Friday, September 30, 2011

Potential Christmas Present !

Hey Honey..

You know how they like board games ?

I have no way of knowing if we will get either of their names but this is a possibility.

It's at so I don't think there is going to be a run on it.

Maybe I should just order it anyway and set it back ?

Yes..I am one of those who start the Christmas Insanity early.

Hopefully , I won't be like my late mother.

She was gifted in hiding presents that they had bought earlier through the year, and she hid them very well.

So well that some of them are still MIA and she's been gone now for 30 years this past spring.

I kid you not.


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Guess who is in town this weekend for Splatterfest at the Alamo Draft House ?


Le Sigh.

I am most like going to miss it so I will have to console mah self with an appointment or 3 at the Ice House and some sort or baked goods .

I wonder..Butter Pecan Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting..tappity tap tap goes the foot.

Butter Rum flavoring in the icing or not ....hmmm...

At least I have Freida..yes..I most likely have named the new appliance because I am twisted that way.

Don't forget for those of you that get the Food Network, Miss Ree has another episode tomorrow morning at 10:30 am central standard US time.

Have a great weekend, we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Foster Kitten Adopts Tiny Rescue Chihuahua

This is my happy place for the day .

Enjoy !

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos: This post is "reprinted" from with permission. What could be more awesome than Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double O...

Janet, dear Janet..why do I find your wonderful posts as I am starvin Marvin for lunch....You're killing me honey..and it's payday and I have a nickle or two to spend..sigh.

Just kidding.

Dying for Chocolate has become one of the top 5 blogs that I read first , of the blogs that I follow.

Space Paws, IBKC, Cranky Waitress, Here..Taste This round out this group.

I don't know that I would ever do this because SU just isn't that fond of Oreo's , but a gal can dream can't she ?

Mentally, my voluptuous ass has just expanded into the next zip code.

And in reality, I still can has cheezeburger ,'s payday after all.

Off to look for new Bruce pictures and to check out

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Retail Therapy !

I decided that if I could buy a new clothes washer through the Crazy Cajun and take care of the IRS issue...well..girl deserves a shiney, right ?
Aunty Pol

Harmonic Convergence

Ok..I know you will have to raise the hit the zoom thingy to make this bigger but it's worth it .

See..I am not the only one who mutters about " Harmonic Convergence.

You're welcome.

Carry on.


Aunty Pol

Here Ya Go Honey

Problem solved.

The Lovely Bride .

OuR KrAzy kItChEn...: Save Room for Dessert...Cajun Cake

OuR KrAzy kItChEn...: Save Room for Dessert...Cajun Cake: AKA, dump cake, which is a rather unattractive moniker for such a delicious, yet easy, cake. Growing up in largely Cajun town of LaPlace, L...

I've never, ever seen a recipe for a dump cake with any sort of icing on it, much less what I consider your basic Coconut Pecan icing for German Chocolate cake so this caught my eye..

And then there is the fact that I am a total slut bucket for Dump Cake, especially Miss Jeri Lee's .

Warm out of the's good enough to go on a stoners list of complete munchies bliss.

It's that damn good.


Aunty Pol


OuR KrAzy kItChEn...: CHICKEN MILANO: CHICKEN MILANO 4 tablespoons butter, divided* 2 pounds chicken tenders 1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped** 3-4 cloves garlic, minced 1 ...

Yup..more chiggin !

I might be crazy ( hush , I can hear you ! ) but this screams add capers to me.

Go check out this's luscious .


Aunty Pol

Shugary Sweets: Chicken Kisses

Shugary Sweets: Chicken Kisses: One of my favorite dinners. Alyssa (my 12yr old) usually chooses this as her birthday dinner every year. It's so perfect on a fall evening,...

OMG..Lady with gravy even !

Estimated time for impact on voluptuous ass = 32 seconds.

I may have to make these fairly soon-ish.


