Friday, January 26, 2007


For as long as I can remember, I have this weird thing that happens when I wake up. I hear a song in my head. Sometimes it's a portent of the way the day is going to go. Sometimes , it's a left over part of a dream, you know the kind. You remember the fact that you dreamed but not a lot of the dream itself . Sometimes it's an emotional response to something going on in my world . Sometimes it's just there.

It can be almost anything . I have to be careful who I tell, like Nee Nee for example . I can mention it to her and then she's got it stuck in her head all day. The gift that keeps on giving.

Todays song is.......

Wait for it......


" Hellraiser " by Ozzy Osbourne.


Old Pol is a die hard Ozzy fan, one of the original Black Sabbath fans. I first heard them on their first U.S. tour in Virginia with an old and first crush, Jim Minerd.

OMG..I haven't thought about Jim Minerd in eons.

And that was 1970 0r 1971.


On the homefront:


The Kitteh's have decided that they also luv the new furniture. Even Boshi, the shy one came out last night while SU was over at the crazy Cajun's to play cards. Moi...happy as a clam watching " Smallville ( Yeah..cameo from the Martian Manhunter...that F'g rocks people !!!) , and then CSI. Gawd Liv Schreiber ( sp) is yummy....sigh.

Focus Pol....focus.

Anyhoo, there is the Baby Girl sitting in the middle of the sofa like it's a throne. Not on the side..not scrunched down like " You don't see me...I'm not here." More like ..."I am ready to be adored, notice my perfection. " I guess they all like the texture of the fabric and it's been almost a week so they have put their paw of approval on it.


They run the house .

And they know it.

The Other Obsession.....My RPG..

I can't believe that we have been playing together for either four or five years now.

Once again it seems that the web host that we are using is being a total butt hole and so we are gonna pack it up and move to yet another host.

I guess for all the noobs/virgins, I had better explain. An RPG is a " Role Playing Game. Right now WOW or World Of Warcraft is an uber popular multi - player game on the 'net. Just as " EverQuest" had dominated the genre a few years ago WOW is the cat's ass right now.

And then there is my lil tribe . " Dune , War Of Assassins " or as we call it " WOA 3.0 " ...hee hee. We started off on the old SciFi channel board, but that blew up..long story..don't ask. Our fearless leader IM'd a few of us die hards about joining a new game..."Oh Hell to the Yeah". The game itself has had various titles over the years, and the same core group of 20 or so people from all over. Two are in Australia. One is in Warsaw. Three of us are in Texas. There are a couple of Canadians, a couple of Brits, a Dane or two.

But, we aren't World of Warcraft. We play a game based on "Dune " by Frank Herbert.

Yeah...we are those people.

I have played as a Major House of the Landsraad. I have run the Bene Gesserit faction. I have been Governor of Arrakis. I am know by one and all as one mean mofo who you do not cross , unless you want to be assassinated or have all your Melange stolen or blown up.

And yet, I know all of these people. Their real life names and phone numbers and where they live. I suspect one chum will be coming over from the UK again this year and will crash at Casa de Swamp . I look forward to the political discussion that Roger and SU have. These are the people who kept me sane when my father died. I was there in turn when Lone' s father passed away. We've shared births, deaths and new pet additions or losses. When we have to move the site we patiently wait or Im each other with barbs, puns and an occasional dirty limmerick . I trust them with my life, have welcomed them into our home and value what they have given me.

But I swear if CT tries to poison me again...mwahahahah.

Fear Me.


Have a Great Weekend.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What the..??????

My left eye was a tad itchy the day before yesterday , great I thought.." A Stye." My father was very prone to these to the point that he'd had the vast majority of his eye lashes removed . Yes. Removed. " A guy thing", concluded all of the females I have shared this with . True that. I got used to the fact that my father looked like a Komodo Dragon at times when he blinked which was funnier than hell...especially after I'd told him this fact.

But I digress.

I threw out my eyemakeup, having learned to keep a new set of sterile intact replacements handy. I always use a clean washcloth to clean my face. Every night. I buy the cheapest ones I can get that are white and bleach them, and no..not even bleach will get some of the makeup residue off the cloth...which begs the skin ? I have been using a mineral makeup for about a year and a half and am quite pleased , so there are choices out there. I use cetaphil to cleanse and a good toner. I use a good eyecream and cetaphil as a moisture cream. I don't spend money on fancy shit. So why the hell was my left eye..only the left mind you swollen yesterday ? Not quite shut, but Jeebus....! SU could see the swelling without his glasses and he is truely blind as a bat. I look like I've been sucker punched. I'd use this as a joke at the office , except for :

1. Not Funny
2. Been there in real life aka marriage # 1.
3. See #'s 1 and 2.

People have been doing a double take at the office..hee hee...but they don't know what to say and for this bunch, that it odd in itself. I know many gals that go sans Max Factor and good for them. I am not one of them me here.

I feel Nekkid.

Please let the eye clear up. Failing that...any one know where I can get a good Parrothead Eye Patch ?


Have a good week, we all deserve it

One Eyed Aunty Pol....Arrrrr Matey

Monday, January 22, 2007

I need another weekend to recover from the weekend.

We had a great weekend at Casa de Swamp....but I need a weekend to recover . The old furniture got recycled to some young dude via freecycle so he is a happy camper . From what I gather the young dude is in his first place , ( Lordy Jeebus , I remember those days ) and is happy to get whatever he can. We are happy to have it gone, finding a new use and not filling up the area landfill with stuff that is still of some use. So there we were, eyeballing vast expanses of bare room and carpet....well hells bells..." Lets clean the carpeted areas that never see the light of day, ....aka the under the sofa parts. Wheeeeeee ! The NG's have a spotbot ( Gawd, I want one of my own...hint to thee El Hubbo) and so I used it and the Mega Monster and got all of that done. Then...we needed to unload the china hutch to make room for furniture inny's and outies. After the third cuppa..well hells bells, " Lets clean off the crystal stemware and polish the silver that is now covering the dining room table......lalalalalal . Done. There we sat on the outdoor chairs that were repositioned indoors , confusion reigned amongst the fur folk and hisself went back to watch goof. This was really a clever ploy to snag a nap. I am on to him. LOL. Doorbell. ????????? Nopers..It's the lamps ! Wheeeeee ! " What do you mean
we are gonna wait to open them until the furniture arrives ??????????" I want to open the pretties NAOW ! Come on, I've been a really good girl waiting for the furniture....and ask anyone who knows me....I hate the hurry up and wait game..! After 30 minutes, I want to find a gun and play " Opps..there WAS one chambered. My bad." Finally furniture arrives. My beautiful chocolate brown microsuede sofa and paprika colored microsuede chair are here! And they are perfect ! And they work with the new area rug, drapes and lamps. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY . We bask in the glory that is our new space, clean fresh carpet, shiney silver and crystal and warm, cozy new stuff . The kittehs are still trying to figure out where their old stuff is, and all twiterpated that we moved their stuff a bit. By 8:30 hisself was ZZZZZ 'g on the sofa and Moi decided...bed....warm water bed with kittehs..oh hell yeah. Me....8:30 on a Saturday night. Who'd athunk it ? Sunday was laundry and errands and such so I really do need another weekend.

In a side's weird to wake up so early on the weekends. Nice, but weird. Still on the wagon, so it is what it is. Tried to get in touch with some friends but they were busy according to their blogs so I will try again later. Just because we don't yak a lot on a regular basis doesn't mean that we don't love and care about each other.

I will post news about Momma in law when I have some.

Have a GREAT week...we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wonder Of Wonders

Anyone who knows me knows that Ol Aunty Pol here rarely pays full price for anything. Nope..nosirreebob..not me. For example, my favorite store/catalog is ColdwaterCreek . I love all of their clothes and their pants fit other than the length, which I have dealt with all my life. I usually wait until the desired goody goes from their main page to their Outlet Linky. Yes, this means at times that I have to check on a daily basis, but if they are slashing the price on a jacket that I HAVE to have, say from $99.00 to $29.00....OH HELL YEAH ! I absolutely refuse to pay full price. Shopping to me and for me is a competitive sport....and I have to win.

Recently SU and I finally bought a new sofa and chair for the living room. HUH F'g ZAH !!!!!!!!
Seriously peeps. The old one was one that was a custom know the kind of place that lets you pick the frame and the material like you're Candy Freaking Spelling you are soooo special....right. I can't grouse too much, the old sofa lasted 17 years and was slip cover friendly. The new stuff is to be delivered this coming Saturday...yipppeeeeee.....Can't hardly wait. The miracle part is that for years I have wanted new lamps also..catch the pattern here gang ? There is a catalog company named " Home Decorators Collection " that we have ordered from before...hint..if you go to their website you will quickly see that they are owned by Chrome the illusions that you are dealing with some chi chi elite decor service are pretty much in the crapper , but they do have nice stuff. Low and behold...I find two tiffany style lamps that I like at the outlet....table lamp market down from $139 . 00 to $39.00 AND a matching floor lamp marked down to $ 59.00 from 159.99. Grabbed those bad boys up let me tell ya. The miracle here is that while SU is pretty easy going about a lot of stuff with the occasional " Oh Hell No", he actually LIKES the new lamps.

Now, if I can find a rug.......I want a Sarouk in the worst way. Holler if you hear of a good sale.

Be Safe. Be Warm.

Still 16 days y'all.

Aunty Pol

Glad it's not our house.

We received a card and note from the Aunt and Uncle up in the frozen North with one of those prose laden family memo's that we all know and abhor. It seems that they are moving after 40 years in one house to a smaller abode with less yard and or maintenance.

Forty Years.

Jeebus H. As I recall my aunt is an avid antique maven and is always on the prowl for some gee gaw that she can't pass up. Can you imagine forty years of collecting only to have to pack it all up ? Not to mention the sorting and the " where the hell did this come from ?" Or in their case , " heck." I am glad that they are moving into a more reasonable place and not the assisted living aka hell on Earth situation. It will be odd to have to use another address for them too, after all these years of their having one of the addresses that I have in fact commited to memory. I hope all goes well for them, but I can also imagine their kids, my cousins thinking..." Oh no, please don't let them foist that krep off on us."

It's freezing down here in Tejas, and of course the weather wonks hae made it out to be much worse than it was. Hisself is miserable, and I ama reminding myself that later on this year as I die from the humidity that I loathe ( "It's not the heat, it's the humidity...BITE ME.") . I fail to see why it is so awful to actually put on another layer of clothing, jeezey pete..that's what sweats and socks are for peeps. This will all pass and we will havew our regulated 3 days of sprong before the heat descends. Hopefully this 'cane season will be less than last years..oh please let it be so.

16 days y'all.

Be safe.


Aunty Pol.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I just read a report that it is sleeting up where we live, oh joy. We are a part of that southern area that is getting the winter blast, and we aren't in an area that has a lot of bad winters. This is Houston people...we live in shorts 10-11 months of the year. SU will be a very unhappy camper as he hates the cold weather and he will kvetch and carry on. I will ignore him as is my norm, and focus on happy the new sofa and chair that is going to be delivered God willing this coming Saturday. He was the one that saw the ad and so off we went..the new sofa is a more modern design in a warm reddish brown microsuede and my chair is in paprika.....think Campbells Tomato soup. The new drapes are up, though we need one more panel and hisself has determined that we do in fact need the valances..LMAO...yup. Hisself decided. I found 2 new lamps that are ordered from the Home decorators outlet linky and I think they are going to be great...I am a happy camper.

Other that, not much is new, Momma in law starts radiation this week so we are hopeful.

Take warm.

Day 15..( cept for a slip or 2 early on ..but it's progress ~ I am happier sober..that's right kids..I haven't had a drink in 15 days. I have even gone so far as to tell the neighbors and some trusted co-workers...not all of the reasons....way too personal but enough to get the love and support they are famous for. I look forward to the dayb that I don't know the number of that day..that it is simply what it is. For those who don't get it..oh well....I no longer care what you may or may not think .)


Aunty Pol.