Thursday, July 28, 2011


This icon was gleefully "borrowed " from Miss Anne's blog " Calamity Anne's Adventures " thanks dear for the freebie!

SU and I became a crime statistic in 2000.

Our home was robbed while we were at work , but thankfully no one was hurt and people went to jail.

The system works y'all.

We realized that out oldest cat, Munchkin aka Nee Nee Puddins was in the area of the initial break in and as a result we were unable to find her for a solid five hours.

Clever thing that she is, she found a bolt hole under the water bed behind the captains drawers..under the bed itself.

I never knew that there was an open space like that not being a designer of said water beds and all.

For the longest time and I mean years here, she would not venture out from her safe room except to slip a few feet down the hall to the kids bathroom aka the guest bath to hit the boxes located artfully in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.

Slowly but surely she began to venture out on Saturday night as I instituted "Caturday" also known as Mommy throws the nip down on their rug and they can par-tay.

Time and additions went on and she began to venture out for wet food at the communal dipping out of the " For Bast's sake WOMAN...FEED US NAOW".

Lately, she has begun to slip up on the arm of my chair for noogies and skritches and generally plonking after the required three turns in my lap.

If I am occupado, she will go over to the sofa where Daddy is laid out and plotz on him....

Damn dear...only took ya 11 years.

Welcome back Puddins..we missed ya.

Have great day.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Great Debate

I'm going to go out on a limb here.
I may lose some readers.


What ever.

The local radio station that SU and I listen to every morning has weekly moral dilemma questions..absurd..yes I know but they can and do make you think.

The question was:

" Is the trend towards businesses banning children in their establishments good or bad ?"

I first heard of this when Malaysia Air created this policy for it's ( I believe) first class passengers.

Ruh Roh .

My first thought was that this was a ill advised and short sighted move by a company that virtually ensured that they would lose money.

My second thought was " Their business...their policy."

I dismissed it as a quirk because I could only imagine the outcry if such a move as ever contemplated in this country.

Frank and Myrtle Fertile would scream blue bloody blazes that their spawn were of course the very model of propriety and modest behavior and thus exempted from this barbaric policy.

Ironically, the radio listeners response was , from what I could tell, in FAVOR or this kind of policy.

The polar exact opposite of what I had anticipated.


Now before I go any further, I must disclose that SU and I are NOT parents.

On the surface, a policy like this say in a fine dining establishment makes sense . No one wants to spend upwards of $100.00 or more for a dinner only to be driven insane by the rants of a toddler and the oblivion of the parents as their crotch spawn traipse gaily up and down the aisle.

Reality check:

MOST parents rarely get to go out for a grownup meal with real linens and a wine list for the first few years so the last thing that they are going to do is drag said spawn with them.

Other places were theaters ( a real big ass bitch of yours truly) , stores and so on..and this is where it gets iffy.

I disagree with this idea.

Lather .

Rinse .


I disagree with this idea.

If the little tax deductions are acting up and or out, let's be honest and lay the blame smack dab where it belongs :

On the shoulders of the adults that are raising them.

I won't limit this to the parents, I include Grandparents, older siblings, aunts , uncles, godparents and any other adult that has an active participation in the rearing of the tax deduction.

Children learn by observation and example. One of the biggest culprits is television followed closely by movies. Kids see t.v shows featuring smart aleck, mouthy, rude, obnoxious behavior that is either not dealt with or recognized as inappropriate by the adults in the show and more often than not , this same behavior is praised or rewarded as clever, precious and endearing.


A brat is a brat is a brat.

If you want your child to learn how to behave at least in public, TEACH THEM !

Take them to a restaurant at the appropriate age and show them how to be thoughtful of others and polite to those they are dining with.

If they begin to glide into entitled because I am a child mode, give them a quiet warning to cut that shit out or face the consequences.

If you don't know what consequences are , look it up !

Follow through.

If all else fails, pay the bill....TIP the waitress or waiter and leave.

Other patrons WILL thank you.

You cannot teach a child without an actual experience and any other concept is short sighted and just plain ignorant.

My parents made it abundantly clear that if our deportment ( another word sorely underused in modern society by the way ) was lacking or embarrassing in public..there would be consequences ..and they followed through.

On more than one occasion I have had to step up in public with friends and a rare stranger and stop their responsibility from injury to themselves or others.

I have no problem doing this in my own home.

