Monday, September 09, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ~ The Loki Report ~

Well kids, I am back from vacay and it was wonderful . Now that my aged body has finally figured wtf time zone I am in , I thought I'd update on number one son Loki .

He had his appt . after a 3 week interval and all in all did very well. His weight is the same..huge yeah. In our house it is a good thing when no one loses weight...except for the Mama and Daddy but that is a whole other issue....

The elevated white count seems a bit better and they are going to be doing further thyroid testing, which if this is the issue there is a non surgical treatment to consider. Yeah !  Non surgical for the win every time !!

But..if it is not his thyroid, then we are faced with a simple fact.

He is 13.

He is NOT my baby wooby diddums kitteh anymore. This may be just the beginning of that end of the aging process where it is what it is . The Vet basically said that unless we get a thyroid hit and or something drastic happens...there is no real reason to bring him back every 2 weeks . Yes the steroid shots and the b 12 helped a bit..but that is all it was...a bit. He is still happy and perky and active and whiny and needy and verbal...his own damn self .

Yes we have a 2x daily antibiotic to give him but he threw it up so I want to see what happens for another day before I call Dr. Tom..knowing Loki he might have just been pissed off enough to urp .

And......of course we were both in tears  when we talked about this at the house. Losing a baby is never easy and we have lost 3 in the last year and a half due to various medical issues . I will always mourn each and every loss as will Gordy....but in the last year and a half, we have learned to get better at accepting that it is indeed what it is and I shall continue to be grateful for every day that I have them..cause I AM the Mama, just as he IS the Daddy.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Hugs, hon! Glad Loki is feelin' his own damn self. You're right, we beans, me included, need to rejoice in the time we do have with the babes instead of railing at the fates that it wasn't enough. It is what it is. (And the tears, well, if we didn't care, they wouldn't be there. So they are what they are, too.)

Yep, I have two who will deliberately urp. Buddy is one and he needs his meds the most because of the FIV. I'm thinking we're pretty much going to be on weekly shots of Convenia for a bit. We're fighting a gum infection. Not ideal, but at least he's getting some protection. He's slowly gaining weight again! Yay for the pudge!

Will keep keepin' ya in purrayer! (Oh, and glad the vacay was a good one!)