Friday, April 08, 2011

The Garden lady Strikes Again !

The red geraniums are in bunches of terracotta pots on the patio, along with some white, peach, pink and of all things a purple geranium that SU found .
Red Salvia is in a big terracotta pot on the front stoop( entry way) just below the purple Verbena. In the pot behind this one on the same entry way is a large white geranium.

The purple Coreopsis is planted with the yellow below also at the mailbox.
The yellow Coreopsis is around the mailbox in the front of the house .

The pink picture is of a Mandavilla vine. We have 2 of them, one this color which is now on one side of the arbor, opposite the plumbago, and the other one which is a paler pink is in one of the flower beds on the back side of the house.

Verbena is now in a hanging pot in the front entry way outside.

Since I warbled on in the previous post about it , I thought I'd throw some photos to show what we did...yes sweetie, you did a ton of work go get yourself a beer...or 3.

The roses need to be pruned and trellis's built since some of them ( you KNOW who you are ) decided that they want to be climbers....Okay fine....climb. And Mr. Trejo will be cleaning out the flower beds and mulching all 8 of the flower beds....thanks to the birthday loot from the Stepmother...thank you Mother Mary !

Over the years through trial and error , we have discovered that some things work..others not so much so we are going to stick to what we know.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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