My house , my rules.

I am not bothered by being the wicked witch or the bad guy at all.

I am not a hard ass or overly mean about it, I simply expect in my own home at least a degree of manners.

Thankfully, my great niece is being raised with parents that understand and agree with me on this because I would not ever hesitate for an instant to apply the same standard to Dakota as I have discussed in this post.

It is what it is, I am what I am.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I had to laugh at this .

I don't tweet very often because I actually forget that I have an account until someone alerts me to a new post from someone I follow, like Wil Wheaton...yes....I am one of those. He is hilarious by the way and was very good on " Eureka " last there you are .

Anyway, I also got an alert that I have a new follower and I really laughed because it's been a few months since I posted on the T baroo ?

Ne being me, I went over to check out the new follower..and to me this is weird.

"User Account Suspended " .

Now the e mail alert came in just over an hour ago so one might assume that it was quite recent..or as I suspect , it is like a text . I have found more often than not that if I text Jeri , it may be literally hours before we know to follow up with a call if it's a time thing....Or Frye is delivering it via Planet Express.

What does one have to do exactly to get suspended from Twitter...use 142 characters ?

Bad grammar ?

I guess I need to either follow /be active on twitter or stop wondering about all of this because it will give the gerbil on the wheel a migraine.

Oh and I am kittymom6 on Twitter..the avatar/icon is the same one as the one in the upper right hand side of this fairy and sitting if you holler at me I will reply...I am trying to be more active there because it's just f'g fun y'all.

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

Monday, July 25, 2011

For SU

Had to do it.


Aunty Pol

If It's Monday, It's John Barrowman Time

Happy Monday everyone.

Thus far, as is no surprise, I am completely in love with the newest Torchwood, " Miracle Day".

I have seen all three of the episodes so far and...well....DAYUM !

Now, if you don't know about Torchwood, just go over to Wikipedia and use Torchwood for the search. It will bring up a nifty page that will bring you up to speed and spare you the agony of re-watching Ianto die..sniff...wail...sob. can jump right in.

By the third episode, the two new agents of Torchwood, Rex and Esther have asked all of the basics..who , what , when . where and why. Granted , the answers are not complex, but they will give a new viewer ( See..Notice that I am sooo in love with the show that I am being nice and not using my usual snarky NOOB here...commence to be completely impressed in 3....2....1..) enough to not go " Whoa..whut ?"

I am going to go out on a limb and say for the record that Bill Pullman deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of serial killer Oswald Danes.

He scared the crap out of cynical old me and I don't mean the OMG Zombies kind of scared. I mean the sleep with all of the lights on and look around you every 30 seconds or so.


Okay...I haven't seen more than the 3 episodes so I can only speak to what I have seen thus far. Believe me , Miracle Day brings up some very interesting concepts that need to be at least thought about ..

EP 1:

Basic Premise: NO ONE DIES .




On the surface, that is a wonderful idea..right ?

More a living hell I would think .

Think about one dies.

The elderly, the terminally ill, the seriously injured , the difficult pregnancies that were not viable...suicide is not longer successful...and whatever damage you have done to yourself in the attempt is yours to keep.....BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DIE !

You never die, but you don't heal either.

At the beginning of the story, a serial killer is about to be given a lethal injection but for whatever reason he survives after the administration of the lethal drugs . He not only survives, he is undamaged by the drugs .

Slowly, people who are observant begin to see that situations where people are expected to die have been turned on their axis.

The only two consistencies are the fact that all data regarding Torchwood is gone and that no one has any idea why the event took place all over the world at the same exact moment.

So you are left at the beginning of episode 1 with a hell of a lot to think about . If no HUMAN dies..and that is an important point, how long will it be before all of the natural resources are gone. Yes, it makes the point of war moot , but..the natural balance of things is gone. Humans die and are born every all evens out in its own way. How long before medicines run out that the terminally ill need ? Food ? Shelter ? Power ? Water ? Remember people are still being born all over the world...the numbers are staggering. If your religious beliefs embrace reincarnation and that is no longer possible...what do yo do ?

The two surviving members of Torchwood ( Capt. Jack Harkness/John Barrowman and Gwen Cooper/Eve Myles) have been captured by a CIA operative and are taken against their will to the U.S. to explain any ties between the event and Torchwood.

