Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Todays Face Book Tutorial

Some days are odder than others .

Not bad , just " Umm..really ? Okay."

One of my friends posted something about recent dental work and after a few back and fourths it came to light that she also wears dentures.

Who knew ? of her friends replied with some insightful questions and so I then found myself with my gal pal giving what was basically a tutorial on dentures.

I have had a full set of dentures since 1996.

Like menopause, like hysterectomy's, people are reluctant to talk about this stuff.

Any one who has read this blog has seen me over the last 2 years ( OMG has it really been 2 years ?) has read about the difficulties and basic bullshit that SU had to go through when he got his.

Anyone that knows me in either the real world or here knows that I am pretty damn open about most of my life, good and bad.

While I do take care to protect the people in my life from being outed( unless they just flat piss me off then their ass is grass and I'm a John Deere) ...I will answer almost anything. I will reserve the right to choose the medium of the response but more often than not , I will answer you .

So if you are on Facebook and know my real name and my avatar....stayed tuned..there may be another tutorial headed your way.

But I promise..........NO POP QUIZ !

Have a great day.


Aunty Pol

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