Friday, October 29, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Happy Friday !
Since it's Pre Pre Halloween , known on this blog as Friday ..I of course had to go with the Army of Darkness jpeg..and of course it had to be the Japanese one...cause that's how I roll.
Caslm down, I am for the most part over my initial Hiroshima level reaction to SciFi's announcement re caprica..just barely mind you ...but hey..if it should also happen to show up on facebook...not the post..the Scifi link.....oops.
I do try to keep them seperate..I have my reasons.
Not a hell of a lot is going to be going on this weekend. I don't know if SU will have to work or not , it's doubtful since his boss , GHP has asked him to be at work an hour earlier , at 7 am.
Which means we need to leave the Casa at 6:15.
Onward..oh crapity crap crap crap crap...I just got Tres Leches on the keyboard...hang on..
In a perfect world since it is not going to be too hot , I can get some stuff done in the yead..yeah...we'll see .
I have no idea what if anything I am going to cook this weekend..I did a big meal last weekend when the brother came over and we are still eating off the
Have a great weekend, be safe if you celebrate Halloween or Samhain as I prefer.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hey sweetie, been deep in audit and haven't done squat online for over a week.

Gracious, 6:15?? Leaving??? Aaagh!

Quickly... share your disgust with SyFy over Caprica (snarky comments at SyFy well taken, dear), happiness with Freeman and complete sympathies, on behalf of SU, for the NMJers.