Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Times The HOA Does Come In Handy !

For the record, I live in Harris County .

We are still under a burn ban and will continue to be so until the weather changes. Yes, I know that I have pissed and moaned about the weather and the lack of rain , but it is a real problem for us right now.

And then there are the bat shit crazy ass stupid mo fo neighbors who live behind us.

Late Monday night, Jeri Lee came to the back door and softly knocked.

Softly being the operative word.

Doing the " Shhhh" thing , she steps to the side so that I can look out my back door.

At what do I see you wonder ...because I know you are ..

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor is burning yard debris.

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor is burning debris on the ground , in a pile between two east Texas skinny , scrawny ass dry dry dry pine trees.

My stupid ass mo fo neighbor isn't even using a damn'd barrel to do this .

The flames are shooting up over the top of the 6 foot fence.

The flames can clearly be seen between the boards of the fence .

The girls and I are speechless as we observe all of this from the patio.

The stupid ass mo fo neighbor lives directly behind MY HOUSE !

My husband BUILT that fence 15 years ago and it is still doing a bang up job

Cindy Lou Who calls George, the night shift constable who likes to sit in from of my house since we are kitty corner from the subdivision pool so that he can nail people who blaze through the 4 way stop that is clearly marked ..go po po !

Cindy Lou Who has George's cell number in her cells speed dial.

George does not hit the lights until he is actually in the stupid ass mo fo's driveway .

They had a come to Jesus meeting.

Then George called the Fire Marshall.


So..stupid ass mo fo neighbor.....How's that thousand dollar fine from the Fire Marshall working out for ya ?

I hope you get charged for the cost of the fire truck pulling up in front of your house .

We can't do much with out a burn ban in place because you can't cure stupid ( here's your sign) ...BUT

You can bet your sorry stupid mo fo ass that we will be calling and turning you in every single time you pull this bullshit when a ban is in effect.

And when the ban is lifted..well....that area of my yard needs to be watered more often than it has been...oppsie..did I set the wig wag so it got the area along the fence on your side wet ?

My bad.


Aunty Pol

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