Friday, April 29, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

And Happy Arbor day !

There is not a whole lot going on this week which is fine with me because in my experience , a lot of the time when there is a lot of stuff going's hitting the fan.

At least in my life...LOL.

We don't really have any fabulous plans for the weekend..I'd faint if we did..that's not how we are .

I plan on REALLY cleaning the den carpet and giving both big and little red a hair cut.

The carpet is self explanatory.

Big red and little red ?

No..get your minds out of the gutter.

Big red is a climbing rose that we got from SU's sister.

Her mother in law had planted it at their former house .

SU's sister and her husband bought the house where SU's brother in law had grown up so this rose had to be at least 40 years old.

SU's sister had no use for it .

It was one of those things that you could cut to the ground and it would come back.

SU and I took it home and planted it in the bed in the front of the house.

We almost did it in.

At the time the front yard was shade more than sun , so we moved it to the side of the house and it took off. SU built it a sturdy He Man Master of the Universe trellis. After a few years it split in 2. Another trellis was built.

Due to the winter we had, we never did the annual pruning and that thing is out of control. I need to cut it back to a manageable size but I need some help with that.

I mentioned this to SU and asked him:

" So you REALLY want me to get up on the ladder and do this ? "

" Me ? "

" Okaaay ."

When we first started this , we had 3 dozen rose bushes, I counted them.

Due to extremes in weather, ( Tropical depression Allison , Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike) or age...well...we are down to 18 or so.

All but 7 of them are climbers.


Have a great weekend .


Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Two Pence Worth

I find the hypocrisy surrounding the Royal wedding too hilarious for words.

And don't tell me " Why gracious me Pol, what wedding ? "

There was an article in todays WSJ that pretty much summed it up. It hi lighted the absurd double standard about a upper middle class family having the audacity to think themselves fit to marry into the House of Windsor .

Going back to Alfred the Great, or further to Cerdic of Wessex ( 519 - 534) ...there have always been those who sought to rule through force of arms. Who ever had the bigger army, treasury or balls usually won...and the kingdom was ruled and then passed down until someone else with a bigger army , treasury and or set of balls rode in and called " Dibs".

And so on.

These men were self made men who became self made rulers. By and large, conquest is not some noble self sacrificing act, nor is it mandated by a religious directive. A " Holy War" is a contradiction in terms to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

You conquer lands because they have what you need. Land., food , sea access, potential work force..what ever..and wars cost money.

Have you ever heard of a Monarch or ruler declaring that the war that he feels entitled to launch was being paid for from that same Monarch or rulers own pocket ?

Really ?

Conquest is paid for in coin and blood by those that are ruled. Taxes are raised, necessary goods are produced or seized and everyone but the ruler and his family foot the bill.

It is after all good to be king.

After the dust settles and treaties are made, any ruler who wants to keep his ass firmly planted in the chair which is just slightly better than anyone elses will reward those who supported his quest with something..usually not vast sums of money because war can bankrupt Treasury's. Unless you are some other Grand High Poobah that the winning ruler wants to keep happy and therefore outwardly docile , you don't offer your daughters unless you have a bunch of them to auction off. And that's what it auction. Those lucky ladies are to be held in check for some worthy soul equal in status. Even though you gave monies and whatever else, the King wants to keep the blood line he has pure thus cementing his right to be king.

Supporting your monarch thusly is the oldest and most sure fire way of elevating your status and your families status. Remember , there is no middle class here and you are either rich or not. If you are enterprising, you move forward..if not..see ya.

So here you are..lucky bastard, you've been given a land grant and some nifty title.." Why You're The Duke Of Earl ! "..and you pass it on. Once elevated you quickly forget that Grandpa and your Daddy were farmers or blacksmiths or what ever. Within three generations at the most, your have become a part of that which shall be known as the nobility. Family histories will be written to glorify your name and crest..because some one a generation or two in the past showed some initiative and enterprise..Or they made the best of being told to cough whatever up in the name of the are set for life bucko.

Think about that for a minute.

You have elevated your status and been rewarded.

Good for you .

