Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Things We Notice

SU and I were talking the other night with regards to how much his father has aged through the ordeal of cancer. Pop is the same age as my late father would have been and has always looked 20 years younger.

Till now.

I have privately thought that their devout faith is the base of their coping skills . You don't manage cancer, it manages you . The treatment if any calls the shots on how you feel, what you think and how you react . It takes no prisoners, offers no negotiations and has the final word in the clearest manner of things . There comes a time when the doctors have to talk to the victim regarding threatment options. My mother in law has had both chemo and radiation therapy and now faces the prospect of determining her options . I didn't know until she told me that the human body has certain tolerence levels with regard to chemo or radiation therapy and that the doctors aren't certain if she can have any more treatments. Through all of this, she's remained positive and calm . Very little seems to ruffle her feathers and I admire that beyond words. I am not sure how many more holiday seasons we will have with her and I am also unsure how Pop will cope later on. They are one unit so to speak. You do not think of one without the other. But he will soldier on as we all must, supporting his wife in this as he has done before. I can only sit by the sidelines and be there for SU as he deals with this as he was for me.

Growing up sucks.

If your parents are still alive , count your blessings. If not, remember them in your prayers . It happens to all of us, to lose a loved one . Our parents went through it, as did theirs . Its the way life is and can't be delayed or denied.

It just is.

Have a good week...you can do it if you try hard enough.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays All Y'all

As usual we went over to SIL 's for the holiday. And as usual I was pissed off about being told when and where to be. Not so much them, I just don't like being told what to do.

It was a lovely day.

Who knew.

I had been given the gift I'd most hoped for.

My brother got to come stateside and finally met his grand daughter. They arrived safe and whole from Minneapolis to Denver. All good.

I spent the day with the in laws and their friends, ate till bursting and spent time with the Mom in Law. We now see how his parents have aged through all this .

Mother has cancer .


It's not good .

I cannot tell you how much I admire her state of grace.

Her condition is not good. Treatment is iffy.

SU and I now realize his parent's ages.

And I had the best time, just hanging with family.

I spoke to other friends tonight who know the issues and who love us.

I called the other Niece, Bug was asleep in her Nana's arms.

All is right in my world.

Feliz Navidad.

Peace out .


Aunty Pol.

Monday, December 18, 2006



The beloved brudder is at home with SIL. Only for leave tho.

Now that's what I mean by a Christmas present peeps.

Feliz Navidad.

Peace Out.


Aunty Pol

Well..It's a Monday

Had a rather pleasent weekend this past one which is odd for this time of year. Usually the SU and I are in full panic mode over the holidays, but he would in fact tell you that this more on my part than his...ROTF on that one. So far the tree is in tact, even though Sgt. Andy Panda Pants has become one of the " Kitteh's who sleep under the Christmas tree. " Must be some sort of Feline Union Rule of Behavior. They have all developed an un-easy truce and now are going through the motions of the hissing and chasing routine . Andy has the front part of the house and the others stay in the back. I just have to be careful that when I am running around that he doesn't have to come and find me. I hope to get the Christmas cards done at lunch today. The important gifts have already gone out or were ordered on line..Gawd, I love that bit. The theory that holiday shopping is a warm and fuzzy Currier and Ives bit is pure bunk. Maybe if you don't work outside the home and I mean no disrespect to stay home guys and gals . You guys work your fannies off for no recognition or respect. Anyhoo , as we plod along, I have some last minute things to pick up and a slug of those gifty bags and tissue paper to grab. SU is the designated wrapper in the Casa, he of the squared corners and perfect angles . I am of the throw paper on that beastie , plotz a bow and call it a day.

As usual the weather is warm, even for us. A lot of the tribe at the office is doing the sinus, chest cold thing that I was down with after the trip last month to see the cutest child in the known universe . It never fails, the Holidays are the time when you can bet the the bugs are flying and people are of the mind that they aren't going to give in to it. Brilliant ! Thanks ever so for spreading it around to the yet to be infected. Instant gift giving, no trim required....germs. remind me to breathe on you if you do that to me. HAH ! But more on the weather in a minute .