Ep. 2

The CIA operative ( Rex) begins to see that something within his organization is not right and after saving Jack and Gwen, he soon realizes that he and anyone who had access to the Torchwood data before it was obliterated is likely to be compromised or killed. He and his friend Esther are faced with choices and sides to pick.

Now in this episode the most graphic example of the enormity is shown and it is what really set my mind awhirl. A burn victim is decapitated..he is burned so badly that prior to the event he would have NEVER survived. After the decapitation...his damn eyes opened and blinked and showed awareness .

I damn near jumped out of my skin and then the reality hit me of what a huge nightmare this could in fact be.

It is also important to remember that the character of Capt. Jack Harkness previously could not die . Unlike the Doctors ( Dr. Who ) , he would not regenerate into a new body at the point of his death so he could carry on...same soul, ideas, memories etc of the Doctors..just a new shell so to speak .

He could not die.

Now he is the only one that is mortal.

The people to watch are Oswald Danes and the PR person Jillian KItzinger in the red coat....

Ep. 3

The Fab 4 ( Jack, Gwen, Rex and Esther) have begun to do whatever research they can and begin to look into a pharmaceutical company.

This is where I call Red Herring..I may be wrong..

The premise here is that they are all team building. They are all used to working within their respective agencies and now have to go it all alone...Jack and Gwen are used to that..Rex and Esther are not.

Fairly quickly they deduce that Rex and Esther are being set up and that their agency ( CIA) is corrupted.

It sounds absurd to think that a single company could do all of this but think about the fact that with the web..the world is a much smaller place.

Personally, Big Pharma is just toooo easy..there has to be more.

Russell T. Davis is a smarter writer than that.

John Barrowman has said that this series is only 10 episodes and that it is self contained so we will have all of the answers by the end.

If you watch it and want to post/gab about it ..why the hell not....feel free to post here. I will update every Monday as it progresses .

Then I will resume scrounging for anything Barrowman for Mondays .

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~!

Happy Friday everyone !

I hope that it's been a good week for all y''s had it's moments in my opinion.

This weeks BN was quite good because's BN. I won't spoil it if you have not had a chance to fire up the DVR but I will say that it is nice to see another layer to the Madeline~Michael relationship..and even though it was not as out and out funny as last weeks " Does it need medical attention", this will be fun to watch.

On the positive side , we finally broke down and transferred one of the 2 litter boxes into the den and Super Pooper actually uses it so we press on in the hopes of a brighter day .

SU got the old tower hooked up to the PC so while it is slower than is running and he can once again pay his bills on line. I refuse to try to play any of my games that are timed on it because that will just piss me off and who needs that ? I did e mail myself the page to my RPG so I can bookmark that but I did also let CT know that I won't be posting for Zoya as often and he knows that short of killing me off he can write for her with my blessing .

On the final upside..over 51 squillion at last check has been raised over at IBKC..and that will keep this heart happy for quite a while.

And since we all know that there will always be balance, when you have an upside, well of course there will also be a downside.

This is just my personal opinion by the way .

Have you ever started reading something with one set of expectations only to find that what you expected has been set on it's so called ear?

Think Superman versus Bizarro Superman.

One of my favorite things to do is find new blogs. More often than not , the path goes from a blog I follow to their their individual Mr. Linky list. I figure that if I like a blog enough to follow and or comment on it than it is a safe bet that I will like that bloggers choices of blogs to read . This is 100 % accurate with both food and pet blogs and then it is a sliding scale from " Interesting " all the way to " What in the world " to finally " What The Fuck ?"

Then there are the blogs written by people and or family that I know and it is this last case that has me shaking my head .

A family member has a blog that in all honesty I must say is very well written. It is a niche that I am not all that uber keen on but she is good at what she writes and seems to be building a good following. She also has two other blogs and I checked them out and herein lies the "WTF "?

Bear in mind that she is young and at that age what some may consider confidence ( her peers ) may and usually will come across as arrogance to the older and wiser reader.

In particular is her daily need for affirmation as she lists her daily good deed or random act of kindness. The first couple of posts were sweet but as I read further , I got a tad irked.

First of all, kindness should not be random all though in the real world that grownups live in , even though it usually is.


Fair enough .

We all need to be kinder to BOTH ourselves and each other . My late father and I both are of the opinion that 90% of the worlds problems could be eased or solved by simple civility. Then again, I would be out of a job..but in still applies.