That is the way most people are, they hopefully want to better themselves to help their families and community at large prosper. Those who want to grab all they can with both hands usually lose it within three generations. In America , we call this " Society"..We applaud success but forget that everyone started out somewhere back down the line.

Miss Middletons parents started their company during the Thatcher era, during a horrid recession where tax incentives were given to promote small business growth. We forget because we are so comfortable with web based businesses that they haven't really been around for more than 30 years at the most. Her parents created a better life for themselves and their children, sent the children to good schools, paid taxes and pretty much did what we all want to be able to do in our lives and our families lives.

And this makes them " Common ?".

I do wish that some of the more vocal and shallow would have the balls to research their own family history to see who got ahead because of bribery ( marriage , affairs or otherwise) monetary gain , land grant ( generating tax income for the crown lets not forget ) or simply because some umpty ump years ago great uncle Alfred sold his herd of pigs to the crown for a bargain price.

It was nice to see at least one article calling shenanigans about this double standard bullshit..and it was the Wall Street Journal of all thing.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ninety Two Days

I used the above photo because I love the colors contained in it..

I hadn't really thought about it until the news wonks on our local NBC channel commented that it has been 92 days since we've had a soaking rain here in Houston.


We usually have the worst part of the winter in January and February also known as damn near Rodeo and Mardi Gras.

And we can count on rain for the first few days of the Shell Open, regardless of when it is scheduled in any particular year.




Wildfires have been seen and dealt with up in Montgomery County which is the county north of where I live . No Sistah, there have been no new reports ....and they are calling this " THE 50 YEAR DROUGHT" for Texas.

Meat prices are already through the roof ( The Brisket Post)so I am dreading wht this is going to mean at the local Krogers or Sams Club.

New Braunfels has water rationing which means no tubin the Guad...and I doubt we are far behind.

We are already so very careful about water useage because of the cost and we know that we will be rationed if this does not change.

The sky has been cloudy and it's windy but no rain so far..sigh.

It's pretty scary to hear the weather wonks sincerely say that a bit of a tropical storm in the Gulf would be welcome considering what we have all gone through since Katrina, Rita and Ike.

What bothers me more is that I can see the point .

Send rain y'all and your Aunty Pol will love you forever.


Aunty Pol

Dirty Deeds

This of course will make me laugh my ass off all day !

Enjoy !

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday - Sorta

The above picture is not my foot.

My feet are prettier after a Pedi by Gawd !

It is simply to illustrate the usual Monday question and answer session I often have with myself.

"WTF have I done to myself now ? "

See the area at the base of the big toe and the lil dude next to it ?

No I didn't slice it open..been there done that.

I must have stepped on a rock or somesuch when I was insane in the garden because that Mutha hurts !

It feels like a deep tissue bruise and I may have to play " Lets make a mess on the living room area that you just spent a whole day cleaning with the carpet cleaner,..tho come to think of it Epsom salts don't make too bad a mess.


Other than that it was a lovely Easter.

I did in fact take Thursday off to clean carpet and I got it all done but the den and the guest room which is just as well since SU will have to help me clean out the floor ..aka the chair mat and take as much out as we can since Xena has had some accidents in there and dammit ..that's where the PC is...

This is just not a case of her being bad or willful.

She like her mother has IBS and sometimes lil accidents happen.

There is nothing that the vets can do..she's only 11 but ,as all pet parents

Happier thoughts :

The brisket came out just bitchin good. I had to laugh at the table last night when I told SU and Miss Jere Lee that we has us a " Real Redneck Easter thang" going on:

Brisket, pinto beans from Mr. Crockpot, chow chow , tater salad, and the Kings Hawaiin bread that Jere Lee and I love.....ok....SU and I had some red wine so we were " Piss Elegant".

The yard is wonderful and would be super groovy if we had any $%^&&*() rain.

No Sistah..none yet.

Jere Lee gave me an Angelonia/Snapdragon hybrid for DEaster so I need to go to Chrome Depot for one more clay pot..looking forward to hopping around the patio and yard with a bum paw.

