Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Sorry for the delay in posting and or random's been rather strange at the Casa.

I hope that every one had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and that everyone is safe from harm.

I'm not quite sure where that is right now , but there ya go.

SU and I took off for a couple of days which is something that we never do at the same time because we just don't .

Rarely have our jobs allowed that unless it was some deeply planned ( by me ) vacation or the usual...a death in the family. It was a bit weird though and at one point , I realized " If this is how it is for retired folks...f dat , ONE of us needs to get out from under foot.

Yes dear, go to the Ice House.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to but I did get more than a few of the things done that I never have time to do and they just bug the shit out of me..for example:

1. Take all work clothes to the dry cleaner that need to go.

2. Put the above away in the proper closet on proper hangers.

3. Straighten out shoes.

4. Actually find the bottom of my closet ( see above).

5. Dust all the bedrooms at the back of the house, including the artwork, lamps and bookcases/books. I usually start at the front of the house ( kitchen/great room..aka the part that people actually might see ) so the back of the house..not so much.

6. Clean /organize dressing table including washing hand made dresser scarves.

7. Clean/dust/sort clutter in den.../ it beverage time yet ? Nurse !

8. Dust guest room.

This is actually not so bad compared to what I usually undertake as far as the dusting etc and I had 5 days to do it all in so biggie.

We did get together with friends at the Monument Inn...yum. For anyone living in the area, is still open , they have some of the best Calamari in the area and if you are going on a Saturday night and have more than a party of 8..make a reservation....ditto if you are going after 6:30 pm because they were packed out the wazzu ( Sistah). NOT forget to ask for some extra cinnamon rolls to take home..they are used to this and are in fact famous for the fact that you can re heat them in the nuker and they are still great for breakfast the next day.

But..and isn't there always one ?

Somewhere in all of this mayhem and I think I know when and where ..I managed to severely pull the group of muscles over the top of my rib cage on the right side....bad enough that I had to wonder if I had accidentally cracked a rib.

Thankfully I had not and OTC Percogesic seems to help. That being said, I am being very careful of the way that I move right now and pray like hell that I don't have to cough..because have no idea how bad that hurts.

And now for the weird.

Either on Sunday or Monday night , I noticed that Andy and Gracie's blue kibble bowl was missing. No big deal I thought. They are known for knocking it off the wicker ( pvc) coffee table in what my father used to call a fit of Pete to register their outrage at the level and or quality of their customary repast. Or if the bird feeders are not immediately attended to when they are low, the Avian brethren will plotz the empty bowl on the patio slab after they have finished the kibble off and shat upon the hoseable pvc.

So we looked...and looked....and looked because we had some real gusty weather this weekend and by that I mean recorded 25 to 30 mph gustiness.

No bowl.

Then I notice..also MIA is one of my black crocs which I use in the yard.

Now, ages ago when we had actual rain, I had to get into the habit of not leaving my crocs on the patio slab and rather put them on the table shelf because the yard drains towards the house and the slab and they float. I'd gotten out of the habit of doing that except for....wait for it...wait..yep...this weekend.

We look and we look and we look and we look some more.

No croc.




I am at first perplexed, then irate then WTF..odd but what the hell. Being more concerned with my ribs , I sort of blew it all off and got another bowl to put out there because I am such a good Mommy.

This bowl is out there for 2 days, up until last night in fact which I know for a fact as Jeri Lee and I chatted a bit and I remarked that it was time to water and get kibble...blah blah blah fishcakes...and I got more kibble.

You know where this is going don't you ?

This morning I asked SU to check Andy and Gracie Marie's water and kibble since the plan was that they would be outside all day since it is only a balmy 90 degrees or so this week during the out he goes with the water and kibble...

And blue bowl # 2 is gone baby gone.

Now I know that this was an animal because frankly my crocs are a childs size and this is just the size for a chew toy. Plus, the bowl was on a table and at just the right height for a medium size doggy to go."" Baroo....smells like food to me. I claim it ! "

We've considered that it might also be a possum or raccoon which is not that far a stretch where we are so I don't really know but am leaning towards the doggy D.

Left behind were a couple hundred dollars worth of pvc wicker furniture ( yes..I am an idiot and bought this all from Chair King) , plus tile and wrought iron side tables, decorative bits and bobs..a cd player..floor fan..yeah....stuff.

So it's off to Petco for more kibble and a huge ass dog bowl. We have two of them in our room for kibble and water and I an gonna get one heavy enough that it won't blow off and is more than a critter can seize with their teefs.

Have a great week and if you see a black croc..right one...I'm calling dibs.


Aunty Pol

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