Aunty Pol

Giant Rick Perry Chia head for sale | Rick Perry 2012 Campaign for President– News and updates

Never let it be said that your Aunty does not take an interest in all things political.


Now if they came out with one for the Kinkster aka Kinky Friedman..SOLD !


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Told You I Was Stealing This !

I told you I was stealing this !

I have a friend who is a smart as hell attorney and a rarity..a regular dude. He and I share a love of all things Science Fiction/Fantasy amongst other things so when I saw this on his Facebook page I screamed internally:

" Dude, I am so fucking stealing this ...KThxBai".

Don't get me wrong.

I read a lot and there is a healthy dose of Urban Fantasy/Brain Candy/Trash.

I also read Churchill and have a degree .

I listen to Weird Al, Ozzy and Yo Yo Ma.

Abbott and Costello make me laugh till I have to pee , ditto for MST3K.

I rarely use spell check here but can spot an error elsewhere in record time.

I also have a phrase I use a lot and it is one of the most apt self descriptions I will ever use.

" I am easily seduced by a well turned phrase . "

Yes, people, especially kids have heroes and role models .

Hopefully they are more along the lines of the productive rather than the destructive.

And I say that with a straight face and a self professed love of all things Ozzy.

Because of this I try to be tolerant of their adoration of these vapid publicity whores, hoping like everything else they will fade away to the land of pet rocks and chia pets.

My parents didn't understand the things I read or watched on TV or listened to and that is how it is supposed to be.

It's called growing up and becoming self aware .

But the Kardashians, the Jersey Shores, The Real Housewives of Pick a City , The Kates with or without the Eights, the Baldwins, all of this ilk...

They are still here, in all forms of media.

Rather than letting them fade, they are being kept alive , much like a cockroach's ability to withstand Nagasaki.

Society in general has no room to complain about their existence until they own up to the fact that they as a whole are feeding the cockroaches.

We're not letting them pass away and fade away..we are creating the vacuum that allows the STD of the moment to dig in deeper to the trenches .

I thought that a couple of my co-workers were kidding when I showed them this.

They had no idea who the 1970's photo was on the left was , but they sure as fuck knew who she is.

And these co-workers are parents...yes....breeders of the next generation.

I weep for their tax deductions present and future additions.

This realization makes me grasp that being the age that we are might not be that bad a thing for SU and I , because by the time that ignorant 2.0 or 3.0 model tax deduction is old enough to do things that have a real effect in this world..SU and I will be long dead.

Big Dirt Nap.


Oh..and you all did know that the photos are:

Left: Carl Sagan

Right : Snooki or as I call her current leader of the Vagasil Brigade .

We might be the only ones who will DVR this coming Sundays " 60 Minutes" and I don't care .

We will miss spending our Sundays with Andy Rooney.

At least he knows how to leave with dignity as a gentleman should.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Muffins That Taste Like Donuts ! ~ Oh Hell Yeah !

Set over to 350 degrees.


1 3/4 c. flour

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/3 cup oil

3/4 cup white sugar

1 whole egg

3/4 cup milk


1/4 cup butter

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/3 cup sugar

1 . Combine flour, baking powder,salt,nutmeg and cinnamon.

2 . Combine oil, white sugar egg and milk.

3 . Add wet to dry , stirring only to combine .

4. Bake in lined muffin/cupcake tin for 15 to 20 minutes.

While baking, melt the butter . Combine sugar and cinnamon.

Dip still warm muffins in the melted butter and then the cinnamon/sugar mix.

Let cool.

Note , because I am the way I am, I'd add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the sugary goodness for the last




Aunty Pol

It's National Drink Beer Day !

Here ya go honey, this is for you and Double Oh Mullet !

Slainte !

Aunty Pol

Monday, September 26, 2011

OK..This made Me Smile.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Crazy Cajun.

Love ,


Dying for Chocolate: Cartoon of the Day: Chocolate

Dying for Chocolate: Cartoon of the Day: Chocolate: Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price is one of my favorite daily comics.