I got the rose ordered from Jackson Perkins for the bed around the mail box..Go to their website and look up container roses, the one I ordered is a miniature called Hot tamale. It's colors were more vibrant that than the original Mardi Gras.

Flowers ( pink tulips and purple iris's ) have been ordered for the step mother for Mothers Day and I threw some loot at Nee Nee for the MOD walk this coming Snday all in all a good day.

There is another rant for Sci Fi channel but that needs to be a stand alone post..strap in ..they have pissed me off yet again.

Have a great week....Lent is over so grab all the chocolate you can .


Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Official Reply To Management Memo


The Feline Overlords

A Memo From Management

Dear Domestic Residents,

You will neither live long nor shall you prosper should you choose to decorate (urp) on the recently cleaned and still damp carpet.

Mangement is home for the next two days and can run the sucky monster all day long should you continue on this course of action.

You have been put on notice on this date.

Choose wisely.

The Management.

French Onion Soup

Go over to :

Miss Anne is a multi talented gal and has one of my favorite dishes on her blog. I love, love, French Onion Soup and she has a crock pot recipe with step by step photos.


Go now.

Yep !


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Todays Face Book Tutorial

Some days are odder than others .

Not bad , just " Umm..really ? Okay."

One of my friends posted something about recent dental work and after a few back and fourths it came to light that she also wears dentures.

Who knew ? of her friends replied with some insightful questions and so I then found myself with my gal pal giving what was basically a tutorial on dentures.

I have had a full set of dentures since 1996.

Like menopause, like hysterectomy's, people are reluctant to talk about this stuff.

Any one who has read this blog has seen me over the last 2 years ( OMG has it really been 2 years ?) has read about the difficulties and basic bullshit that SU had to go through when he got his.

Anyone that knows me in either the real world or here knows that I am pretty damn open about most of my life, good and bad.

While I do take care to protect the people in my life from being outed( unless they just flat piss me off then their ass is grass and I'm a John Deere) ...I will answer almost anything. I will reserve the right to choose the medium of the response but more often than not , I will answer you .

So if you are on Facebook and know my real name and my avatar....stayed tuned..there may be another tutorial headed your way.

But I promise..........NO POP QUIZ !

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats

As usual , I have found yet something else to road test this weekend over on Miss Ree's " Tasty Kitchen". This recipe and the above photo are courtesy of member Miss Calli ( callimakesdo) and her blog is :


6 cups Rice Krispy Cereal ( on her blog it shows the original style, and I may try it with Cocoa Krispys because I am insane like that )

1/2 cup butter

6 Milky Way Bars ( on the blog post they look regular size..not the "jumbo/Jane" size)

1 large Milk Chocolate Symphony Bar.

In a sauce pan over medium heat , melt the Milky Wat bars and the butter , stirring to may take a patient.

In a seperate bowl , combine the 6 cups cereal and the melted Milky way/butter mixture.

Press into a 9 x 13 GREASED PAN.

Melt the Symphony bar in the microwave until melted ( aprox 1 minute but check to avoid burning at maybe 30 seconds)

Pour the melted Symphony bar over the cereal/chocolate mix in the pan.

Let this cool to set up a bit .


Remember, in Aunty Pols world , no ones ass expands, ever !


Aunty Pol

I heart Lessa

Go over to :

Read todays post titled " We Have Names".

Look at the picture above, see the lil bebe in the back on the right side in sort of a profile ?

That's my Lessa.

Yes, Lady Lisa, I am feeling very aunty-ish about this all.

Have a great day.


Aunty POL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Know You're Getting Older When .....

You know you're getting older when you need to make sure someone has your cell number..and you are pretty sure of the number but not the bloody area code.

So you call a gal pal and have her grab her cell phone and open up the contacts list to look you up.

Then you list yourself under "Me" in your contacts list on your OWN phone contacts.

It's been a long ass day kids.

The idiots who are in charge in Harris County have finally issued a burn ban.

Sorry for all you cats who live off 59 along Parker or Tidwell who love to burn their shit..every week.

Water rationing cannot be far behind.

Sigh .

A little rain here Lord would be much appreciated.


Aunty Pol

Mama Wants ! NAOW !

