Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Ultimate Comfort Food … Mac and Cheese

The Ultimate Comfort Food … Mac and Cheese

I have to try John Legends version..before Lady Lisa kills me that is.


Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

LMAO... I have my own hell here on the mac'n'cheese front. My fav local eatery makes an amazing version. I fight myself. Oh, how I fight.

This joint is the proximate cause for me gaining (we won't say how many) pounds in the last couple of years. And they are on my freakin' way home! I have accepted that I'm doomed.

They describe themselves as making fancy pants comfort food and that's pretty much right. The menu changes daily (although they often forget to update the date when they update the menu on the website - LOL!). Prices may look a tad high but the portions would please a lumberjack. See previous note on packing on the pounds - do I take home half as I should? Of course not. Last pork chop I got had to be 3/4 of a pound if it was an ounce.

Last week's Veggie Cheese Fritter appetizer... OMG! The blueberry chutney/lemon sour cream on it was amazing. Savory and sweet.

I've gotten to the point I don't order. I just tell my waiter to have the guys send me whatever they want to. Tonight my heroes sent out a wild caught shrimp, dry pack scallop and crawfish curry, rich with tahini and spice, that wasn't even on the menu - to die for... "I'll have what she's having" good.

The first time I let the kitchen choose was 'cause I was just fried after work and my brain wasn't functioning enough to make a decision. It was so damn good I decided just to leave it up to them again... and again. I get stuff I'd probably never have ordered myself (oyster pot pie... yummmm), sometimes stuff that's not on the menu (like tonight), and it's always the best. And yeah, I have thanked the guys (and gal) profusely many times!

It's kinda like stoppin' by grandma's house - don't know what you're going to get but you know it's going to be great.

Aunty Pol said...

Sounds like my kind of place...I'n drooling right now as I read what you got there girlie.



HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, yeah, they are busting my budget and waistline (what's left of it, anyhow) but I'll gladly die broke and fat.

Winston (owner and original chef) is in his 40s but Jeremy, who pretty much runs the kitchen now, and most of the guys (and gal) on the line, are in their 20s... and they're all so dang talented - best, Winston makes a point of publicly giving them credit for their dishes. (I plan on keeping track of where they go.)

I kid with Mara (Jeremy's lady and waitress at the eatery) that if I were 30 years younger and 80 pounds lighter I'd have to fight her for him. ;-)

I'll never forget one day, a couple of years ago, when I went to the local farmer's market where Winston had a stand to promote the restaurant (he was serving his yummy duck tacos that day, I think). He told me I had to go to the stand over in the corner 'cause their pulled pork was insanely good. I remember thinking, "Now this is one secure guy who will point you to his competitor!" Damn if a year later he didn't hire Jason!