Once again, Miss Janet of Dying for Chocolate hits the mark.

The truffles would have saved my sanity .

It had been a few years since our normal had occurred so we had gotten rather lax in our last quarter of the year paranoia. Long time readers know that Casa de Swamp has some sort of epic failure in the last quarter of the year , usually involving major appliance failure as in buying a new whatever.

Try as we might, the clothes washer went tits up.

It was a faithful servant in the almost 8 years we've had it, I know how long because we had to buy it the week Daddy died..yeah,I know .

The Crazy Cajun let us put it on his Sears Roebuck card and I paid him back.

God bless best friends with good or better credit is all I can say.

By the time we got it all sorted out as far as the actual water off the floor and all of the pantry stuff up on the counter because we use all the floor space dammit,...I was shaking.

Literally shaking with stress / frustration.

So I go next door to re-do my load of my clothes which weigh nothing at all.

As Miss Jeri Lee and I watched the game ( LOL ) ..I knew what I had to do.

I called the Crazy Cajun.

Good thing I had "calmed down".

Message: Hi .....It's me..can you call me or SU on either of our cell phones back. No ones bleeding or anything but we have a problem.KThnxBai.

Calm , right ?

I guarantee that you will get a call back if you leave a message like that but in my defense ..that WAS calmer than I'd been.

He calls me and I explain the situation and ask him to talk it over with his lovely bride because that is how I am ..and to let us know..we're good either way, I will just pull a plan B out of my a**.

Less than a minute later he calls back and we are on so SU and I go up to Sears Roebuck and look . I'd pretty much decided from the weekly ad that I had seen the one that I wanted ( could afford ) but yeah..guess who forgot the ad on the dining room table ?



So we figure out finally which one it was and's out of stock.

Hello ?

The ad just came out today and it's out of stock and will take a couple of weeks to order?

I'm going to keep my thoughts on that to myself before I jinx the deal.

We find one that will work, ta-dah.

We will all meet tomorrow night at Sears Roebuck with the Cajun's son's truck and tote that sucker home. SU and the Cajun can install it ..they've done it before .

And I am sure that this will be okaywith the Cajun and his Missus ...but I am insisting on extended warranty..SU KNOWS this is no longer negotiable.

And since this is a front loader, I will have to replace all my cleaning stuff with HE .


We got a letter from the IRS saying we'd underpaid 2008 or 2009 by $756.00 .

I will bring the form to the office tomorrow for my dude to look at , after all I work for attorneys.

It's a good thing I'd gotten a couple of bills paid off..

I'm ready to run away from home.

This week has to get better, it really does.


Aunty Pol

Friday, September 23, 2011

Name That Singer !

She had hits in the 60's, toured with icons and like many women was overlooked for her writing skills in favor of her singing because of her beauty.

Can you name this talented lady ?

No prizes..sorry..this is just for fun.


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Oh hell yea !
Excuse me while I lay my head down on my desk for a minute as I think I have a case of the vapors..!

Back now and all better.
Happy Friday y'all.It's been a long week with nothing special baked or to report which is fine in it's own way.
I did discover one thing today that I thought was pretty damn cool.
One of my favorite singers who is in her 70's now is releasing an album this coming Tuesday.
Yes, for those of you under the age of 40 , a lot of people your parents age still call them that so just deal with it and get over it.
She was primarily known for a few songs in the 1960's and contrary to popular beliefs is the one that wrote " Bette Davis Eyes"...not as many mistakenly believe to have been penned by Kim Carnes.
Can you guess who ?

I'll put her picture in the next post , I'm curious to see if anyone other than me knows who it is.

Have a great weekend...we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Don't Think That This Is What They Mean By Leaves Changing Color..But I Could Be Wrong

I have a love hate relationship with this time of year.

I love the leaves changing colors.

