Monday, September 26, 2011

Dying for Chocolate: Cartoon of the Day: Chocolate

Dying for Chocolate: Cartoon of the Day: Chocolate: Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price is one of my favorite daily comics.

Once again, Miss Janet of Dying for Chocolate hits the mark.

The truffles would have saved my sanity .

It had been a few years since our normal had occurred so we had gotten rather lax in our last quarter of the year paranoia. Long time readers know that Casa de Swamp has some sort of epic failure in the last quarter of the year , usually involving major appliance failure as in buying a new whatever.

Try as we might, the clothes washer went tits up.

It was a faithful servant in the almost 8 years we've had it, I know how long because we had to buy it the week Daddy died..yeah,I know .

The Crazy Cajun let us put it on his Sears Roebuck card and I paid him back.

God bless best friends with good or better credit is all I can say.

By the time we got it all sorted out as far as the actual water off the floor and all of the pantry stuff up on the counter because we use all the floor space dammit,...I was shaking.

Literally shaking with stress / frustration.

So I go next door to re-do my load of my clothes which weigh nothing at all.

As Miss Jeri Lee and I watched the game ( LOL ) ..I knew what I had to do.

I called the Crazy Cajun.

Good thing I had "calmed down".

Message: Hi .....It's me..can you call me or SU on either of our cell phones back. No ones bleeding or anything but we have a problem.KThnxBai.

Calm , right ?

I guarantee that you will get a call back if you leave a message like that but in my defense ..that WAS calmer than I'd been.

He calls me and I explain the situation and ask him to talk it over with his lovely bride because that is how I am ..and to let us know..we're good either way, I will just pull a plan B out of my a**.

Less than a minute later he calls back and we are on so SU and I go up to Sears Roebuck and look . I'd pretty much decided from the weekly ad that I had seen the one that I wanted ( could afford ) but yeah..guess who forgot the ad on the dining room table ?



So we figure out finally which one it was and's out of stock.

Hello ?

The ad just came out today and it's out of stock and will take a couple of weeks to order?

I'm going to keep my thoughts on that to myself before I jinx the deal.

We find one that will work, ta-dah.

We will all meet tomorrow night at Sears Roebuck with the Cajun's son's truck and tote that sucker home. SU and the Cajun can install it ..they've done it before .

And I am sure that this will be okaywith the Cajun and his Missus ...but I am insisting on extended warranty..SU KNOWS this is no longer negotiable.

And since this is a front loader, I will have to replace all my cleaning stuff with HE .


We got a letter from the IRS saying we'd underpaid 2008 or 2009 by $756.00 .

I will bring the form to the office tomorrow for my dude to look at , after all I work for attorneys.

It's a good thing I'd gotten a couple of bills paid off..

I'm ready to run away from home.

This week has to get better, it really does.


Aunty Pol

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