Granted, you have all seen me post a rant alert as I proceed to rip some hapless ass hat a new one because : 1. They deserve it . 2. They earned it . 3. By ranting here, I save them the real life experience of my going off on their sorry ass and that could be considered a civility, correct ? and 4 . I like to play with my prey before sentence it carried out.


I don't pat myself of the back , head or shoulder with my moments of anger and wrath. Sometimes, I must post about it because if I don't I will blow up . Conversely, I do not post ad nauseum when I donate to the causes I support. I warn all of my readers that there will be what I call " Shameless Shakedown " on the way and I try to make it as clear as I can that I am merely passing it on. I Bogart nothing for the fur folks in need. The blogger in question was clearly not motivated by an actual and real moment of kindness, her writing speaks to a need to be a braggart .

Charity is charity if it is gently and softly given , not as a way to show that you are better than anyone else. It does not require an audience or applause . It does not requite notice .

Miss Laurie over at IBKC wrote the most wonderful thank you to all of the donors for the fund drive, it was heartfelt, genuine and sincere to the point to bringing the reader to tears of happiness. It was not boastful saying " Look at ME and what I did " , it was " Thank you ALL for the love and help and support that you have shown for this fundraiser.

Miss Laurie is a gracious lady and professional.

The other blogger is a self serving hack with an overwhelming need for attention and accolades. But...I owe the braggart a thank you because she showed me by clear example that kindness needs no applause , the act is the reward and that is all it ever needs to be.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Times The HOA Does Come In Handy !

For the record, I live in Harris County .

We are still under a burn ban and will continue to be so until the weather changes. Yes, I know that I have pissed and moaned about the weather and the lack of rain , but it is a real problem for us right now.

And then there are the bat shit crazy ass stupid mo fo neighbors who live behind us.

Late Monday night, Jeri Lee came to the back door and softly knocked.

Softly being the operative word.

Doing the " Shhhh" thing , she steps to the side so that I can look out my back door.

At what do I see you wonder ...because I know you are ..

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor is burning yard debris.

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor is burning debris on the ground , in a pile between two east Texas skinny , scrawny ass dry dry dry pine trees.

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor isn't even using a damn'd barrel to do this .

The flames are shooting up over the top of the 6 foot fence.

The flames can clearly be seen between the boards of the fence .

The girls and I are speechless as we observe all of this from the patio.

The stupid ass mo fo neighbor lives directly behind MY HOUSE !

My husband BUILT that fence 15 years ago and it is still doing a bang up job

Cindy Lou Who calls George, the night shift constable who likes to sit in from of my house since we are kitty corner from the subdivision pool so that he can nail people who blaze through the 4 way stop that is clearly marked ..go po po !

Cindy Lou Who has George's cell number in her cells speed dial.

George does not hit the lights until he is actually in the stupid ass mo fo's driveway .

They had a come to Jesus meeting.

Then George called the Fire Marshall.


So..stupid ass mo fo neighbor.....How's that thousand dollar fine from the Fire Marshall working out for ya ?

I hope you get charged for the cost of the fire truck pulling up in front of your house .

We can't do much with out a burn ban in place because you can't cure stupid ( here's your sign) ...BUT

You can bet your sorry stupid mo fo ass that we will be calling and turning you in every single time you pull this bullshit when a ban is in effect.

And when the ban is lifted..well....that area of my yard needs to be watered more often than it has been...oppsie..did I set the wig wag so it got the area along the fence on your side wet ?

My bad.


Aunty Pol

Now We Know What The Kids DO While We Are At Work !

You guys are SOOOO busted !

Happy Hump Day People !


Aunty Pol

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Acme Giant Cup Cake Disaster of 2011 or....Why It Looked Like a 3 Year Old Hobbit Baked It

Let me tell you a story.

It's about a good idea, well meant intentions, and a complete and utter fuck up as far as I am concerned.

I know that Jeri Lee loves Red Velvet cake, and as I said , I was going to make her one for her birfday..which is today...

Happy Birfday Best Neighbor On The Planet !


I remember that one of the gals at the office had the giant cupcake baker thingy and I asked to borrow it...because I guess I couldn't miss an opportunity to show off...yeah..I'm like that.

I get it home and read the instructions..

I set out the eggs and so forth and since hisself is at the Ice House yesterday and Jeri Lee was at her sons for a birthday meal..

Zippity Do Dah !