I hate that for right now down here all that means is that the leaves on the trees have changed brown which means the trees are either in a stress mode ( best hope) or dead ( reality).

I love that the temperatures are the 90's rather than the 109's

I hate the time change.

I came home tonight and did the garden patrol looking for please no one need to be watered.

If we make only one itty bitty stop on the way home it is still 7 pm before we hit the driveway. I usually have to wait a few so he can get a shower and this is the drill. I understand it..He works with machinery and need to take a run through the rain room ( shower). It's like after a haircut, you have to get all of the hair off your neck. This means that if I have to water , I have to wait a bit. Down here , it is almost full dark by 8 pm.

This throws me right now, it really does.

Where did all of the light go ?

I am used to spending at least an hour watering what I can to save what I can.

In the dark ?

Oh hell no.

I looked around and realized that I really need to get out there now that the pulled muscles over the ribs on my right are better , and get the dead plants out of their pots ..and yes , it's going to take forever so that I force myself to slow down and not tackle it all at once , which is my usual mode so that I don't either aggravate the muscles , or do more damage and actually really tear was that bad.

I think I will simply remove the debris and stack the pots till spring.

Some things that have survived need to be re potted and I guess the smart thing to do is buy bigger pots as I can and again stack them so that when I can repot the materials are all there.

But then there is still:

Prune or not and if so how much on the climbing roses etc.

Fertilize or or hindrance with the season and weather ?

We've never had a damn near year long drought this bad in the state .

You know it's bad when you pay more attention to the fire reports than anything else and get used to the smell of smoke that just burns the hell out of your eyes and sinuses.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday y'all, I really am.


Aunty Pol

Top Chef: Texas

Once again, Houston gets the shaft.

Bastards !


Aunty Pol

the bitchy waiter: Old Ladies Can Be Annoying

the bitchy waiter: Old Ladies Can Be Annoying: Everyone is born for a reason. Perhaps you were born to make a difference in the life of someone you have yet to meet or maybe your purpose ...


I had to post this here because I have been laughing out loud for Chrissakes for 20 solid minutes.

I will state here and now, in writing even , that if I EVER turn into one of these old broads , all of my friends and loved ones ( who are more often than not the same group) have express permission to do any and all of the following:

1. Take all of my music ( primarily the metal ) away save the TJB that Daddy sent me as a joke and make me listen to either Patti Paige or The New Christy Minstrels for at least 24 hours without stop.

2. Take away all of my heels and force me to wear Bierks and sox in public for the rest of my life.In case of rain, make me wear those semi transparent bootie things the clear plastic baggie rain hat.

3. Take away all my rock and roll tee shirts, the ICHC ones, the cute jeans and leave me nothing but housecoats, Quacker Factory sweaters and or tops and Donnkenny slacks.

4. Take away all my scifi dvd's and leave me nothing to watch but reruns of Happy Days Ozzie and Harriet, and Hallmark Channel's " Loves Enduring WTF Ever " movies.

5. Take away all my books and leave me nothing but out dated Guideposts and Hi-Lites.

6. Remove the computer and the laptop from the house.

7. Substitute rabbit ears for the cable.

8. Dump all my makeup and leave only Oil Of Olay ( original formula) and 1 tube of Revlon's Fire and Ice.

I have rarely laughed so hard at a post..just another reason this 56 year Goddess Loves The Bitchy Waiter.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Greedy Dipwad Bastards Who Created FACEBOOK

You guys and or gals really screwed the pooch so to speak this time.

Put it back the way it was.



Aunty Pol

OK..Is It Just Me or...EWWWWWWW ?

Apologies to both Cagney and Lacey, but the photo fits the topic.

I just saw the strangest thing.
My husband will tell you that I contradict my self ..A LOT.
I am a certified makeup maven junkie.
I have tons of mineral makeup..and know how to use it.
I am obsessed with clean skin.