Oddly enough SU actually got a holiday bonus this year. I don't think that he's gotten one since I have known his save the occasional canned ( yum..? ) ham. He's a pretty happy camper and I heard from the grapevine on my end that his boss has mentioned to his attorney here ( cosy) that they may want to see about getting SU certified as a tech. SU's not quite sure what that means. To me it means that they like the quality of his work and are willing to recognize that. And the potential for extra Solaris is nice..sorry ...required Dune ref.

All in all, other than waiting to hear on Momma in Laws test results...waiting....waiting...we are all blessed to be reasonably safe, occasionally sane and in one piece . Can't ask for more.

And lastly, back to the weather ..sheesh. Talk about weird. All weekend it was in the lower 70's and damn'd near tied a record. Now is is drizzly and still in the 70's, but it's like early spring and not a week before Christmas. Now contrary to what SU believes, I do not want the cold and ice and all that crap. COld weather is nice and all as ling as I can have a fire in the fireplace but then you know the drill. Nice fire, beverage of choice, hopefully a good old Bette Davis or Bogart or Barbara Stanwick on the tv. Bliss. Then you crash and as a sensible homeowner you have to leave the flu open just in case. Presto chango..you wake up freezing your ass off in a now frigid house . And let me let tell you ..the one thing that will piss me off faster than almost anything else, SU included , is waking up cold. I can't get warm the whold damn day and for one who is more prone to power surges ( hot flashes for you younger gals or the male types) ..I hate it. SU knows when I am sick like the week before last as I am buried in the heavy duty sweats from Academy ( none of that cheap shit from Hanes thankyouverymuch) and even tho I have 3 extra bankies on the water bed..I am still ice cold. Autumn fine....fall fine....sweater weather or my yummy leather coat or jacket...fine...freezing my ass off... fergit it. The problem with the weather when it is like this is that for down here in Houston, we rarely have cold weather for the holidays. We are more apt to get a late freeze just about rose prunning or rodeo time. So while it is like this , the people that are trying to hold on to any Christmas spirit with both hands are just bummed completely out. Fine. Go stick your head in the freezer and be grateful that you are not looking for your loved ones on Mt. Hood...and that's not looking promising at the moment. Folks there are a lot of other more important things to get all fired up about than a little drizzle.

Feliz Navidad Y'all.

Peace Out..and pass the Nog.


Aunty Pol.

p.s....Just got back from a break and there are all these loverly baskets from Richard's Wine for some of the attorneys. I was a good gurl and called all the lucky ones. They'd better get ta steppin..I have a church key in the old Coach bag...wheeeeeeeeee !

Friday, December 15, 2006

Staggeringly Stupid ....Pt. 2

As in most high rises, we have those little captivate screens in the elevators.


T.V. for that brief peried that you are tapped with in the cool clutches of Mr. Otis with no escape pod at hand. I have to admit that it is a rather clever marketing ploy and every once and a while they have some news oddity that makes me go " Barooooo ??????????"

News Blurb:

" A member of the Nevada Legislature has proposed an amendment that would allow teachers to carry guns into the classroom in an effort to curb student violence"

WTF ?????????????

I mean seriously..........WTF ?

This is so staggeringly stupid that ...sorry SIL...it makes the visual aid bit for hunters down here in Texas sound positively enlightened.

First of all....Jeebus H. Guns do not solve anything with regard to student violence. Kids are going to beat the crap of each other with whatever is at hand or their grimy little fists if need be.
Bring in and brandishing a gun simply tells the little darlings that the teacher...aka the friggan adult has no control over the situation ,much less their class. It also instills the idea that a gun by Gawd is the answer to any and all conflict...

