Thursday, September 19, 2013

ARRRGGHHHH ~ It's Talk Like A Pirate Day ! ~


Happy September 19'th y'all ....oops mateys !

This is my second favorite holiday after Bastille Day so of course I had to find a proper image to post here. Funny thing is that if you google " Pirate Images" , the majority of the results will be the Pirates of The Caribbean variety with one or two exceptions, my favorite of which was the poster for " Ice Pirates." but me being me , I went with my favorite as shown above. It's just faster and easier to go back through the post archives than to search for a new image.

And..I am still in a cage match with my sinuses. I managed to stay up until 8:15 because ION network reruns episodes of " Numbers " on Wednesday nights and I don't care if I have seen it before , I need my Epps fix much like an NCIS marathon on the weekend...winner winner chicken dinner. I suspect that tonight will be more of the same. I ran into Miss Jere Lee at Kroger last night and we commiserated over our shared enemy . She told me that one of her close ( proximity, not personal chum) co-workers had been sick since Monday and finally went to the Dr . yesterday ( Wednesday ) and the outcome was not surprising..the Flu . ....respiratory not stomach. Yatzee ! we can get the flu shot at the office but I suspect that I am still running a bit of fever so I will pass .

It's odd to think of it being almost the end of September and therefore damn near officially fall. Yes football is back to So9uthside Johnny's everlasting joy but it's still hotter than hell down here so the idea of autumn is far fetched in many ways. We are watching the tropics again, praying for rain so I can't really muster up any yippee-ness for the new Chadwicks catalog. I do need to get more organized about a VAST majority of things at the house so that I can and by this I mean Christmas crap will be overflowing sooner than later so brace for impact kids...

At least tomorrow is Friday...

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Happy TLAPD! Sorry it's still a battle, honey! If misery loves company, my sinuses are killing me, too.

And speaking of shared misery. Guess whose former foster child spent the weekend (yes the whole weekend) at the emergency vet? Yep. Why was Aunty Lisa involved? Well, Trudy's forever mom went in to have gallbladder surgery on Friday and guess when Miss Trudy got sick? Thursday night.

And guess whose vet was having brain surgery (!!) on Friday? Yes indeed, the perfect storm.

Miss Trudy: Raging fever, clumps of hair falling out (!!) and bruising under the skin (low clotting). Liver function off the charts.

In the weird way of cats, she was sick as the proverbial dog all weekend and is now, you guessed it, just fine. Big mystery - none of the vets at the ER could figure out what was wrong with her, even with tests out the whazoo. (For that kinda dough, I want to know, dang it!! Her forever mom couldn't afford the ER but I couldn't lose the kitten of my heart. More than any other foster, it killed me to give her up.)

Monday, the substitute vet at my regular place concurred with with the ER vets' theory that it was "toxic trauma." AKA she ate something she shouldn't have. Could have been as simple as a wad of sugar free gum one of the kids dropped. She said likely having Trudy on IV fluids and rest the whole weekend helped her to recover naturally.

As you would say, le sigh. Well, I can always earn more centablos, right? And the Trudster is OK, which makes Aunty Lisa very happy.