Thursday, April 14, 2011

Neapolitan Cupcakes - Oh Mah Gawd !

I am dying to try to make these... Go over to : Using yesterdays date, 4/13/2011...look up: Neapolitan Coconut Cupcakes. The post is hilarious to begin with , and then half way down is the actual recipe and how to's . Read it.'s easy. It's no harder than any other recipe I've put here or for that matter any thing that you would find at tasty Kitchen or PW ( And The Angels Sing ) . Believe me if I am contemplating trying this bad boy , you all can too. My voluptuous ass is expanding even as I type this post..LMAO. Guess who's ready for lunchies ! Clever things , you guessed correctly. Have a good day. Ciao, Aunty Pol P.S. Blogspot is being very pissy about editing today...sorry for the funked up format.

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theblonde said...

hi! thanks for following : )
also, those look delicious! reminds me of a cake my mom made once with lime jello layer, a lemon jello layer, and cool whip icing. delicious!