Monday, December 18, 2006

Well..It's a Monday

Had a rather pleasent weekend this past one which is odd for this time of year. Usually the SU and I are in full panic mode over the holidays, but he would in fact tell you that this more on my part than his...ROTF on that one. So far the tree is in tact, even though Sgt. Andy Panda Pants has become one of the " Kitteh's who sleep under the Christmas tree. " Must be some sort of Feline Union Rule of Behavior. They have all developed an un-easy truce and now are going through the motions of the hissing and chasing routine . Andy has the front part of the house and the others stay in the back. I just have to be careful that when I am running around that he doesn't have to come and find me. I hope to get the Christmas cards done at lunch today. The important gifts have already gone out or were ordered on line..Gawd, I love that bit. The theory that holiday shopping is a warm and fuzzy Currier and Ives bit is pure bunk. Maybe if you don't work outside the home and I mean no disrespect to stay home guys and gals . You guys work your fannies off for no recognition or respect. Anyhoo , as we plod along, I have some last minute things to pick up and a slug of those gifty bags and tissue paper to grab. SU is the designated wrapper in the Casa, he of the squared corners and perfect angles . I am of the throw paper on that beastie , plotz a bow and call it a day.

As usual the weather is warm, even for us. A lot of the tribe at the office is doing the sinus, chest cold thing that I was down with after the trip last month to see the cutest child in the known universe . It never fails, the Holidays are the time when you can bet the the bugs are flying and people are of the mind that they aren't going to give in to it. Brilliant ! Thanks ever so for spreading it around to the yet to be infected. Instant gift giving, no trim required....germs. remind me to breathe on you if you do that to me. HAH ! But more on the weather in a minute .

Oddly enough SU actually got a holiday bonus this year. I don't think that he's gotten one since I have known his save the occasional canned ( yum..? ) ham. He's a pretty happy camper and I heard from the grapevine on my end that his boss has mentioned to his attorney here ( cosy) that they may want to see about getting SU certified as a tech. SU's not quite sure what that means. To me it means that they like the quality of his work and are willing to recognize that. And the potential for extra Solaris is nice..sorry ...required Dune ref.

All in all, other than waiting to hear on Momma in Laws test results...waiting....waiting...we are all blessed to be reasonably safe, occasionally sane and in one piece . Can't ask for more.

And lastly, back to the weather ..sheesh. Talk about weird. All weekend it was in the lower 70's and damn'd near tied a record. Now is is drizzly and still in the 70's, but it's like early spring and not a week before Christmas. Now contrary to what SU believes, I do not want the cold and ice and all that crap. COld weather is nice and all as ling as I can have a fire in the fireplace but then you know the drill. Nice fire, beverage of choice, hopefully a good old Bette Davis or Bogart or Barbara Stanwick on the tv. Bliss. Then you crash and as a sensible homeowner you have to leave the flu open just in case. Presto wake up freezing your ass off in a now frigid house . And let me let tell you ..the one thing that will piss me off faster than almost anything else, SU included , is waking up cold. I can't get warm the whold damn day and for one who is more prone to power surges ( hot flashes for you younger gals or the male types) ..I hate it. SU knows when I am sick like the week before last as I am buried in the heavy duty sweats from Academy ( none of that cheap shit from Hanes thankyouverymuch) and even tho I have 3 extra bankies on the water bed..I am still ice cold. Autumn fine....fall fine....sweater weather or my yummy leather coat or jacket...fine...freezing my ass off... fergit it. The problem with the weather when it is like this is that for down here in Houston, we rarely have cold weather for the holidays. We are more apt to get a late freeze just about rose prunning or rodeo time. So while it is like this , the people that are trying to hold on to any Christmas spirit with both hands are just bummed completely out. Fine. Go stick your head in the freezer and be grateful that you are not looking for your loved ones on Mt. Hood...and that's not looking promising at the moment. Folks there are a lot of other more important things to get all fired up about than a little drizzle.

Feliz Navidad Y'all.

Peace Out..and pass the Nog.


Aunty Pol.

p.s....Just got back from a break and there are all these loverly baskets from Richard's Wine for some of the attorneys. I was a good gurl and called all the lucky ones. They'd better get ta steppin..I have a church key in the old Coach bag...wheeeeeeeeee !

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