Listen to me very carefully here:



I was very curious to try silicone for the first time. I should have known better.

First of all, they do quite plainly tell you that due to the size difference of the 2 pieces that the smaller one takes aprox ( important word ) 10 minutes less time so don't go for a mani pedi or Brazillian.

The first thing I noticed is that there was no fill to here line on either piece so you have to guesstimate where to stop filling so that it doesn't spill over ( it did on the base) or dome up ( they BOTH DID .) happens..cakes can be trimmed and leveled off.

Easy peasy...or not .

I let them both completely cool...and I do mean completely..and the top piece still broke off an edge. can be "glued" back with frosting.

While they were baking, I got the two colors of frosting done..yep..2 because as we know , I have to do it the hard way and I was...showing off.

Now, it is important to note that the base is "pleated" like a cupcake/muffin paper liner would be. Nice touch ...NOT !

Even with a small offset spatula, it is impossible to properly frost the base so that you keep the detail of said pleats.


So...I figure out that I'll just frost the beast and move on.

Bear in mind that the A/C was on. Yes it was humid yesterday but still the new A/C was ON.

Everyone who bakes knows that there is a point where a frosting, especially cream cheese will become "loose ".

Unlike some ladies of the evening..this is NOT a good thing.

I did put some frosting between the two layers to anchor them, and as I begin to frost the top in it's periwinkle shade ( the bottom was pink) began to pull....



I clean that up...and the top is sliding.


And the frosting just loses it's mojo.

I am by this point almost in tears.

So I do the best I can to salvage this and get it in the fridge hoping against hope that the fridge fairy will somehow, someway make it better..not perfect..I have abandoned that hope..just better.

And I make a drink.

And as I am just almost beside myself, I have an actual out loud thank you very much debate with myself and any random cat who happens to wander in my vicinity as to why I shouldn't just throw the damn thing against a wall and give Cindy Lou Who ( Jeri Lee's roomie and the other Best Neighbor On The Planet thank you very much ) a $20.00 and tell her to shag it up to Kroger and buy a cake.

You see, Jeri had come over for coffee yesterday morning and saw the silicone pans on the range.

Surprise ~ FAIL !

But her eyes lit up as she told me how many times she had put her hand on the box of said cupcake molds in whatever store ( Wally World) that she was in, debating on whether to buy the damn'd thing.

Le Sigh .

Then I got mad.

So I got the sprinkles...bright purple and pink sugars..and BAM !

Then I got the last of the decorations that I had from last year..CUTE little pink and purple crowns..and ...BAM !

When the girls got there..they had the pink candles and Jeri Lee was gracious in telling me how cute it it looked like a widdle hobbit house...( ummm...Jeri..SO NOT HELPING THAT BIT BTW ) ..and on.

And it looked like one of two things happened.

1. I turned a 3 year hobbit old loose with an electric mixer and showed same 3 year old hobbit how to use an oven.


2. It was made by Acme Corp and delivered to the Coyote.

So the moral is ..I am never using silicone again for cakes.

And after more research, the Wilton pan is 1 piece so that means that you still have to hookey bob a pan that has 1/2 of it needing longer baking time.

Regular cup cakes it is then.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

It Was An Interesting Weekend To Say The Least.

Delta Downs


Lawdy Jeebus , what a hoot.

So today is Jeri Lee's big ol bad ass birfday.." Happy Day I gave My Momma New Stretch Marks " sweetie.

So mah girl decided last month that she wanted to go to Coushatta..LOL.


So the four of us leave about 10:30 Saturday morning and it was raining a bit so we were all happy happy joy joy ...even hisself a lil bit as he was the driver. It was a nice trip on the way over on the country roads and so of course we had to stop at the border to get lottery tickets because I for one thought that buying out of our customary area might increase the chances...NOT !

First stop was Delta Downs in Vinton. It was a nice place, a bit on the small because after all the main attraction is the race track..but all in all it was nice. The slots were so so, I mean after all, who actually thinks that they can win on slots..really ? Me..I am such a chicken shit about stuff...gimme the penny slots and I am a happy girl.We stayed there about an hour and then on to Lake Charles and lunch.

If you ever get to Lake Charles, you HAVE to eat at Pat's of Henderson. Now the lunch prices cut off at 2 pm ( and we of course missed that by 4 minutes, I kid you not ) but still...OMG the food was good . It is a bit pricy but absolutely worth it. I highly recommend the stuffed Red Snapper or the Oysters Bienville ..and I don't LIKE oysters...nuff said.