For example:

1. Kid # 1 cuts in front of kid # 2 on line for the slide
Answer : Put a cap in # 1's ass

2. Kid # 1 copies off of # 2's test.
Answer: Put a cap in #1's ass.

3. Teacher needs to get the class to settle down .
Answer: Put a couple of rounds in the classroom's ceiling

Now before all y'all accuse Aunty Pol of blowing this out of proportion , just think about one word.


Yeah, guns at school worked really , really well there didn't they ?

Not to mention insurance for the school and their district will shoot through the roof. Oh sorry..bad pun. Unintended that. And school district taxes......ditto.

Bottom line.

We need to teach kids that fighting solves nothing. Yeah, they are gonna fight but then at a certain age, they begin to realize that beating the crap out of each other only results in their getting suspended and hopefully an irate parent to deal with.

Lil Johnny or Jane can learn alternate methods to solve a conflict....or go to the school where all the special kids are. They already have too many influences in their lives every day that say being " badass" is cool.

Guns ?

I only wish I lived in the voting district that Mr. Smith and Wessen lived in and was elected from. I promise you, I'd be organizing a recall drive that remove him into the 9'th generation of his genetic legacy.

Have a great weekend.

Peace Out..


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


SU and I had to go to Slammin Sammy's tonight after work, we figured that mid week would be less nuts than normal for this time of year and for the most part we were correct . In and out with a minimum of hassle..la la la.

When we got home SU noticed that he'd gotten a voice mail on the hell phone when we were cruising the aisles. It was from his mother and the message she left just set off the big ass alarm buzzer that operates as my gut radar.

Momma in law recently went through a surgery involving her bladder..a suspension or some such. As many of my fam and friends know, Momma in law had been remission with Non Hodgekins Lymphoma for Lord..I think 10 years now.

The operative word here kids is HAD.

While the doctor was in playing roto rooter, he or she as the case may be found new cancer in what I term her Lady Bits .



Since Momma in law is in the M.D. Anderson data base already , they zapped the biopsy over for the usual scans.

Momma in law has no idea what the prognosis is. I know SU..he is concerned , and not a little scared but it's early days. We don't know if this is the original cancer spreading or a sharecropper.

Chant kids Chant...

Peace Out


Aunty Pol

Almost done

Wheee .

The spouse and I finally figured what to get for presents for his mother and sister . Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. We struggle every year with the gift thing, as does everyone else, so I guess it's the same all over. Thus far the tree has managed to stay in tact, and even Sgt. Andy Panda Pants has discovered the delight of sleeping under the tree . All of the decorations are up and a couple of gal pals ( shout out to LAW and Susan) were right . It did help. Now all I have to do is figure out something for my step mother . When Dad was alive, it was easy, music. But now....anyhoo....tomorrow is get off the duff and get the Christmas cards out. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Hope all y'all have a great weekend coming up and don't get too crazed at the Mall of your choice.

Peace Out


Aunty Pol

Staggering Stupidity

Every once and a while I come across something that is so staggeringly stupid that it just flat out amazes me. This one is for you LAW ........since I know how you feel about Texas .

There is a proposed change in the state hunting/permit laws that would allow the use of either laser sightings or guide dogs by the legally ..BLIND.


Not middle aged nearsighted need bifocals...BLIND.


Now , I don't know about the rest of all y'all out there...but the last place I want to be is around a person who has vision challenges and a firearm. Nor am I opposed in principal to the concept of hunting. Rat Bastard first husband and his family went hunting every year and venison was a staple in our diets. They took great pains to make sure that any kill was a clean kill and that is wasn't for S & G as we used to say . And while they bow hunted, the principal was the same.

But they weren't visually challenged. And unlike some hunters I know, they were sober when they hunted.

I just can't get over the stupidity of this dumb ass concept...

I am all for helping those in need , within reason. I give to United Way , support co-workers endless parade of " Buy my kids crap to support their school....whatever." , and so forth . I try to slip some coins in the Salvation Army Bucket .

But giving this sort of assistance to someone who is probably prohibited from even driving ??????

