Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Starkey !

Yes indeed, Mr. Starkey is 71 years old or young depending on your point of view today.

It's an odd revelation to see that this is not an OMG number anymore to me at least. I suspect that SU would agree...if he ever owned up to growing up that is.

When the hell did this happen ?

When the hell did I get my Grandmother's inner arm and elbows ?

I guess that the fact that the right elbow is still giving me fits....lesser praise be to Gaia , but fits none the less is a poke in the eye reminder that time does march on, usually over your face.

I do not claim a healthy lifestyle, any one who knows me knows that .I love food , libations and various other vices too much to try to pull that fact one and I do not apologize for it. I do pay attention but given a choice between ..oh any mentioned food I torment Lady Lisa with here and a chunk of Tofu...have the cake or pizza could still get hit by a Metro bus any damn day of the week.

I do try to take care of my skin though.

Yes..I am vain that way.

I am a fan of Strivectin and Argan oil...and all the other goodies that there is for the face..and yet....I have noticed something.

My hands.

They aren't all that bad..yet....and I am hardcore on the mani /pedi's..but I have begun to notice skin happening there...

Sh*t !

I guess it's time to accept the signs of age ( Wah) and do what I can so it's gonna be research into a sunblock or what ever it takes.

Le Sigh.

Remember...when all else fails, eat chocolate, because today is also :

National Chocolate and Almond grab that Almond Joy out of the vending machine, you'll thank me later.



Aunty Pol

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