If you are going to dream, dream BIG I say !

Have what ever kind of day that works the best for you !


Aunty Pol

A Memo To My Children

Dear Children,

I know you hate the sucking monster so I will make you the following bargain . If you will not leave kibble on the carpet or dried out shreddy bits ( you ALL have placemats that are cleaned on a regular basis ) or the bitten off corners of treats ( Boschka) ,I will vacuum less.

The Management aka your Mama.

I think I Has The Vapors !


I actually won something on the intertubes !

All Y'all know that I have been a long time supporter of all things for the furr babies..feline...canine....matters not.

You are used to the phrase " Shameless Shakedown" and I am very open about what I am asking. Often it is not solely about the financial aspect . It can be just me flappin the dentures about something that needs to be raised in awarenessville.

I gits to name a bebe, I gits to name a bebe , I gits to name a bebe.

The names I have submitted are:

For Big Boy: Basil ( as in Basil Rathbone. )

For Big Girl : Boschka or Boshi for short ( No ego here )

For Little Boy : Nigel as in Nigel Bruce , ( after all what is Holmes without Watson ?)

For Little Girl : Lessa , a character from Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern, ( Lessa and her Dragon save Pern after all.)

Go over to : to check out all the babies.

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Know The Feeling Kitteh - I Know The Feeling

LOL, had to share . Ciao, Aunty Pol

Kroger Has Lost Their Minds !

I told SU that I wanted to do a brisket in the oven for this coming weekend . The recipe is super easy .Trim the excess fat off your brisket, Take the brisket and slap some worchester sauce, liquid smoke, garlic powder salt and pepper on it. Cover it at let it sit it the fridge overnight.

Take a large throw down aluminum pan and place the brisket in it, slap a jar of Stubbs BarBQ sauce over it and bake low and slow at 250 degrees about one hour per pound.

When done, let it rest...slice and dig in.

SU will chop up a bunch of this ala sloppy Joe-ish and add more sauce as needed.

Sammiches done in one as they say.

The problem ?

Intrepid husband made a smallish grocery run and I promise you I am not making this up.....KROGER WANTED FIFTY FRIGGAN DOLLARS for a 10 -12 lb slab o beef.

I almost fell over, then I told him to get his butt to Slammin Sammys.

Better at 1.98 per lb for a 10 - 11 lb slab o beef ( $23.00 total) but still..


I will be putting the recipe up with the actual ingredient amounts at Tasty Kitchen so stay tuned .

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Happy Monday

Now you all know that I worship at the feet of Miss Ree aka the Goddess of Tasty Kitchen.

One of the nicer parts of that site ..well hells bells's all that you can meet amd make friends with other food freaks ( we are taking over the world..LMAO ~wink) and in doing so can discover a ton of new blogs to visit and follow.

Let me put it like this..the list of blogs I follow is going to need their own zip code.

Anyhoo, zip over to : It's pretty damn cool.


Aunty Pol

The Case Of The Dissappearing Post

( Cue Perry Mason Theme Music)

I don't know how many people read Fridays Bruce of the day post. For those who did, I am sorry but I have deleted it.

For those who did not......never mind.

I did something that I always swore I would not.

I let my anger at something get the best of me. Usually when that happens, I blog about it and having vented, feel much better.

Not this time.

The fact that I posted the content at all bothered me all weekend.

Not good.

Having said that , I have decided once and for all that my desk area such as it is will from now on become a GOSSIP FREE ZONE .


Gossip in the workplace is a form of bullying.

I won't play and people who come up to my desk or in the hallway to me who try to engage me in that will be told nicely and politely that I am no longer comfortable having that sort of conversation in the workplace.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neapolitan Cupcakes - Oh Mah Gawd !

I am dying to try to make these... Go over to : Using yesterdays date, 4/13/2011...look up: Neapolitan Coconut Cupcakes. The post is hilarious to begin with , and then half way down is the actual recipe and how to's . Read it.'s easy. It's no harder than any other recipe I've put here or for that matter any thing that you would find at tasty Kitchen or PW ( And The Angels Sing ) . Believe me if I am contemplating trying this bad boy , you all can too. My voluptuous ass is expanding even as I type this post..LMAO. Guess who's ready for lunchies ! Clever things , you guessed correctly. Have a good day. Ciao, Aunty Pol P.S. Blogspot is being very pissy about editing today...sorry for the funked up format.