I cleanse my skin with the Clarisonic Mia and Cetaphil twice daily, regardless of whether I have any makeup on or not. I am predictable in my use of moisturisers , especially Argan oil.
My husband has never seen me go to bed with makeup on ever.
No matter how late, how sick, how much adult beverage has been consumed.

I wash my brushes every Saturday and let them air dry.
Clean are never mixed in with used.

So...the point of this...oh you KNOW I have one..

One of the housekeepers , Miss Patricia , just brought out a bag that had been left in the ladies room on my floor. I knew who it belonged to because I passed it and it's owner only way to the courtyard on my break.

I called her and told her I had her bag at my desk.
She replied that a co-worker was going to borrow it.
You guessed it, it is a makeup bag.
One of those clear sided ones .
Yup...see through.

My first reaction was " EWWWWWW."

It was obvious to me and anyone else who might of seen it that it was not the tidiest of things.
Which made me clean are those brushes I see ?
Answer: Not at all.


Ok..I know I sound judgemental here..and I care not a whit,
I've always wanted to use that word..whit....snerk.
Anyhoo ...
Is it me ?
I'm kinds grossed out by the whole thing .

Just sayin.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Archie Meets Rock Band Kiss

For the love of ( insert deity of choice)....JUST FRIGGAN KILL ME NOW !

Archie Meets Rock Band Kiss: Two iconic American figures have joined forces, but it may not be the ones you expect. All-American teen Archie Andrews has partnered with rock ‘n’ roll legend Kiss in an upcoming series called, eponymously, ”Archie Meets Kiss.” The four-part series launches Nov. 30 and, in the...


Carry On.

Aunty Pol

Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

This handsome lad is Pirate Captain Modern Meezer General Miles Meezer of Meezer Tales and my favorite picture of anything for today's holiday. Check out their blog at : and say hi to Sammy , Miles, Billy Nicky and The Mom Lady Person .

Ok..I am busted.
If not for Sistah, I would have literally forgotten the other favorite family holiday at the least on my side of the family..and y'all know how I love Bastille Day.

You see, there has been a lot on my plate the last two weeks. We have both been sick with some malady or another , and the weather and so on.

It's taken me two weeks to be able to begin this story and I apologize for the overall lack of's really not my style and I need to remind myself about blogging without obligation..yes lady Lisa I hear you honey..hugs.

And then there is Andy.

We knew that when we took him in that he was FIV positive.
We are educated parents about this.
We have been down this road with Jakey J.
We are there again.
At first we thought it was the heat because it's just now gotten DOWN to the 90's here. We set records for the heat and all of the kitty's were eating less.
Normal but less.
And we kept him in during the day and would rush home to let him out because he won't use a box and his schedule is ours.
He has never willingly used a box and prefers outdoors.
Because of Xena, we have boxes in various locations with heavy duty plastic under them.
If he has an accident, it is always on the plastic ..till recently.
He eats as usual, but less it seems ..and again we thought it was the heat..with the exception of Gracie Marie aka the Hoover , they all cut back a bit
And he's still losing weight.
He has used the box now 3 times..though not in the same day.
And as never before , he sleeps on the end of the water bed on Gordy's side at the foot.
And all he wants is his momma.
He still eats, and sleeps and poo's etc,..but we know the signs.
I didn't want to see them, neither did his Daddy.
The vets warned us of this.
I thought it would be Xeni Gabini and all of her issues , not him.
She has stabilized, and while she hasn't lost more weight, she's trim and not as bony. And she is using the box in her CHOICE of locations and the urping is way less than before.
And my heart is just shattered.
The boy I never wanted in the first place is my baby.
He's bonded to me.
Gracie Marie is more bonded to her Daddy.
Irony indeed.
He brought Andy into the family and I brought Gracie Marie.
Sgt. Andy Panda Pants of The Patio Patrol was a special blessing to me and I have to close because I am at work and about to cry again.
I don't know how long we will have him but I can promise you , he WILL NOT SUFFER.