On to the Rez .

Coushatta is ..ok I guess. The slots are tighter than a professional virgin if you know what I and the table games are 3 deep waiting for a chair so bear that in mind if you go . My thing is that the damn place is packed so tight it works your last nerve . And.....DO NOT get between some Granny or Grandpa in a walker or chair and the slot that they want because let me tell ya buddy.....they WILL take your ass out !

I lost what I expected to and had a ball watching people . I think that there were some extras from " Mob Wives" because I haven't seen that much over dyed hair or bling dah bling since Atlantic City !

Of the two, I really prefer Delta Downs, it was more open and folks were a bit friendlier . And we decided, us girls that it that we will play together....Jeri has a gift for finding the beverage babe better than anyone since the Rat Pack in Vegas..she IS gifted...!

I really prefer Harrah's truth be told, it has a different vibe and I do miss the days when you could actually get a bucket of nickles to throw in the one arm chits for pay outs and sliding bills just doesn't have the same feeling....

All in all , a good weekend even though SU really was rather bored by it all..the next time it will just be us girls....look out HAVE been WARNED !

Next up Cake designs by Acme or why that damn cake looked like it was done by a 3 year old hobbit.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday darlins !

I wish that I could find a bigger size for this sketch...oh well she said.

This week has for the most part been better than last. Hisself is feeling much better and I , for the most part avoided with success the catching of whatever ebil germs that hisself felt compelled to incubate.

And the problem with the PC seems to be squared away..thanks be to Gaia.

The only way to explain the peril that occurs when the PC goes El Wonko is that the reaction is the same as when my vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner goes ape shit and dies.


Yes, I use the PC at home..but not to pay bills on...that's what the office PC is for .Our bank is ass backwards when it comes to being able to log into 2 separate accounts from the same IP address..the bank gets a case of the vapors and after clutching it's imaginary pearls in just won' I handle mah bidness from the office. Oh I can do various bits of mayhem such as Zuma and post to my rpg and the bloggy but for the most part , the PC is his...and that's fine. Hisself figured it all out so there ya go...

And lets baby Lessa got a forever home so all is well with that and the IBKC has raised over $40 squillion so hot damn's working. If you haven't gone over there yet please consider it .

I haven't made up my mind yet on the Kindle vs Nook yet which is fine because it's gonna be a month or better till I can buy one..but on the up side ...THREE bills are PAID off so I think it's fair that I get a Shiney since I am still kicking in fundage for the AC..and yes..SU doesn't care if or what I buy as long as I am happy happy joy joy .

Has anyone out there used silicone baking pans ? Miss Jeri Lee's big ol bad ass birfday is Monday and since I know for a fact that she loves her some Red Velvet cake , I am going to bake one . I asked her..." Round cake , square cake or cupcakes?" She said " Whatevs.." as I knew she would so I was leaning towards cupcakes because they are easier to tote to work with lunches and lets face it...there is a helluva lot less guilt if one is so inclined over eating one cupcake vs a slab oh cake....not that we eat slab sizes mind you ..the same way Fred Flintstones Bronto Burger was just a burger...LMAO....

Anyhoo..I remembered that one of the gals at the office had one of those large ass cupcake that would be a cute riff on the cake bless her , Betty Crocker brings it in..and we discuss variances in baking time and temps using the silicone . After the customary googling, we see that according to most sources there is no difference in using one medium or the other in time or oven temperature. HOWEVER..the instructions to this thing say ...and I quote :

" Spray the insides of the pans with non stick baking spray ."


Wasn't that the all mighty thing about silicone sticking etc etc etc ?

I will follow the instructions..we shall see.

And....TORCHWOOD tonight !

Tne premise of the 10 part series is interesting enough that I have a piece in the back of my mind to post for Monday for John Barrowman time so....

We're going to Coushatta tomorrow..yeppers....making a run for the boarder so have a great weekend ..nickel slots here I come !


Aunty Pol

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yup...It's Self Explanitory !

Yup. shit's more of the same .



Aunty Pol

Bastille Day is perfect for mussels, frites

The above linky is to an article that I ran across in of all places the Christian Science Monitor.

Don't faint on me here darlins, I will read damn near anything except that of certain politicians and I won't name them because I don't want to start a shit storm in my own blog.