Rain Pleeeze !

The above photo is not photo shopped. It came from the local KHOU ( website and I had seen it on the morning broadcast. is that bad, a bird made a nest in a public water fountain . Poor thing, it probably had to put extra twigs in there because of the metal heating up in the sun or so I suspect.

It's bad here folks.

There are massive wild fires in wet Texas in the Ft. Davis area and the for casted winds for the next few days are only going to make it worse. Records have been set for the state in the amount of acreage burned thus far and the New Braunfels area has started mandatory water usage schedules. We cannot be far behind.

Luckily Mr. Trejo has just mulched the flower beds and I am very careful about the usage since that bill falls in my pile to pay every month. To be honest , we'd watch it anyway on general principal.

One of the things that we ( SU and I ) do if a hurricane is headed our way is to fill containers with water to use as needed...we have learned from experience you see ....and then that water is turned over to the potted plants and the flower beds to try to avoid another skeeter breeding ground .

Having lived here for 29 years, it is bad when we actually genuinely think a tropical depression of some sort in the Gulf is just the ticket right about now.

Yep..even after Katrina, Rita and Ike..that's how we roll.

And hurricane season starts in aprox. 6 weeks.'s a hot flash...

Carry On.


Aunty Pol

George R.R. Martin's Top 10 Fantasy Films

I am sooooo excited about Sunday and the premiere of his " Game Of Thrones" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above link is a very well written piece, lets face it ...yes it is a PR puff piece, but I respect his opinion.


Aunty Pol

Coyotie Stoopy

Kittehs and doesn't get much mo bedder than dis.

Have what ever kind of day you want to .


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Finally Found The Rose To Fill In The Spot By The Mail Box

I love Jackson Perkins Roses but have had the WORST luck with bare root roses. They now have container roses for a reasonable price.

This little lady will be the perfect thing for the open spot in the bed ( full sun ) that we have around the mail box.

I think it's quite appropriate that it is called Mardi Gras because the other two plants colors that are in that bed are purple and yellow.

Doing the Happy Dance.


Aunty Pol

Holy Sh*t

Oh Jeebus no..this is bad enough , but.....

I swear to Gaia, if they put Ramona Whatsherass on " White Collar " or " Burn Notice " , I will gouge my eyes out.
I don't grimace this hard when I am constipated !



Aunty Pol

The Way It Could Have Been Done

Just sayin...


Aunty Pol

Yup..This Sums It Up Today's been one of those days , clients and co-workers have all taken the extra special effort to be at their most charming.

At least there are 2 new eps of The Tudors on the Beeb .

Have a good day..chances are better for you than they are for me to have at least some success at it .


Aunty Pol

Pretty Hot Down Here

This is the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

It was formed in September 1963.


We just got royally screwed !
As one very astute listener commented on the radio this morning: "It's as if we demanded the United States flag from the World Trade Center site.....and got it. " Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Sums It All Up For ME

Yup..that about sums it up.

Carry On.

Aunty Pol

Someone Feels Really Good In The Neighborhood

Urban Legends .

It's been a while since we've had a good one , hasn't it ?

Applebee's and the Toddler Sippy Cup 'Rita .

Gotta call Bullshit on this one.

Before I go any further, for the record, both SU and I have professional food service experience and have tended bar . The good folks who work in this profession are some of the most under paid and undervalued folks in any business anywhere.

I'm sure that we have all heard this story by now .

A couple in Detroit took their toddler to Applebee's for a meal . They noticed after a while that their 15 month old child's behavior was a bit off. Among other things, saying hi and bye to a wall.

Ruh Roh !

As the story goes, they asked their server to get some apple juice to put in the toddlers sippy cup.

This is where my ears perked up .

Most places do not have a large variety of fruit juices or any other juice for that matter because of the cost of those small cans. If they do, they are for the bar service....tomato, clamato, pineapple, orange etc.

