Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someone Feels Really Good In The Neighborhood

Urban Legends .

It's been a while since we've had a good one , hasn't it ?

Applebee's and the Toddler Sippy Cup 'Rita .

Gotta call Bullshit on this one.

Before I go any further, for the record, both SU and I have professional food service experience and have tended bar . The good folks who work in this profession are some of the most under paid and undervalued folks in any business anywhere.

I'm sure that we have all heard this story by now .

A couple in Detroit took their toddler to Applebee's for a meal . They noticed after a while that their 15 month old child's behavior was a bit off. Among other things, saying hi and bye to a wall.

Ruh Roh !

As the story goes, they asked their server to get some apple juice to put in the toddlers sippy cup.

This is where my ears perked up .

Most places do not have a large variety of fruit juices or any other juice for that matter because of the cost of those small cans. If they do, they are for the bar service....tomato, clamato, pineapple, orange etc.

Rarely apple.

For that matter, can any of you lovely readers tell me of a regularly featured or ordered coctail using apple juice ? Shout out to PG here in her vast experience.

Secondly, most management in food service prefer that if the option is available that the parent /adult pour a fresh new can into the childs sippy cup...not the server....it's a liability issue folks.

Now, the atute parent(s) have noticed that their tax deduction is a bit "off". So off they hustle to the ER . Upon examination, said tax deduction is found to have a .10 % blood alcohol level .

No where in any of the reports that I have found did it state that the police or CPS had been called to the ER. Unless I am mistaken , and frankly, I doubt that I am, doesn't the law require that if a minor is examined and found to be under any sort of influence that the authorities are summoned ?

I guess not in Michigan.

It was then concluded that the toddler had been served a margarita in the sippy cup.

It is at this point that I call complete and utter BULLSHIT !

Margarita's are served 2 ways..traditional frozen or on the rocks.

Some have blends for the frozen but again....slurpy or ice..pick one.

NO BAR keeps premixed margaritas...tequila included on hand that I ever worked at .

The ice melts and dilutes the drink.

Watered down drinks = unhappy customers =reduction in customers = reduced corporate profits .

You can't upsell to a better brand of tequila or a top shelf version if they' re pre mixed.

It also reduces the number of customers and that my dears means that your intrepid server is not getting jack shit for a tip.

And last but not least....

Apple juice is pale yellow.

Margaritas are usually some shade of green.

And you CAN usually smell the tequila.

Now it would have been another thing if say Chardonnay had been mixed up for the apple juice....but a margarita ?

None of this story adds up.

Especially if you have ever worked the floor or the bar.

Jose Cuervo , you are a friend of mine....I like to drink you with a little salt and lime ...

Just saying..


Aunty Pol who prefers Gold Rita Rocks..No Salt.


Steve said...

What a careless thing to do! Applebee’s should be thankful that the child didn’t suffer serious harm from this incident. Clearly, the company’s policies and procedures relating to alcohol need to be closely examined, and the people responsible need to be fired!

Aunty Pol said...

Thank you for the reply Steve. First let me say that I agree with you should it be proven that Applebees was at fault.That is beyond careless, it is criminal.

However, there are many aspects to this story as commonly reported that do not add up.

Yes, in the small fridge juices can be kept. I find it hard to believe that any server would pour anything from an unmarked container into a childs cup..no matter how busy they are.

A parent also should have checked that the sippy cup was okay..there are polite ways to do this without making a scene, such as checking to see that the lid is on tight.

I will be interested to see the outcome of this story.

Thanks for stopping by.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Agreed, Aunty, something seems fishy here.