Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Regular Programming Will Continue After This Brief Commercial Break....


I am still here even though I haven't posted in what seems like eons.

I don't want to go into details just yet, but we have had to make "that " descision about Loki . It will be sooner than later and while I am at peace with our choice ( as much as I can be ) , our focus is on our baby dude right now.

I appreciate all of the comments over the course of the last 6 or 7 years and know that there are many dear harts that I have come to love that understand this..

I'll write more when I can.

Love to all

Jane and Gordon

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dayum , I'm Good !

This coming Sunday, September 22, 2013 is in fact the autumnal equinox !
I had referred to the fall season in my previous post, but didn't realize it was this weekend !

Now, if I could just figure out the lottery numbers !

Ciao ,
Aunty Pol

ARRRGGHHHH ~ It's Talk Like A Pirate Day ! ~


Happy September 19'th y'all ....oops mateys !

This is my second favorite holiday after Bastille Day so of course I had to find a proper image to post here. Funny thing is that if you google " Pirate Images" , the majority of the results will be the Pirates of The Caribbean variety with one or two exceptions, my favorite of which was the poster for " Ice Pirates." but me being me , I went with my favorite as shown above. It's just faster and easier to go back through the post archives than to search for a new image.

And..I am still in a cage match with my sinuses. I managed to stay up until 8:15 because ION network reruns episodes of " Numbers " on Wednesday nights and I don't care if I have seen it before , I need my Epps fix much like an NCIS marathon on the weekend...winner winner chicken dinner. I suspect that tonight will be more of the same. I ran into Miss Jere Lee at Kroger last night and we commiserated over our shared enemy . She told me that one of her close ( proximity, not personal chum) co-workers had been sick since Monday and finally went to the Dr . yesterday ( Wednesday ) and the outcome was not surprising..the Flu . ....respiratory not stomach. Yatzee ! we can get the flu shot at the office but I suspect that I am still running a bit of fever so I will pass .

It's odd to think of it being almost the end of September and therefore damn near officially fall. Yes football is back to So9uthside Johnny's everlasting joy but it's still hotter than hell down here so the idea of autumn is far fetched in many ways. We are watching the tropics again, praying for rain so I can't really muster up any yippee-ness for the new Chadwicks catalog. I do need to get more organized about a VAST majority of things at the house so that I can and by this I mean Christmas crap will be overflowing sooner than later so brace for impact kids...

At least tomorrow is Friday...

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Senseless Drivel On Tuesday


It's Tuesday and my mind is wandering.
It's wandering and wondering...

Is Amazon the only place I can get both Mallomars and Al Dente Spinach pasta ?

How in the world did I forget to DVR the new season opener for Bones ?

Why is it okay for some people to look right through you when you say " Good Morning " or Good Evening " to them but if you fail to reply if the situation was in fact reversed , you have an " attitude ?"

Why am I the only one that sees where the cat urped on the bed ?

Ditto the dead cockroach ?

It's been a month since vacation, did I think the wood floors were self cleaning and if they are not , why ?

Le Sigh.
I have been felled by sinuses again , and am curious as to how long I will make it before I crash tonight. Last night was heard it here. Dining at Denny's at 4:30 cannot be far off.

Maybe I will dream of Mallomars..damn Pinterest and all of the food posts.

Have a great what ever the hell tomorrow is.

Aunty Pol

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

And y'all thought I wasn't going to continue with HFBOTD just because " Burn Notice " is no more ?
Silly rabbits.

I was completely entranced with the final episode . Everyone was true to the essence of their character and yes, I cried like a toddler when Madeline made her sacrifice but it was so true to her character, the ultimate need to protect her boys and her extended family that while upsetting I could find no fault in the logic of it. There was no other choice, she knew that she didn't have the skills or stamina to get Charlie to safety, there simply wasn't time . Her character throughout the series had been conflicted by a certain amount over the fact that there were times she felt she had failed to protect her sons from their fathers abuse so possibly in this way she was having a moment of atonement .

Sam..what can I say about my Sam.
He would never have been that angry with Michael or frightened for him if he had not honestly felt the love of a brother and best friend for Michael. At one point I was afraid that Michael was  going to shoot Sam when they were on the way to "meet " Fiona. His teary eyed reaction as he explained to all the others that Michael might in fact be lost to them said it all.

Jesse..Oh dear...his love for this family and Madeline said it all. He was the perfect protector for Charlie.

