Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OK..Is It Just Me or...EWWWWWWW ?

Apologies to both Cagney and Lacey, but the photo fits the topic.

I just saw the strangest thing.
My husband will tell you that I contradict my self ..A LOT.
I am a certified makeup maven junkie.
I have tons of mineral makeup..and know how to use it.
I am obsessed with clean skin.

I cleanse my skin with the Clarisonic Mia and Cetaphil twice daily, regardless of whether I have any makeup on or not. I am predictable in my use of moisturisers , especially Argan oil.
My husband has never seen me go to bed with makeup on ever.
No matter how late, how sick, how much adult beverage has been consumed.

I wash my brushes every Saturday and let them air dry.
Clean are never mixed in with used.

So...the point of this...oh you KNOW I have one..

One of the housekeepers , Miss Patricia , just brought out a bag that had been left in the ladies room on my floor. I knew who it belonged to because I passed it and it's owner only way to the courtyard on my break.

I called her and told her I had her bag at my desk.
She replied that a co-worker was going to borrow it.
You guessed it, it is a makeup bag.
One of those clear sided ones .
Yup...see through.

My first reaction was " EWWWWWW."

It was obvious to me and anyone else who might of seen it that it was not the tidiest of things.
Which made me clean are those brushes I see ?
Answer: Not at all.


Ok..I know I sound judgemental here..and I care not a whit,
I've always wanted to use that word..whit....snerk.
Anyhoo ...
Is it me ?
I'm kinds grossed out by the whole thing .

Just sayin.


Aunty Pol

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Dzoli said...

The only time when I use make up a lot is when my friend Cali(same name as my daughter)comes to practic on me as she is make up artist.Sure how she brings it I wouldn't go out even if it looks like art.I think he rbrushes are clean:))