Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday darlins !

I wish that I could find a bigger size for this sketch...oh well she said.

This week has for the most part been better than last. Hisself is feeling much better and I , for the most part avoided with success the catching of whatever ebil germs that hisself felt compelled to incubate.

And the problem with the PC seems to be squared away..thanks be to Gaia.

The only way to explain the peril that occurs when the PC goes El Wonko is that the reaction is the same as when my vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner goes ape shit and dies.


Yes, I use the PC at home..but not to pay bills on...that's what the office PC is for .Our bank is ass backwards when it comes to being able to log into 2 separate accounts from the same IP address..the bank gets a case of the vapors and after clutching it's imaginary pearls in just won' I handle mah bidness from the office. Oh I can do various bits of mayhem such as Zuma and post to my rpg and the bloggy but for the most part , the PC is his...and that's fine. Hisself figured it all out so there ya go...

And lets baby Lessa got a forever home so all is well with that and the IBKC has raised over $40 squillion so hot damn's working. If you haven't gone over there yet please consider it .

I haven't made up my mind yet on the Kindle vs Nook yet which is fine because it's gonna be a month or better till I can buy one..but on the up side ...THREE bills are PAID off so I think it's fair that I get a Shiney since I am still kicking in fundage for the AC..and yes..SU doesn't care if or what I buy as long as I am happy happy joy joy .

Has anyone out there used silicone baking pans ? Miss Jeri Lee's big ol bad ass birfday is Monday and since I know for a fact that she loves her some Red Velvet cake , I am going to bake one . I asked her..." Round cake , square cake or cupcakes?" She said " Whatevs.." as I knew she would so I was leaning towards cupcakes because they are easier to tote to work with lunches and lets face it...there is a helluva lot less guilt if one is so inclined over eating one cupcake vs a slab oh cake....not that we eat slab sizes mind you ..the same way Fred Flintstones Bronto Burger was just a burger...LMAO....

Anyhoo..I remembered that one of the gals at the office had one of those large ass cupcake that would be a cute riff on the cake bless her , Betty Crocker brings it in..and we discuss variances in baking time and temps using the silicone . After the customary googling, we see that according to most sources there is no difference in using one medium or the other in time or oven temperature. HOWEVER..the instructions to this thing say ...and I quote :

" Spray the insides of the pans with non stick baking spray ."


Wasn't that the all mighty thing about silicone sticking etc etc etc ?

I will follow the instructions..we shall see.

And....TORCHWOOD tonight !

Tne premise of the 10 part series is interesting enough that I have a piece in the back of my mind to post for Monday for John Barrowman time so....

We're going to Coushatta tomorrow..yeppers....making a run for the boarder so have a great weekend ..nickel slots here I come !


Aunty Pol

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