Monday, January 22, 2007

I need another weekend to recover from the weekend.

We had a great weekend at Casa de Swamp....but I need a weekend to recover . The old furniture got recycled to some young dude via freecycle so he is a happy camper . From what I gather the young dude is in his first place , ( Lordy Jeebus , I remember those days ) and is happy to get whatever he can. We are happy to have it gone, finding a new use and not filling up the area landfill with stuff that is still of some use. So there we were, eyeballing vast expanses of bare room and carpet....well hells bells..." Lets clean the carpeted areas that never see the light of day, ....aka the under the sofa parts. Wheeeeeee ! The NG's have a spotbot ( Gawd, I want one of my own...hint to thee El Hubbo) and so I used it and the Mega Monster and got all of that done. Then...we needed to unload the china hutch to make room for furniture inny's and outies. After the third cuppa..well hells bells, " Lets clean off the crystal stemware and polish the silver that is now covering the dining room table......lalalalalal . Done. There we sat on the outdoor chairs that were repositioned indoors , confusion reigned amongst the fur folk and hisself went back to watch goof. This was really a clever ploy to snag a nap. I am on to him. LOL. Doorbell. ????????? Nopers..It's the lamps ! Wheeeeee ! " What do you mean
we are gonna wait to open them until the furniture arrives ??????????" I want to open the pretties NAOW ! Come on, I've been a really good girl waiting for the furniture....and ask anyone who knows me....I hate the hurry up and wait game..! After 30 minutes, I want to find a gun and play " Opps..there WAS one chambered. My bad." Finally furniture arrives. My beautiful chocolate brown microsuede sofa and paprika colored microsuede chair are here! And they are perfect ! And they work with the new area rug, drapes and lamps. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY JOY . We bask in the glory that is our new space, clean fresh carpet, shiney silver and crystal and warm, cozy new stuff . The kittehs are still trying to figure out where their old stuff is, and all twiterpated that we moved their stuff a bit. By 8:30 hisself was ZZZZZ 'g on the sofa and Moi decided...bed....warm water bed with kittehs..oh hell yeah. Me....8:30 on a Saturday night. Who'd athunk it ? Sunday was laundry and errands and such so I really do need another weekend.

In a side's weird to wake up so early on the weekends. Nice, but weird. Still on the wagon, so it is what it is. Tried to get in touch with some friends but they were busy according to their blogs so I will try again later. Just because we don't yak a lot on a regular basis doesn't mean that we don't love and care about each other.

I will post news about Momma in law when I have some.

Have a GREAT week...we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

Oh, I love getting new stuff! Enjoy it like crazy.

Boschka said...

oh thanks hon , I plan on it. Congratulations to you and Glenn on the 2007 model .


DIL said...

Glad to know you are still around. We were starting to worry you may have forgotten us out here! you know since we are in the big CO freeze and snowed in half the time. Congrats on the new stuff! hope me and hubby can do that sometime! Hope all else is going well. Drop me a line sometime I miss talking to ya. We love and miss and hope to see again soon.

Love and hugs to all!

Love the Ice Sickles
RayneBug Daddy and Mommy

Susan said...

Thanks! We've been told we are singlehandedly populating North America. lol