Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wonder Of Wonders

Anyone who knows me knows that Ol Aunty Pol here rarely pays full price for anything. Nope..nosirreebob..not me. For example, my favorite store/catalog is ColdwaterCreek . I love all of their clothes and their pants fit other than the length, which I have dealt with all my life. I usually wait until the desired goody goes from their main page to their Outlet Linky. Yes, this means at times that I have to check on a daily basis, but if they are slashing the price on a jacket that I HAVE to have, say from $99.00 to $29.00....OH HELL YEAH ! I absolutely refuse to pay full price. Shopping to me and for me is a competitive sport....and I have to win.

Recently SU and I finally bought a new sofa and chair for the living room. HUH F'g ZAH !!!!!!!!
Seriously peeps. The old one was one that was a custom know the kind of place that lets you pick the frame and the material like you're Candy Freaking Spelling you are soooo special....right. I can't grouse too much, the old sofa lasted 17 years and was slip cover friendly. The new stuff is to be delivered this coming Saturday...yipppeeeeee.....Can't hardly wait. The miracle part is that for years I have wanted new lamps also..catch the pattern here gang ? There is a catalog company named " Home Decorators Collection " that we have ordered from before...hint..if you go to their website you will quickly see that they are owned by Chrome the illusions that you are dealing with some chi chi elite decor service are pretty much in the crapper , but they do have nice stuff. Low and behold...I find two tiffany style lamps that I like at the outlet....table lamp market down from $139 . 00 to $39.00 AND a matching floor lamp marked down to $ 59.00 from 159.99. Grabbed those bad boys up let me tell ya. The miracle here is that while SU is pretty easy going about a lot of stuff with the occasional " Oh Hell No", he actually LIKES the new lamps.

Now, if I can find a rug.......I want a Sarouk in the worst way. Holler if you hear of a good sale.

Be Safe. Be Warm.

Still 16 days y'all.

Aunty Pol

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