Rarely apple.

For that matter, can any of you lovely readers tell me of a regularly featured or ordered coctail using apple juice ? Shout out to PG here in her vast experience.

Secondly, most management in food service prefer that if the option is available that the parent /adult pour a fresh new can into the childs sippy cup...not the's a liability issue folks.

Now, the atute parent(s) have noticed that their tax deduction is a bit "off". So off they hustle to the ER . Upon examination, said tax deduction is found to have a .10 % blood alcohol level .

No where in any of the reports that I have found did it state that the police or CPS had been called to the ER. Unless I am mistaken , and frankly, I doubt that I am, doesn't the law require that if a minor is examined and found to be under any sort of influence that the authorities are summoned ?

I guess not in Michigan.

It was then concluded that the toddler had been served a margarita in the sippy cup.

It is at this point that I call complete and utter BULLSHIT !

Margarita's are served 2 ways..traditional frozen or on the rocks.

Some have blends for the frozen but again....slurpy or ice..pick one.

NO BAR keeps premixed margaritas...tequila included on hand that I ever worked at .

The ice melts and dilutes the drink.

Watered down drinks = unhappy customers =reduction in customers = reduced corporate profits .

You can't upsell to a better brand of tequila or a top shelf version if they' re pre mixed.

It also reduces the number of customers and that my dears means that your intrepid server is not getting jack shit for a tip.

And last but not least....

Apple juice is pale yellow.

Margaritas are usually some shade of green.

And you CAN usually smell the tequila.

Now it would have been another thing if say Chardonnay had been mixed up for the apple juice....but a margarita ?

None of this story adds up.

Especially if you have ever worked the floor or the bar.

Jose Cuervo , you are a friend of mine....I like to drink you with a little salt and lime ...

Just saying..


Aunty Pol who prefers Gold Rita Rocks..No Salt.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm A Bad , Bad Mama !

( Puppy Actor Hired As Beaux's Stand In Above Photo )
Dear You Ain't My Mama No More ,

We saw you and you are a traitor ! I didn't want to believe Gracie Marie when she told me because I know she lies ..a lot...she's a girl n all...but I saw you my own self playing with that thing next door. can tell my " Not my Auntie Jere Lee Anymore " that I am not talking to her anymore either. I don't care if it is her Grandpuppy..she's my Auntie Jere Lee and I'm not sharing.

You ain't my Mama no more !

I'm very hissed off.

Your Former Baby Boy Child Pookey Bear Andy Panda Pants.

Sigh .

Yes, Jere Lee has a new Grandpuppy and I profess to loving Black a former life /marriage we raised them.

Beaux is 13 weeks old.

And has puppy belly.

And I got caught .

I'm a bad Mama.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, April 08, 2011

Because I Can .

Oh come on,it made you laugh too...I can hear you .


Aunty Pol

Oh Hell Yes !

I'd even spring for the popcorn !



Aunty Pol


I think my children are plotting again.


Aunty Pol

The Garden lady Strikes Again !

The red geraniums are in bunches of terracotta pots on the patio, along with some white, peach, pink and of all things a purple geranium that SU found .
Red Salvia is in a big terracotta pot on the front stoop( entry way) just below the purple Verbena. In the pot behind this one on the same entry way is a large white geranium.

The purple Coreopsis is planted with the yellow below also at the mailbox.
The yellow Coreopsis is around the mailbox in the front of the house .

The pink picture is of a Mandavilla vine. We have 2 of them, one this color which is now on one side of the arbor, opposite the plumbago, and the other one which is a paler pink is in one of the flower beds on the back side of the house.

Verbena is now in a hanging pot in the front entry way outside.

Since I warbled on in the previous post about it , I thought I'd throw some photos to show what we did...yes sweetie, you did a ton of work go get yourself a beer...or 3.

The roses need to be pruned and trellis's built since some of them ( you KNOW who you are ) decided that they want to be climbers....Okay fine....climb. And Mr. Trejo will be cleaning out the flower beds and mulching all 8 of the flower beds....thanks to the birthday loot from the Stepmother...thank you Mother Mary !