You're welcome.

Anyhoo..go and read the article.

I love mussels, especially the way that they are done at Carabbas..le sigh.



Aunty Pol

Happy Bastille Day

Rather than repost last years Bastille Day post , I thought I'd post this instead.

Go over to this linky and enjoy !

Dying for Chocolate: Bastille Day: Chocolate Souffle Recipe Round-up: "Bastille Day! What is more French than Chocolate Souffle? Instead of chopping off heads, chop up some chocolate! For Bastille Day here's a..."


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ask A Simple Question.....

Blogger is acting up again so I will edit to add to appropriate photo's from the office.


I should start out by saying that I am by no means a Luddite as far as toys go. While some may get all freaky deaky about new apps and so on , I am more " Whee....what does this do ? Let's play with it and find out !

Shiney !

I am a book freak.


Yes I know .

I favor fiction and Science Fiction and Fantasy to be precise. I buy hard bound . I collect certain authors.

Given a choice between shoes and books, believe it or not , books win every time.

Bless his heart, SU has built many a fine bookcase for me because he loves books and it makes me happy.

Happy wife....blah blah blah fishcakes.

And I have run out of room at the house.

Yes, I have culled where I can..onesies, accidental duplicates, the odd series I won't read again that has been gifted or donated where possible.

And I swore I would never buy an e reader.

I lied.

Sort of .

I have discovered that the debate between Kindle and Nook is so absolutely polarizing that it's like Mac vs PC.

I have asked current users and I can tell you that almost 90 % answer with an absolute pick ....and no supporting reasons why .

Not a lot of help there gang but I thank you for the input.

One of the guys that I work with and who's opinion I trust gave me his answer with..tah dah...links that show both side by side and good comparisons.

Yeah Mike.

I have read the reviews on cnet and the hilarious and often flaming me, it was hilarious.....and flaming.

It will be a while because while the price point for the two is fairly close , this is something that I will use every day and I want to make the most informed choice I can.

So gentle readers...if you have an opinion, tell me and tell me why ..I really want to know.


Aunty Pol

Thundercats RAWR !

Gen Xtinct: Thundercats: "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats! 'Thundercats' has been on DVD before, but it's coming out again today (well, part 1 of the first season is)..."

Oh hell yes I'm watching this !



Aunty Pol

Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~

Happy Friday guys and gals.

Even though it's been a short week, it's still managed to be one of those .

The arm is much better , thanks be to Gaia. It is just one of those things that has gotten worse as I get older ( shut it honey,,I know your comment when you read this ~ I am still younger than you so nyah nyah nyah !) so I guess I'd better : 1) Expect it when the weather gets wonky and 2) Just take some Advil and rack out . I will have to be careful about the house work and dragging the hoses around for a bit and while this is the perfect recipe for being a bit lazy..alas and alack's not meant to be .

You see, the better half helps a lot around the Casa and he will be down for the count for a bit with this cold. So it will be up to me to manage the Xena issue sightings along with the rest of it and managing to get some of the water's gotta be started tonight as it was 104 degrees here today and while it is a bit cloudy or appears so from the office...the chance of an afternoon pop up shower zip, nil and nada.

It will all balance out.

He won't really be hungry beyond soup so I won't have to worry about cooking this weekend . I know that he has the ingredients for red beans and rice for lunch next that is taken care of..

I used to say that he rarely gets sick but thinking about it, it happens more often that I had realized. We don't shake this off as easy as we once did and when it hits , it's just whammo !

But.....there is Torchwood tonight...yes...I'm taping it so I can watch it in peace whenever because I know I will be buzzing around when it is on..that's how my life works...or not.

Have a great weekend !


Aunty Pol

Paging Dr. Tiny Cat !

Guess who's home with his first and hopefully last summer cold ?



Aunty Pol

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Look Ma ~ No Guilt !

I love Bizarro comics !

And hey lookey Lady Lisa...calorie free even.

Love Ya Lady L !

Hee Hee Hee. ( Cackle Cackle )


Aunty Pol

I May Have To Actually Watch The Office

One of my daily brain candy reads is :

Advisory: Not for the faint of heart at times but f'g hilarious just the same .

While I loved him as Allen Shore on Boston Legal , I didn't always watch it because I for lawyers ya know..but when I did it was hilarious.

Sorry Denny..he will always and forever be Daniel Jackson to me.