Meezer Mom, I hope you don't mind me using Miles photo, if it's a problem let me know honey and I will remove it.

Blessed Be.

Jane aka Aunty Pol

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~!

Happy Friday y'all !
Bout damn time .
Not a whole lot has been going on this week as I try to find some part of the old bod that isn't effed up..
All I have to do is stub either of my big toes which is entirely possible since Grace is not my middle name and I will have a trifecta..sinus problems with the ozone and lingering smoke in the area/air , tummy that is finally on the mend and ribs that are still sore as hell from the muscle pulls...middle aged sucks like a hoover people , I swear it does.

I think it's going to be a weekend of light duties..

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Mine !

My teeshirt has been shipped. !

Wheee !


Not your's honey.....MINE.

Paws off !

Love ,

The Lovely Bride

The Homesick Texan Cookbook has finally arrived!

Hit Mr. Linky above to go over to Miss Lisa's blog.

Yes, it's here !

Yes honey, I am buying this cookbook.

I will find room for it.

Trust me, I wasn't wrong about Ree's first cookbook and I am not wrong about this one.

Waving at ya Miss Lisa !


Aunty Pol

Happy Birthday Daddy .

Happy Birthday Daddy.

I miss you and love you more than I can say.

Your Daughter.

National POW MIA Recognition Day

There are many thoughtful and insightful sources and blogs out there that will discuss this in far better ways than I ever could.

All I will say is that it it not enough to have one day set aside for this, it should be every day.

Every Day Until Everyone Is Returned Home.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol aka A Veterans Wife And Daughter.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dying for Chocolate: Grilled Chocolate Marmalade Sandwiches

Oh my word....I have to put my head on my desk now. While I do that , hit Mr. Linky below .
I love orange and chocolate in any combination and then you throw in grilled ?

Yahtzee !!!!

Dying for Chocolate: Grilled Chocolate Marmalade Sandwiches: The weekend is starting, and I know what I'll be making: Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches. Here's a variation on a standard grilled chocolate sa...

Yes , I am feeling better , not great but better .



Aunty Pol

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fraud Blog: Interludes - Money Laundering

Fraud Blog: Interludes - Money Laundering: For those who get "The History Channel" there is a new series starting called "Scammed" which discusses scams and frauds. http://www.histo...

Hit Mr.Linky to go to my friends blog. It is one of the better blogs out there with insightful and valid information .


Aunty Pol

Target hits it big with Missoni collection

This is friggan hilarious.

I don't know what is more absurd, the fact that TarJay really spent all kinds on money on a massive PR campaign in hopes it would create this kind of buzz or that no one would purchase Missoni so let's only run a 400 piece collection.

Granted , Missoni is an acquired taste and IMO , best done in small doses because a room full of it or a complete outfit produces vertigo and or a migraine in yours truly.

Italian knit wear is hands down the best in the world, bar none .

Missoni is for the uber thin upper East side blonde, botoxed Trophy wife who likes fun frisky fashion as long as every one else by GAWD knows whose line it is and what it cost.

Most of us who do not fall in the above description know what kind of knits work well on our Chunky Monkey Cherry Garcia's cheese stick in marinara beer chuggin lives and it ain't a thin weight small gauge knit..most folks call that spandex down here anyway, it's the same effect gracing the aisles of Wally World 24/7.

If we wear knits and are blessed with a full length mirror, honest women friends and a fairly accurate eyeglass prescription , we know that knits are a HG ( Holy Grail) .

It fits right in there with the other HG items we all covet or search for...a GOOD hairdresser and or colorist, a GOOD nail tech, an OBG/YN that listens and does not mock us and so on.

We do not take these things lightly by Gaia..

MY HG knits do come from TarJay..they are the Merona cardigans and shells.

Solid Colors at a price that I can afford so I can have more than one black one.