Fiona..Oh you wonderful psycho woman you . I wanted you to kill Sonya honey , I really did , but your abiding faith in your Michael made the end perfect . I understand your being with Carlos, you had to try at least to make a new life but it was half hearted at best and everyone knew that.

I will miss the writing and of course my Sam Axe aka Chuck Findley but never fear...

HFBOTD shall live on.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

I'm A Bad Mama !

I forgot T.J aka Toody Bears.
Bow could I forget out oldest girl in yesterdays list ?
She was over 22 when she went to the Bridge, and was one of the two that Gordy brought into the marriage.

Sorry get your very own post baby girl.

We miss our big girl .

Love ,
Mama and Daddy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Loki Report ~ Part 2 ~

I am just a walking mass of mixed feelings right now.

Dr. S ( I can neither spell nor pronounce the Dr.s last name properly so  for sanity sake it will be simply Dr. S.) called Gordy while Gordy was at work . Given the nature of Gordy's work, it is very hard for him to hear a call so he called me asking that I return the call. I had intended to call the vet's office anyway because for the 4'th day in a row, Loki completely urped ( at times with impressive trajectory ) the antibiotic up. Plus any food in his tummy so I knew this was an " Oh shit " moment.

We had been waiting for the results of the thyroid panels and they all came back fine so it is really a case of age.

Our number one son is 13 years old which translates into approximately 68 in human years . Not really old but remember that they were abandoned and then found at the age of  5 days old sans kitty mama. Loki was sooo damn'd determined to live that he had one eye open...almost fully open at the age of 5 days !


I told Dr. S about the vomiting and that I was not goiogn to give eit to him and Dr. S agreed , saying that evidently it was too much for my boy. It was then that we got to the "meat " of the conversation. Dr. S and the rest of the staff had reviewed all of the charts and reports and concluded that there was really tnothing that they could do for Loki and that nature would just take it's course. I did mention that when Loki hd been given a B-12 shot and the steroid shot that he seemd to perk up but Dr. S calmly reminded me that this was only going to last for about 2 weeks each time and that then it would be 2 week appt, shot...peppy , wind down ...lather, rinse repeat and that it would be hard on him. At this point I verbalized that " So these shots are really more for us than him ? " and Dr. S said yes....

On the one hand, thank Bast it's not cancer ( Like Jake) or FIV ( Like Andy) or Kidney ( Keesha, and Bubba ) or Pneumonia ( Munchkin) or IBS ( Xena) , FIL ( Oogie) Auto ( Missy), Food Poisoning ( Sarge) Stroke ( Peaches and Casey - Mother of Bubba , Grandmother of Peaches )'s just old age....


I was almost hoping that it was thyroid , something fixable. We could do something !!


I should be happy or relieved at the very least and yet all I am is profoundly and deeply sad.

I remember each and every fur baby that has graced my life and I know that all of the above, Buster ( brother John's cat) and the girl's Shi Tsu's Gumbo and Nici are going to make room at the Bridge...I just can't shake the sadness. I should be at peace with this and I am trying but I guess today is not the day.

It will be okay.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 09, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ~ The Loki Report ~

Well kids, I am back from vacay and it was wonderful . Now that my aged body has finally figured wtf time zone I am in , I thought I'd update on number one son Loki .

He had his appt . after a 3 week interval and all in all did very well. His weight is the same..huge yeah. In our house it is a good thing when no one loses weight...except for the Mama and Daddy but that is a whole other issue....

The elevated white count seems a bit better and they are going to be doing further thyroid testing, which if this is the issue there is a non surgical treatment to consider. Yeah !  Non surgical for the win every time !!

But..if it is not his thyroid, then we are faced with a simple fact.

He is 13.

He is NOT my baby wooby diddums kitteh anymore. This may be just the beginning of that end of the aging process where it is what it is . The Vet basically said that unless we get a thyroid hit and or something drastic happens...there is no real reason to bring him back every 2 weeks . Yes the steroid shots and the b 12 helped a bit..but that is all it was...a bit. He is still happy and perky and active and whiny and needy and verbal...his own damn self .

Yes we have a 2x daily antibiotic to give him but he threw it up so I want to see what happens for another day before I call Dr. Tom..knowing Loki he might have just been pissed off enough to urp .

And......of course we were both in tears  when we talked about this at the house. Losing a baby is never easy and we have lost 3 in the last year and a half due to various medical issues . I will always mourn each and every loss as will Gordy....but in the last year and a half, we have learned to get better at accepting that it is indeed what it is and I shall continue to be grateful for every day that I have them..cause I AM the Mama, just as he IS the Daddy.

Aunty Pol