Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Senseless Drivel On Tuesday


It's Tuesday and my mind is wandering.
It's wandering and wondering...

Is Amazon the only place I can get both Mallomars and Al Dente Spinach pasta ?

How in the world did I forget to DVR the new season opener for Bones ?

Why is it okay for some people to look right through you when you say " Good Morning " or Good Evening " to them but if you fail to reply if the situation was in fact reversed , you have an " attitude ?"

Why am I the only one that sees where the cat urped on the bed ?

Ditto the dead cockroach ?

It's been a month since vacation, did I think the wood floors were self cleaning and if they are not , why ?

Le Sigh.
I have been felled by sinuses again , and am curious as to how long I will make it before I crash tonight. Last night was 7:45..yep..you heard it here. Dining at Denny's at 4:30 cannot be far off.

Maybe I will dream of Mallomars..damn Pinterest and all of the food posts.

Have a great what ever the hell tomorrow is.

Aunty Pol

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