Happy Friday Eve !


Aunty Pol

Happy Birthday Mr. Starkey !

Yes indeed, Mr. Starkey is 71 years old or young depending on your point of view today.

It's an odd revelation to see that this is not an OMG number anymore to me at least. I suspect that SU would agree...if he ever owned up to growing up that is.

When the hell did this happen ?

When the hell did I get my Grandmother's inner arm and elbows ?

I guess that the fact that the right elbow is still giving me fits....lesser praise be to Gaia , but fits none the less is a poke in the eye reminder that time does march on, usually over your face.

I do not claim a healthy lifestyle, any one who knows me knows that .I love food , libations and various other vices too much to try to pull that fact one and I do not apologize for it. I do pay attention but given a choice between ..oh any mentioned food I torment Lady Lisa with here and a chunk of Tofu...have the cake or pizza could still get hit by a Metro bus any damn day of the week.

I do try to take care of my skin though.

Yes..I am vain that way.

I am a fan of Strivectin and Argan oil...and all the other goodies that there is for the face..and yet....I have noticed something.

My hands.

They aren't all that bad..yet....and I am hardcore on the mani /pedi's..but I have begun to notice skin happening there...

Sh*t !

I guess it's time to accept the signs of age ( Wah) and do what I can so it's gonna be research into a sunblock or what ever it takes.

Le Sigh.

Remember...when all else fails, eat chocolate, because today is also :

National Chocolate and Almond grab that Almond Joy out of the vending machine, you'll thank me later.



Aunty Pol

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Hope, I Hope, I SO Hope !

Ok..First of All...Sistah, Lady Lisa...all y'all who aren't locals..this is an OLD scan of IKE.

Please do not panic !

I have been trying to get all caught up on all the bloggy's that I read so posting has been light. I have noticed that unless something is scathingly brilliant, that I am not posting on the weekends. There is just not enough time between the house and trying to water when and where I can and watching BSG on the Beeb so....


All day today , my left elbow has been just friggan killing give me a GD percocet ( I kid) killing me. About 15 years ago I broke my right elbow and wrist in a fall that resulted in a double hairline fracture in both places.

Winning !

Ever since then and progressively so, when the weather changes..Oye ! I'm my own freaking barometer .

All damn day..ow..ow..ow to the point that REALLY paying attention to how I move it is mandatory.

As I look out the windows from the office it is black 4:15 cst mind you .It's been getting cloudier and cloudier all day so there is hope for rain....LMAO.

Like last night when we got 5 damn drops...

Of course it will rain..Mr. Trejo did the yard and I really should get out and water.

Dammit...rain already.

Remember..Torchwood is new on Starz this Friday.

Capt. Jack Rocks !

I will be bringing back If It's Monday , It's John Barrowman time and since the Beeb is running BSG..I may have to dust off Ask Dr. Balthazar.

Stay safe.


Aunty Pol

The Ultimate Comfort Food … Mac and Cheese

The Ultimate Comfort Food … Mac and Cheese

I have to try John Legends version..before Lady Lisa kills me that is.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Fourth Of July

As I sit here, after a lovely dinner with Jeri Lee, Gordon and myself, full tummy and all is right with my world..a friend sent me something that made me think a lot.

This holiday along with Memorial Day actually means a lot to me.

I am an officers daughter, wife, sister and aunt to veterans.

All of the people that I adore more than my luggage at one time or another put themselves in harms way to keep the rest of us safe and secure.

And yet, there are veterans out there who are themselves in literal harms way after they have done the right thing for all of us.

I know that I am and you all know an avid advocate for animals...I have posted the shakedown more than once here and I will continue to do so, never fear.

But ...there is something else I would like you to think about and consider.

My husband will publicly say and I concur that it is absolutely shameful the way this country treats our military.

Our veterans and their familys deserve better and we ALL know this.

NO ONE in this country deserves to live the way some of them are forced to .

NO ONE in this country deserves to be homeless or hungry,, this is not the goal we all grew up with for ourselves, this is not out parents dream of a better life for their children.

All too often, a veteran or active duty member will not reach out because as I can tell you from personal experience, " It IS NOT DONE ~ PERIOD.

They do what we can admire from afar , as we watch those movies or fireworks , feeling so damn self rightous...and this is BULLSHIT ! least go to the link and consider it.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol de-cloaking .