Over the years through trial and error , we have discovered that some things work..others not so much so we are going to stick to what we know.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday y'all.

It doesn't really feel like a Friday at all since this is my first day back at the office after staycation....mwahahah.

I got a bunch of stuff done around the house but didn't get all the ginourmous shite done because there is just not enough hours in the day to accommodate the list and my growing addiction to Facebooks "Zuma Blitz"'s a sad sorry life I lead.

I have however decided to embrace Miss Jere Lee's concept " It's not perfect, but it's better." Now on the surface that seems rather stupid, even to me until you realize that my frequent remark " Spending Quality Time With My OCD" is really not a joke.

I have always been this way.

Things have to be just so.

SU gets it and generally doesn't argue with me about it until I take it to the point of overworking the bad back that I am blessed with to the point of spasms.

I might not be able to walk but by GAWD the house is clean.

Yes indeed.

A part of this is due to the fact that I grew up in a military family. Make no mistake about it, I am proud to the extreme of that , but it takes the phrase " Inspection" to a whole other level. My parents entertained a lot and as soon as we could manage the Kirby or reach the sink we did.

My first husband also grew up as an officers child and so it was normal for things to be "just so". As that marriage crashed and burned, my control of my environment was my feeble attempt at survival, literally.

A plane ticket later and a new life led to my rebellious phase...messy Bessy.

That soon ended.

I've gotten better about it all, age tends to do that and now I at least have a reasonable ratio for days off vs chores.

My world will not end of the carpets didn't get cleaned..the house is tidy, laundry for the most part is done and the new plants are in...that will be another post though.

Friday nights are my nights off..I will enjoy the garden with a beverage as we all pray for rain....the carpets will still be there and will get done though perhaps one room at a time is the way to go.

Learning to relax is a bitch but I'm working on it, control freaks never die, we just make new lists to tackle.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Another Shakedown Naturally

Update: We just donated. it's easy peasy and they are up to 122K !


Ok..go to Mr. Linky above and watch your heart melt. Lady Lisa has a scathingly brilliant ( a nod and a wink to a favorite movie.." The Trouble With Angels".) idea for a good cause and naming rights to the CUTEST BABIES ON THE PLANET EVAH !!!! Of course we will be contributing as soon as I post this. If you can, consider it . If it's not possible that's cool too..just look at those FACES ! A completely melted into a puddle of furr babies...sigh.

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

Bad Aunty Pol

I'm a bad blogger.

First off , not scare the crap out of me with the hospital pix really had me going. Feel better soon, bites amongst other things happen, been there. Take care sweetie, I'm through fussin.


I have been awol for the past few days because I have been at the Casa on vacay.Woo Hoo !Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee...I hit 56 on Monday and usually take the week off but I have to go back to work on Friday so I have had to pare down the usual ginormous list I make to get crap done at the house.

I work an average of 45 hours a week and as I have said before , there are times when the workload at the house is overwhelming.Not the mundane thankyouverymuch Mt Maytag crap..the things that I need to occasionally do...oil the antique furniture.....REALLY dust the master bedroom ( almost done) ..attack the clutter in the den...hang up on proper hangers the bloody dry I have been doing a lot of the above. I call it spending quality time with my OCD. OCD..LOL...I even bought yet another vacuum.....bringing the total to 3. The dyson finally went tits up and is out of warranty but to be fair , we are heavy users with 6 cats. The old trusty phantom I have discovered is just heavy enough that it causes quite a bit of lower back pain so I bought a lil lightweight dirt does that sucker make a lot of noise...the kids are quite pissed off at it ....mwaahahahahah.

The planting is all done and bless SU, he really did a great job cleaning the crap off the patio and getting rid of the old broken terracotta pots..way to go hubby. I need to get my voluptuous ass in gear and miracle grow the crops but hopefully the yard dude will cut today so I still have tomorrow

Tomorrow is for out the 2 purses I regularly use..a bit of mending...the glam life moves on. Ans banana bread for Miss Becky as promised, I hope I have time to road test the key lime pound cake recipe I found..the list is a growing it seems.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol