Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ninety Two Days

I used the above photo because I love the colors contained in it..

I hadn't really thought about it until the news wonks on our local NBC channel commented that it has been 92 days since we've had a soaking rain here in Houston.


We usually have the worst part of the winter in January and February also known as damn near Rodeo and Mardi Gras.

And we can count on rain for the first few days of the Shell Open, regardless of when it is scheduled in any particular year.




Wildfires have been seen and dealt with up in Montgomery County which is the county north of where I live . No Sistah, there have been no new reports ....and they are calling this " THE 50 YEAR DROUGHT" for Texas.

Meat prices are already through the roof ( The Brisket Post)so I am dreading wht this is going to mean at the local Krogers or Sams Club.

New Braunfels has water rationing which means no tubin the Guad...and I doubt we are far behind.

We are already so very careful about water useage because of the cost and we know that we will be rationed if this does not change.

The sky has been cloudy and it's windy but no rain so far..sigh.

It's pretty scary to hear the weather wonks sincerely say that a bit of a tropical storm in the Gulf would be welcome considering what we have all gone through since Katrina, Rita and Ike.

What bothers me more is that I can see the point .

Send rain y'all and your Aunty Pol will love you forever.


Aunty Pol

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