Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suprises and Resolutions

I find that the older I get, the more suprised I am by the kindness of strangers and the occasional random act of kindness . I'm not sure what this means exactly and I am not going to do my usual " mess with it like it's a sore tooth till you want to scream bit..but still it deserves to be recognized . It's been an odd year in many ways , and yet at the same time, new routines have been worked on and patterns changed . There are many things that I am so grateful for..the health and happiness of friends and +50 ladies group who understand and laugh and support each other no matter what....the gang of Hellions that I still game with after 5 years...Malibu and Mr. Mullet and their child ( my Godson) who is getting married July 2008, ( really seems like yesterday that I was reading to him ) , The Crazy Cajun and his wife, the Yakers, and far too many others to name here . I am grateful that we have all hung together through some of the brightest and or darkest days we've all shared . I suspect that they are in part grateful that Hisself and I are still married and haven't killed the other yet......kidding ..kidding....geeze.

I am not one to make resolutions, I honestly believe that they are a way to set ourselves up for failure . I'd rather take it a day at a time, trying to remember that not every action requires a reaction, not every comment merits a reply and sometimes the best thing to do when faced with things is to just leave it alone...walk away. If it requires something..that won't change in a matter of days but the self created trauma may have lessened . Our parents were as always right . It truely is " Not as bad as it seems " more often than not...and after all , very little in life is really worth throwing a fit of Pete over ( LOL..that still makes me laugh Daddy, it really does ) .

Yes , I have goals for 2008 and beyind...but they are private..I have found it better to keep it that way .

Have a safe and joyous holiday, may it be everything that you hope for and more. I hope that your families , biped or furbaby , are all happy , healthy warm and safe.

Feliz Navidad.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WTF ? Over ?

I belong to a number of sites that are focused, polite, and just basically just play nice with others. They are well moderated, we have been friends for a long time. Other sites that I am newish to, I have taken the time to to know .

The kind where you break through the virtual world and deal with each other in real life. You invite or are invited to each others homes. You behave life a proper guest. You are respectfull of your host . You behave in the manner in which you were raised.

And then there are the others..the Flame Monkeys.

It begs the question............why ?

The audience you were jonsing for recognizes your lame ass attempt at a coup.

Get the F Over It


Aunty Pol

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Rather Odd Day Or 3

It was an odd weekend, not bad per se, but different. For once Hisself did not have to go in to work.

Let me back up.

Friday night we went to Slammin Sammy's and for once , it was not the total pain in the ass that it usually is. I guess everyone was at the Mall...Oh Hell No. Other than the hatted one who insisted that he had the right to bounce a Wilson all over the friggan store, all in all not bad. I finally found the third pirates movie, damn you blue ray and off we went. Usually by Friday night , we are both just completely spent so this being the case , we zoned out watching " Las Vegas" . Note to who ever brokered the deal that brought Tom Sellick ( sp ) back to the small screen, Bless you , you are a prince or princess thus elevated far and above the common rabble. Since hisself was indeed in residence, we were able to go a couple of really big projects that I cannot handle alone. For Example, unloading the massive bookcase in the bedroom to straighten it out . Literally move the mofo . Since the books, roughly 300 of them were out, everyone got swiffered. I had forgotten that I has some first edition Marion Zimmer Bradleys, and did the happy dance .May she rest in the Hold of her choice, I'm assuming Benden Wyrr. I didn''t push it since I knew that he was tired and I can handle the rest of it while he plays goof. Still odd that he was home in the morning. Sunday the usual drill , but at least it is a bit more organized and there are fewer things that need to be done before the dinner party in January. Yes...the holiday dinner party will be in January, probably the middle, This is fine, everyones schedule is so insane this month that January works. For what ever reason, I do not feel compelled to trim the tree, and the decorations that I usually use on the windows won't work with the heavier drapes. I sure as hell am not going to try to move the new sofa my myself....oh hell no. He is fine being tree less and sans carpet monkeys of the biped order, there is no compulsion . Most if not all of the holiday shopping is done, I started early and have been putting things aside, the few cards that we send are for the most part done. We finally got a small case of the Brill and decided that for the Step Momma to donate to the charity my late father was fond of in his memory and then again to the USO. Done. Whee.

We had originally opted to get a new , larger flat screen monitor for the home PC as an anny gift, but with the looming vet bill for Gracie..or Jethro , the vet it is. Yes, we now have a 6 pack o cat. She is a Maine Coon , just like TJ, ( We Miss You Toodies ) and she was abandoned. Sweet cat took up residence with Sgt. Panda Pants and they get along so I'm guessing the gender since they don't fight. She will also be an out door kitteh so he will have a companion. The Casa is full now..anyone who knows us knew we'd take her in.

All in all , I guess that we are as prepared for the holiday as we can be.

I hope all y'all have a wonderful, safe and glorious holiday.

Be safe and happy.

Hug the person you love, be kind to those who either need it or don't deserve it, it all works out about the same in the end.


Aunty Pol