Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well Ain't This A Kick In The ASS !

Yes. I am still alive but just barely.
I finally understand Lady Lisa occasional remark about the abundance of food photos/recipes and yappage that piles up here...I get it honey , I really do. It is a bit obsessive .
You see , I have been laid out for 2 full days with the stomach virus from hell...I kid you not. And while I am not contagious, I am at work...barely that is.
This time it has really been bad because the bomiting as Miles Meezer would say has aggravated the sweet Jeebus kill me now muscles again over the right side of the ribcage.
In other words, any progress that I have made in the week since I did that is straight down the commode.
I can't think of food to the point that I can't even read the blogs that I follow for the most part...

Le Sigh.


Aunty Pol

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