That 's so many kinds of flat out bat shit crazy that even I'm impressed. Where is Molly Ivans when we need her the most ? Hell, I even voted for the Kinkster ....but this is just beyond words.

Kill the Wabbit......kill the Wabbit......


Peace Out


Aunty Pol.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dude..I hate being sick this time of year

Contrary to popular thought.....

I thought Su would be the one to come home with dah cold.


For the past three days I have fought the ahhh choo's.

I cannot get warm. It's cold down here. I have been hit by a bus. I have turned on the heat. Bundled up. Living in sweats and bankies. Brrr. My hair hurts. Bones ache.

My back hurts from being in bed.

I don't care that I am gonna miss the firms party.

Yeah..all y'all want my germs.

Kill me now.

Going back to bed.

Aunty Pol

Friday, December 01, 2006

I may have figured it out..LMAO

As noted in the previous post...I am in sorta a blues mood..and no not Eric Clapton, thankyouverymuch.

Last night it occurred to me that part of the problemo may be that if I see one more commercial for the holidays where there is a party and the commercial shows ANY of the following:

1. Perfect clean home .

2. Perfectly decorated clean home .

3. Perfectly decorated clean home with oodles of lit candles perfectly placed for the most attractive ambiance .

4. Perfectly decorated clean home with oodles of lit candles perfectly placed for attractive ambiance and everyone dressed to the teeth in shiney holiday clothes .

5. Perfectly decorated clean home with oodles of lit candles perfectly placed for attractive ambiance, everyone dressed to the teeth in shiney holiday clothes and perfectly behaved children and pets also merrily attired in clean, fun , shiney clothes .

6. Perfectly decorated clean home with oodles of lit candles perfectly placed for attractive ambiance, everyone ( furr folk included) in shiney party clothes and a table full of perfectly cooked and presented food.


I am going to go feral.

Where is it written that we have to have all of that shit ? We overstress, over plan, over compensate and over spend every year. We swear that next year we will start earlier ( Hah) and plan better ( Again,,Hah). We create this artificial Martha Stewart / TLC / Food Channel concept that says if you don't have the proper linens...plate chargers...whatevs that you are a social pariah and will be fodder for gossip amongst your social peers for years to come.



** IT should be noted that the above mentioned we is not specifically SU and I or our friends...it is a generalization of the commercialism of the concept and the Sheeple they pander to.**

Resume rant here:

Anyhoo....Every year SU and I have our dinner party. Years ago our gang of cohorts decided that rather than one more lousy chain restaurant dinner gift exchange thingy that everyone would come to our House . SU is a great cook and we have a small kitchen ...so I clean the casa and he does all the prep and cooking. It works out. Everyone brings wine they either like , want to try or want to recommend . It's usually the crazy cajun and his wife and another couple that we've run with for 18 years. Attire..jeans...footwear optional in the Casa. I like to throw parties, and will clean the joint..but know also that these guests are more family than " guests" and don't give a rats ass if I didn't lay out the good china. The white dishes from Tar Jay work work quite nicely. Those only got bought because one year I realized I didn't have enough pfaltzgraff sans chips to use...and I personally draw the line at serving anyone except me and the SU on a chipped plate. I was raised better than that. I'd like to however get new slipcovers but whatever...and if we can't have the party till January because of commitments or schedule conflicts..fine too.

They know that I am not Martha Stewart..will never be Martha Stewart and still love me as I love them. I didn't notice the usual places in the paintwork that need swipe because SOMEONE WILL NOT KEEP HIS MITTS OFF THE WALLS..HINT , until I saw those commercials and almost thought..jeeze..I live in a dump. Almost thought.

It may or may be a dump according to ones viewpoint..but by GAWD it's mine..and fully paid for.

I may or may not get Christmas cards done. I have a pretty good idea what to get for the gifty things on line for those I love...and as for the rest.........WHATEVER. If I can get the tree etc up..fine..if not....fine too.

Peace Out

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol