Thursday, January 25, 2007

What the..??????

My left eye was a tad itchy the day before yesterday , great I thought.." A Stye." My father was very prone to these to the point that he'd had the vast majority of his eye lashes removed . Yes. Removed. " A guy thing", concluded all of the females I have shared this with . True that. I got used to the fact that my father looked like a Komodo Dragon at times when he blinked which was funnier than hell...especially after I'd told him this fact.

But I digress.

I threw out my eyemakeup, having learned to keep a new set of sterile intact replacements handy. I always use a clean washcloth to clean my face. Every night. I buy the cheapest ones I can get that are white and bleach them, and no..not even bleach will get some of the makeup residue off the cloth...which begs the skin ? I have been using a mineral makeup for about a year and a half and am quite pleased , so there are choices out there. I use cetaphil to cleanse and a good toner. I use a good eyecream and cetaphil as a moisture cream. I don't spend money on fancy shit. So why the hell was my left eye..only the left mind you swollen yesterday ? Not quite shut, but Jeebus....! SU could see the swelling without his glasses and he is truely blind as a bat. I look like I've been sucker punched. I'd use this as a joke at the office , except for :

1. Not Funny
2. Been there in real life aka marriage # 1.
3. See #'s 1 and 2.

People have been doing a double take at the office..hee hee...but they don't know what to say and for this bunch, that it odd in itself. I know many gals that go sans Max Factor and good for them. I am not one of them me here.

I feel Nekkid.

Please let the eye clear up. Failing that...any one know where I can get a good Parrothead Eye Patch ?


Have a good week, we all deserve it

One Eyed Aunty Pol....Arrrrr Matey


Susan said...

Warm damp washcloth over the area always does wonders for me. They've got over the counter stuff that's okay. Hope it clears up fast. Now MY eyes feel weird!!

Boschka said...

I'm holding out for the eye the looks I've gotten at the office LMAO..they've never seen me without mascara or some now...



Susan said...