol won't steer you wrong.

FRAKIN A people.

Aunty Pol who must get back to the recap.

USS Catfish

This is the link to the page for my father's last command. He only had the boat for two years but they were memorable. I usedd to get it confused..LMAO... The Navy sold the boat to Argentina and it was lost in the Falklands in 1971.
I found a copy of the USNA Glee Club recording that my parents had..I AM so buying it and I don't EVER want to hear one word about it from certain parties.
Lots of memories.
Aunty Pol..aka JPF's kid

Monday, October 11, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Greetings Earthlings !
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa...I know it has been ages .ok...a week or so which is ages for me since last we met..what can I say ?
It's been busy at work..I know blah blah de blah ..and then THE WEDDING !...and the usual disasters at the Casa and so on...but I have read all of the blogs that I follow and am trying to catch up so there you are.
The Wedding: this was /is not our childs wedding, tho the way I felt about it , it well could have been . crazy cajun...opps....Mr. Ossifer Cajun SIR ..YES a married man. His wife aka lovely bride ( and OMG..she really is drop dead gorgeous) ..and he did the dirty deed this Saturday...and in hindsight it really didn't matter that the shortness here ( Moi) couldn't see a thing because I was pretty teary eyed through the whole thing as it was..I'm telling ya..thank
Bast once agasin for water proof mascara. The reception /dance was at a local restaurant and I was smart enough to have changed into fool I. With a gap of 2 1/2 hours between the 2 events, I really did not want to hit a local watering hole, and we really needed to go home and tend to the furr all worked out in the end.
Recipe for a ginormous headache
1. Star mother loving gazer lilies at every frakkin table.
2. Mariachi ..lovely band but geeze..
3. Party favor horns ( mini vuvuzu's or what ever the hell those world cup things were )
Judas H..arrrrggggghhhh.
We sat with the Cajuns natch, and the cutest thing...At our table was a 12 year old young lady who is second or third cousin of the groom...and Gordy had mentioned that Miranda ( not Amanda dear...MIRANDA !) had a bit of a crush on him .
Oh shit...she does.
And it was sooo cute.
Gordy was polite and somewhat attentive to her ( please note that her parents and younger brother were also at the table) and generally aware that he needed to be kind and cordial to her....he hit just the right mix...and I just smiled...because after all...I was just furniture to her..which is fine.
By 10 pm..I'd had enough and even tho the cake had not yet been cut, we fled the joint. I was tired and hisself had a golf tourney the next day..yeah..peace and quiet so I could sleep.
Other than that , it will be a quiet week as I get my act together to go bug the hell out of the SISTAH..can't wait babe..can't wait.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Friday, October 01, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday !

First and formost, a Happy Anniversary shout out goes to Sistah and Double Oh Mullet...33 years of wedded bliss today my friends...dayum ! Let me know how the new restaurant is when I get out there..

Secondly. A Huge Happy Birthday goes out to the crazy Cajun..yeah yeah yeah...we all know that SU will forever be older than you sweetie..but I have a news flash for the both of you,,you will always be older than me so shut it you old farts.

It's been a mixed bag this week , but thankfully more good than bad. I am happy happy joy joy that I can get to the hairdresser a week from today so that I can get the color redone, trust me... Between the wedding and vacay, there is no way on God's Green that I am going to go shaggy with the ever growing white thatch that is my Grandmother's genetic legacy. Part of the bad this week is the good old coverage/out thing that usually pisses me off since I can't in all good conscience take the 3 or 4 hours when one of the other two is out. Of course the fact that neither one has worked a full week in the last two months for one reason or another is beside the point.

The weather is beautiful and I want to be on the patio with Sgt. A. P. Pants...and a beverage...I know..Daisey Mae Wah !

Have a great weekend..and Lady L..I don't know if the bad weather is affecting you in B'More so be careful Sistah..


Aunty Pol