Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh Noes ~ It's Way Too Early For This !

My poor husband.

Since we are on vacay this week, I didn't make up any eggs for my usual bacon and egg brekky tacos, it seemed silly for only three days this week. When this happens we hit out favorite small donut shop and so there we were this morning. He goes in and as I wait in the car, I see that he opens the door for another customer...good boy.

Poor man was behing and down wind of here and when he had come back to the car, I could tell that he had basically flipped his shit. Seems that the other patron doused/ingested/bathed in/gargled in an uber sickly sweet fragrance ...ala Pepe Le Pew.

" Welcome to my daily world " I replied.

" Honey, I deal with this every damn day , and I remind him of the more than occassional instance where I get in the car and lay the seat flat so that I can sleep on the way home before I crawl in bed to offset the worst of the promised migraine."

Neither of us understand this need, especially when the offender seems to think that saying that they themselves have no sense of smell makes this okay.

Gah !

Aunty Pol who is on vacay and may or may not be poting from the west coast....stay tuned y'all.

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