MY HG knits are blends, silk when I can get it in my size and not the price of a complete meal for 4 adults with adult beverages or 2 -ish at a mid range dining establishment, there for if I f one up...I hike my voluptuous ass up to TarJay and get me another.

The crush was such that it crashed their website and from what I gather it was worse than the Bridal sale at Filenes , if that still happens.

And TarJay doesn't plan on getting more in ?

Really ?

Is that the attitude a bricks and mortar store wants to project in this economy ?

I really have to wonder about that.

Good luck to everyone who got a piece of knitwear or as I think of it .....

This years Cabbage Patch Kid/Elmo/Talk To Me Elmo on E-Bay

Let's hear it for retail therapy !


Aunty Pol

Hope For The Election

Live Long And Prosper.

'Nuff said.


Aunty Pol

Well Ain't This A Kick In The ASS !

Yes. I am still alive but just barely.
I finally understand Lady Lisa occasional remark about the abundance of food photos/recipes and yappage that piles up here...I get it honey , I really do. It is a bit obsessive .
You see , I have been laid out for 2 full days with the stomach virus from hell...I kid you not. And while I am not contagious, I am at work...barely that is.
This time it has really been bad because the bomiting as Miles Meezer would say has aggravated the sweet Jeebus kill me now muscles again over the right side of the ribcage.
In other words, any progress that I have made in the week since I did that is straight down the commode.
I can't think of food to the point that I can't even read the blogs that I follow for the most part...

Le Sigh.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Cat Who ... Cookbook:

Dying for Chocolate: The Cat Who ... Cookbook: Chocolate Whoppers: Today I chose another Chocolate Recipe from my "Tie-in" Cookbook collection . This one is from The Cat Who ... Cookbook: Delicious Meals ...

I was so tickled to see one of my favorite blogs had a bit about a favorite author of mine....and chocolate to boot.

Hit Mr. Linky above to check it out.

Anyone who knows me in RL knows that I love my cats, my books and amongst other things chocolaty goodness in all forms.

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Lillian Jackson Braun earlier this year. I had a suspicion when her publishing house withdrew her latest book from release, but it was handled with dignity just as it should have been. Miss Polly would have been proud.

Books have gotten me through some of my darkest days, they are the friends who do not judge. I grew up in a house that read almost anything and I hate to admit this but I simply cannot relate to someone who says they do not read or enjoy books. I was even lucky enough to find and marry a man who not only appreciates books as much as I do but who has also introduced me to new authors that we now collect.

Miss Braun wrote what is termed " Coseys ". They are sweet little non graphic ( nothing wrong with graphic or urban either , trust me) that usually have pet companions.

Miss Braun had two Siamese characters , Koko and Yum Yum , lovingly cared for by Mr. James Qwilleran. I am going to he to check the spelling on that last name, it seems odd at the moment.

While the mysteries were good, what came through loud and clear was Miss Brauns love and appreciation for all things feline.

Rest in peace , Miss Braun.

Munchkin, Loki, Xena, Boschka, Andy and Gracie Marie send purrs and headbutts to Koko, Yum Yum , Brutus and everyone at the Rainbow Bridge. We know that you are there to care and protect all of them.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

WTF Wednesday

Sorry for the delay in posting and or random's been rather strange at the Casa.

I hope that every one had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and that everyone is safe from harm.

I'm not quite sure where that is right now , but there ya go.

SU and I took off for a couple of days which is something that we never do at the same time because we just don't .

Rarely have our jobs allowed that unless it was some deeply planned ( by me ) vacation or the usual...a death in the family. It was a bit weird though and at one point , I realized " If this is how it is for retired folks...f dat , ONE of us needs to get out from under foot.

