Sunday, April 27, 2008

And The Other Shoes Drops - Update

It seems that there is a new complication, according to the surgeon .Because of the non - Hodgekins, MIL has had the maximum radiation that her body will tolerate. Between that and the chemo, she is no longer really able to walk , much less stand.

Part of the recovery period with a by pass is getting the patient up and moving about...forcing circulation to get back where is needs to be.

Which she cannot do .

They are not sure they can actually do the bypass and we won't know more till the surgeon talks to the radiologist.


Frak if we know.

Sigh .

Friday, April 25, 2008

And the other shoe drops



Heart Monitors going bat shit

Heart function - 25%

Quad or more bypass eminent.

Husband nuts..given



Deja Vu..again

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Frakkin Friday Peeps

Whew. What a week.

We have survived the dreaded Gorgon of 4/15/08. Thank You Lord, Thank You Jeebus .

Things that we /I have also done this week :

March Of Dimes: Walk for the Bebe's:

Every year , for various charities the offices does the pay $5 and you too can wear your beegee's..( No..Not The Brother's not go there ....I AM fan girl) . Mumble years ago , we had " Casual Friday . "



As always, SOME people abused it. Shit I wouldn't wear to work in the garden abuse. So of course the PTB's said " Oh , HELL no."

That ended.

Then we went to Bidness Casual.

Same Nightmare even amplified.

Some PPL just do not get it .

We have now a policy that on a three day weekend, the Friday thereof we can wear BG's . Since I stopped wearing suits/street length skirts four years ago and wear pants or a long skirt , this is no big whoop to me.

When we do a charity thingy, if you pay the fiver, you can wear jeans on a non holiday Friday.


As in the implication of a given CHOICE.

As always, the lame, inept, small minded jive ass mofo's bitched ad nauseum about having to pay said fiver to wear BG's. Thus negating the concept of......wait for it....wait....wait.....


What evs.

The SC ladies baked cupcakes to sell for a buck a throw to raise more monies. At approx. 2:45 there were still a combined total of 40 left. I suspect more grousing.." I have to pay a fiver to wear jeans and a buck for a cupcake ...ummm...NO."

This is for a CHARITY people.

So my main partner in Crime, Sistah of my heart and another attorney no less bought all the thrice damn'd cupcakes and sent an e mail.

" Cupcakes are paid for now thus free.......Enjoy ."

My e mail would NOT have been so nice.

Tomorrow: Shrimp....Nuff said.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once again 4/15 is OVER Peeps

Thank You Jeebus .

It was really rather mild today as the years go...which means the rest of the week will be a biotch as clients panic with the expected " I forgot this , that , or the other.

Suck it up and deal.

If SU and I can go to slammin Sammy's and buy can you.

I know, I work where I work and I fully expect that the Corp .stuff will go on with's the individuals that I work with and who in fact know better that make me all GRRRRRRRRRR. You people are all e'd up about the incentive check from the guv'ment...LMAO.

1. It's not free money dimwit. You will be taxed on it.
2. You have to file a return to get your greedy mitts on it.

I plan on using it and alas, a tad more to replace the central hear/air indoor unit..yup. Living Large Baby.


Memo :

To: The Bricks and Mortar Retail Wonks .

From : A Middle Aged Woman With Money To Spend .

Re: WTF Over ??????????????

Dear Sir or Madame,

Please pull your heads out of the posterior orifices that humans all possess.

I spent more time than was necessary this past Saturday trying to find a new blazer or two. I work in Corporate America. I am over the age of 50 . I have money to spend. This should not be a quest . This should be a given, a staple of your inventory.

While you pander to the twenty somethings that are a size 2, here on Earth in the real world, most of us are not that person. We don't buy trends. We buy the best quality that we can afford in what ever retail shop we frequent and we are the customer base you routinely ignore.

YOU have decided that the current trend of 70's fashion is the way to go.

YOU are so frakkin wrong , I can't see straight.

1. Loud Prints : Been there, worn that.

2. Short Swing Jackets : Are you stoned or stupid ? No one over the age of 21 , weighing more than 100 lbs dripping wet can carry that off.

3. Arm Holes : When you cut them down towards the lower half of the rib cage, well....Not all of us buy the $45 Vickies secret what ever bra. We were raised that undergarments are called under for a reason...not to be seen.

4. Pants : Don't get me started.

It took me an hour and a half and 3 clerks, my age by the way to find what I needed.

I have the money , you idiots .

I no longer have the patience.

Rant over.


Aunty Pol

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Been A While.....again

The last few weeks have been say the very least. As is my custom, I take the week of my birthday off. Thankfully, we had decent weather ( ie. no rain) so I could clean all of the carpets, do a real spring cleaning. I have worked all my adult life with no real time off except for the time I was post op in 1986 after a hysterectomy..thank you Lord for that one so I really value the time.

Give me a BSG Marathon and I will be the cleaning-est MOFO you will ever meet.

On more than one level .

For me, 2008 is the Year Of The Edit.

I have edited a lot.

Closets cleaned out for charity.

Shoes given a new forever home.

My emotional and mental sanity.

Blogs I just don't care to read anymore.

Judgemental folk who feel so entitled that they are convinced that they have more than a pound of flesh coming to them.

The shrill, the strident, the vicious, the just plain mean folk out there who are so involved in their dramas that it consumes them.

They have my sympathy, but no longer my tolerance, patience or audience.

I am stronger , happier, saner and just a nicer person for the self house cleaning.

I no longer view my life as either a contest or something to make amends over.

It was a great vacay.

SU..I really am not angry with you. You understand the issue .

As always sweetie, we cool , and I still love you .

Peace out.


Aunty Pol