Yes dear, go to the Ice House.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to but I did get more than a few of the things done that I never have time to do and they just bug the shit out of me..for example:

1. Take all work clothes to the dry cleaner that need to go.

2. Put the above away in the proper closet on proper hangers.

3. Straighten out shoes.

4. Actually find the bottom of my closet ( see above).

5. Dust all the bedrooms at the back of the house, including the artwork, lamps and bookcases/books. I usually start at the front of the house ( kitchen/great room..aka the part that people actually might see ) so the back of the house..not so much.

6. Clean /organize dressing table including washing hand made dresser scarves.

7. Clean/dust/sort clutter in den.../ it beverage time yet ? Nurse !

8. Dust guest room.

This is actually not so bad compared to what I usually undertake as far as the dusting etc and I had 5 days to do it all in so biggie.

We did get together with friends at the Monument Inn...yum. For anyone living in the area, is still open , they have some of the best Calamari in the area and if you are going on a Saturday night and have more than a party of 8..make a reservation....ditto if you are going after 6:30 pm because they were packed out the wazzu ( Sistah). NOT forget to ask for some extra cinnamon rolls to take home..they are used to this and are in fact famous for the fact that you can re heat them in the nuker and they are still great for breakfast the next day.

But..and isn't there always one ?

Somewhere in all of this mayhem and I think I know when and where ..I managed to severely pull the group of muscles over the top of my rib cage on the right side....bad enough that I had to wonder if I had accidentally cracked a rib.

Thankfully I had not and OTC Percogesic seems to help. That being said, I am being very careful of the way that I move right now and pray like hell that I don't have to cough..because have no idea how bad that hurts.

And now for the weird.

Either on Sunday or Monday night , I noticed that Andy and Gracie's blue kibble bowl was missing. No big deal I thought. They are known for knocking it off the wicker ( pvc) coffee table in what my father used to call a fit of Pete to register their outrage at the level and or quality of their customary repast. Or if the bird feeders are not immediately attended to when they are low, the Avian brethren will plotz the empty bowl on the patio slab after they have finished the kibble off and shat upon the hoseable pvc.

So we looked...and looked....and looked because we had some real gusty weather this weekend and by that I mean recorded 25 to 30 mph gustiness.

No bowl.

Then I notice..also MIA is one of my black crocs which I use in the yard.

Now, ages ago when we had actual rain, I had to get into the habit of not leaving my crocs on the patio slab and rather put them on the table shelf because the yard drains towards the house and the slab and they float. I'd gotten out of the habit of doing that except for....wait for it...wait..yep...this weekend.

We look and we look and we look and we look some more.

No croc.




I am at first perplexed, then irate then WTF..odd but what the hell. Being more concerned with my ribs , I sort of blew it all off and got another bowl to put out there because I am such a good Mommy.

This bowl is out there for 2 days, up until last night in fact which I know for a fact as Jeri Lee and I chatted a bit and I remarked that it was time to water and get kibble...blah blah blah fishcakes...and I got more kibble.

You know where this is going don't you ?

This morning I asked SU to check Andy and Gracie Marie's water and kibble since the plan was that they would be outside all day since it is only a balmy 90 degrees or so this week during the out he goes with the water and kibble...

And blue bowl # 2 is gone baby gone.

Now I know that this was an animal because frankly my crocs are a childs size and this is just the size for a chew toy. Plus, the bowl was on a table and at just the right height for a medium size doggy to go."" Baroo....smells like food to me. I claim it ! "

We've considered that it might also be a possum or raccoon which is not that far a stretch where we are so I don't really know but am leaning towards the doggy D.

Left behind were a couple hundred dollars worth of pvc wicker furniture ( yes..I am an idiot and bought this all from Chair King) , plus tile and wrought iron side tables, decorative bits and bobs..a cd player..floor fan..yeah....stuff.

So it's off to Petco for more kibble and a huge ass dog bowl. We have two of them in our room for kibble and water and I an gonna get one heavy enough that it won't blow off and is more than a critter can seize with their teefs.

Have a great week and if you see a black croc..right one...I'm calling dibs.


Aunty Pol